EdenFantasys Final Thoughts On BlogHer11

The most striking thing about EdenFantasys' appearance at this year's BlogHer11 conference was how people kept coming up to our table and thanking us for being there. In between the food samples, spa treatments, and household products, there was our table, proudly displaying items that, as one person put it, would have had us "removed from the building" just twenty years ago. ...more

BlogHer Conference Update -- August 12, 2011

Wow -- what an event! Not sure about the rest of you, but we here at BlogHer are still talking about last week and everything we experienced. From the expo hall to the education to the parties and more, we are all enjoying the aftermath of the largest BlogHer conference to date. Asher-Sears Photography You might ask: What does that mean in real numbers? Well, let's drill it down:...more
@BlogHerEvents Thanks Lori! I can't WAIT! #BlogHerFoodmore

BlogHer 11: It's About the Stories: Meeting Jane Goodwin, Mamacita, in Real Life

If you have never been to a BlogHer conference (a conference by women bloggers for women bloggers, started in 2005) you have missed something.I go for a number of reasons, but mostly to hear the stories -- why you blog, what you blog about....more

Going to A BlogHer Conference is About the Stories: Meeting Jane Goodwin In Real Life

If you have never been to a BlogHer conference  you have missed something important to you as a blogger and a woman.I go for a number of reasons, but mostly to hear the stories -- why you blog, what you blog about....more
Meeting Liz was definitely a highlight of the conference. I've admired and loved her for so ...more

Eleven Things I Loved About BlogHer '11

Two days after returning home from my first ever blog conference, which just happened to be BlogHer 2011 (the biggest and "baddest" of them all), my head is still spinning with all my new knowledge. Some of it is knowledge about how to be a better blogger and brand ambassador. Some of it is knowledge about my own motivations and goals. Some of it is knowledge about dozens of impressive blog gurus that I just met and need to find time to follow and learn from. Sigh! Two days is just not enough time to process....more

Operation Glory

Originally posted on sunshinewonderland.com *********************   I had spent time at BlogHer, whenever I found myself in conversation with complete strangers, telling them ‘make sure you have lunch at the convention Friday, be there after noon.’ Why? They would invetiably ask. I can’t tell, I’d answer. I couldn’t tell, I shouldn’t have told, but I did tell. But just a couple people....more

BlogHer 11: A Missed Opportunity: Women in Skepticism

There was no public skeptical presence at the BlogHer11 conference, a gathering of 3,600 women (and a few men) bloggers. This was a missed opportunity.I missed the boat in several ways. ...more

Connections at BlogHer 11. Or, how it was impossible to meet some people because of special events.

I was so glad to be gone from the #blogher11 twittter stream the week before BlogHer11. I was overwhelmed and disappointed. it was #someparty this, #anotherparty that. I wasn't a part of that group, I had no idea who that was, and then it was the I had entered the blog entry contest and then also requested an invite but you didnt invite me after all that party that had me give up. I became a rebel against the outsider parties. Screw 'em....more
And thank you @Gamingangel for geeking out with me about Zelda.more

What's the bUZZ on BlogHer '11?

BlogHer ’11 proved to be more than I could have ever imagined. The quantity and quality of women, bloggers, booths, conference topics, key-note speakers, and gift bags was sensational. I was only lucky enough to attend the BlogHer conference for one day, but it was one hell of a day!...more