BlogHer PRO Interviews: Why You Should Vlog

BlogHer PRO is less than two weeks away, and the Events team is getting so excited to bring you this new and fun conference. If you're undecided about which sessions to attend (check our agenda) or if you even should attend, we thought we'd bring you some interviews with our session speakers to give you a glimpse into what you might learn from each panel. I started with the Video track since we saw video take off in 2012. I asked this question about video blogging: Why should today's bloggers be doing video?...more

The BlogHer PRO Mobile App Is Available

I can hardly believe that BlogHer PRO is just two weeks away! The BlogHer Events Team is excited to host you for this event, and to make it a little easier to keep track of all the great programming, speakers, sponsors, and other conference details, we've created a BlogHer PRO mobile app....more

BlogHer Conferences Weekly Update - - November 23, 2012

Hello friends and happy Black Friday to our US friends, and for those of you outside the US, happy Friday! And don't forget Monday is Cyber Monday for all of us -- happy shopping! Because of the short week here at BlogHer, this update is a bit shorter than usual but there are a few things you need to know....more
So bummed that I am so behind that I just read this. I wanted to suggest a Pajama Party. If you ...more

Announcing the BlogHer PRO Closing Reception, Hosted by Zynga

We are excited to announce the closing reception for BlogHer PRO on December 13 in San Francisco will be hosted by...Zynga! Zynga is the company behind such addictive social games as Draw Something, Words with Friends, Farmville, CityVille, and so many other fabulous games, and they have graciously signed on to host our closing party in their new San Francisco headquarters....more

BlogHer Conferences Weekly Update - - November 16, 2012

Hi friends and happy weekend! We have some fun things to share with you so I'm jumping right in. Thank you to all of you who submitted a request to volunteer at BlogHer Food '13 in Austin. We will get on this right away so you can make the proper plans for June 2013....more

BlogHer Conferences Weekly Update - - November 10, 2012

Wow, what a week this has been! So many things going on and so much to share, so let's just get started.On Monday we announced our New Community Party plan.As you know, BlogHer will host our ninth annual "conference the community built." We've always found that the best ideas -- for speakers, for sessions -- come from our community. And we've always had a commitment to featuring new voices....more
Lori, is there any talk of having another BlogHer Writer's Conference? I went in 2011 and it was ...more

Your BlogHer PRO Mini Conference Guide

The BlogHer Events Team is excited to welcome you to our very first BlogHer PRO in just a few weeks! I’m particularly excited about the location for this event, because it’s not only in my hometown, but my neighborhood -- the beautiful and historic Nob Hill. Here are some tips and information to help you get here, and enjoy your time at the conference....more
Love San Francisco!! Lucky lucky girls!!more

Thursday Shoes – Spotlight on Monique Maestas-Gower!

If you’re hip to the BlogHer fashion scene, you’ll surely recognize my next interviewee, Monique Maestas-Gower.  She reigns as the first Events team member to grace the runway of our first-ever fashion show at BlogHer ’12, NY.  In case you missed it, here’s a glimpse of her rippin’ it up in a luscious Vivienne Westwood gown and Jessica Simpson heels. ...more
@Momo Fali Thanks Momo!  They are super comfy...more

Announcing the BlogHer PRO Agenda!

Four weeks ago, we officially added BlogHer PRO to the 2012 conference season, and today we are so excited to be able to share with you the preliminary agenda for this brand new BlogHer conference event!...more
I'm so excited to attend BlogHer PRO - my first! Looking forward to learning and making new ...more

BlogHer Conferences Update - - November 2, 2012

Before I get started on our weekly conference update I would like to say that we here at BlogHer are wishing all of our friends on the east coast a speedy recovery from Hurricane Sandy; our thoughts are with all of you. On to the weekly update......more
I just registered for BlogHer 13 but I used PayPal and was never taken to or able to go to a ...more