BlogHer '13 Photos Are LIVE -- and Lookin' Good!

I am pleased to tell you that our Official Photos from BlogHer '13 are IN HOUSE. We are excited to share them with you today. I love me a good picture, and our photographers -- Danielle Tsi, Nader Khouri and Ricky Kluge -- delivered some good pictures. You all are some good lookin' people! It's a treat for the eye, a way to relive all the fun of the conference again. Or, most of it anyway....more
Hello there, Jenna! What a fun, exceptionally inviting post. The photos are just BlogHer-icious. ...more

BlogHer '13 Pre-Conference Events -- in Tweets!

Wow! Today kicked off our BlogHer '13 event with some Pre-Conference Day awesomeness. Pathfinder Day, HealthMinder Day, and Viewfinder Day all took place at the wonderful Sheraton Chicago today. Our attendees were busy learning,interacting, and of course, tweeting their way through the day. We followed along with what was being said to bring you this post. ...more
It look like you are have a lot of fun! Congratulations, looks like a nice atmosphere.   iKNOW ...more

Never Doubt Your Place in this Space!

Last year this time I was trying to scarp up money to go to BlogHer. I knew it was an important conference in the life of a blogger. Thanks to some of my biggest supporters, friends I've met through twitter, off to the Big Apple I went. I met a lot of sponsors and a lot of bloggers. ...more

I am NOT weak

So one day I was watching an episode of Greys Anatomy (shhhh….don’t judge. I lasted long before I caved and started watching); someone was talking to Dr Shepherd and he called her weak because she was a drug addict. Then she went into this whole soliloquy (thank you Shakespeare for that awesome word) about how he needed not to remind her of the fact that she was an addict and then the awesome came. She told him off! That she was in fact not weak but really strong because she was in a hospital full of pills and not giving in….blah, blah, blah....more

Announcing the BlogHer '13 HealthMinder Day Keynote Speakers

In April, we announced the speakers and sessions for the 2nd annual HealthMinder Day at BlogHer. Today, we're thrilled to announce the incredible keynote speakers for this year's event!...more

The Importance of Self-Care with Speakers from Healthminder Day

Like we have in the past for our conferences, we're bringing you some speaker interviews for our upcoming BlogHer events in Chicago this July. First up, we're asking some select speakers from the Self-Care and Social Health tracks at Healthminder Day this important question:...more
'?' Wrong punctuation!more

#BlogHerTalks HealthMinder Day at BlogHer '13

A little over one year ago I started taking my health very seriously. My cholesterol was so high that, as my doctor put it, "I was building plaque as we speak." I decided to adopt a plant-based diet and it lowered my cholesterol, but that alone wasn't enough to keep me out of the hospital last summer due to stress. My intestines were none-too-happy about the crazy schedule I was keeping....more
@Julie Heinrich Wow, that's impressive! I had no idea the Tough Mudders were THAT tough. Good ...more

BlogHer Conference Update -- May 31, 2013

Happy weekend! We have a lot to cover so let's dive in... It's here! BlogHer Food '13 is next week and we are thrilled to see all of you in Austin. But in order to get ready for this festive event, we need to make sure you have completed a few tasks in preparation....more