My Top BlogHer Conference Mistakes

I have been to BlogHer '06, '07, '08, '09, '10 and am about to leave for BlogHer '11. I also attended BlogHer Food in '09, '10, and 11.This means I've lots of experience in...well...making mistakes. I share to help you avoid them or remind me what's to like about BlogHer....more
I'm with Jenna on the "sit with new people" thing but considering it's my first BlogHer EVERYONE ...more

Leaving the Kids for BlogHer '11: What If He's Fine Without Me?

It's officially the week of BlogHer '11. That means all of those attending who have children and aren't bringing them along are gearing up to leave our beloved little ones behind. The break will be great, of course. No cutting up someone else's meat. No reason to not have a cocktail -- or three -- with lunch. Uninterrupted sleep. But there's always that longing, the question if they're okay, the pit in your stomach. I've read many a post over the past few weeks by moms who are sharing their misgivings (and joy!) about leaving the kids behind for the conference. Amber's post at had such a loving, touching tone to it, that I thought sharing it as a representation of what we're all dealing with as moms would be helpful for all. ...more
It actually made a for a stronger bond between baby and dad ;)more

Conference Corner: A Word about Expo Hall Demos

If you’ve taken a look at the BlogHer ’11 agenda lately, you’re probably aware by now that BlogHer offers something for everyone. There’s a ton of diverse programming at BlogHer events -- we’re offering EIGHT tracks, plus Birds of a Feather meet-ups....more
I will be checking out the Google + demos for sure!


Questionnaire: BlogHer Session: Making Media On the Go

Anyone involved in social media understands the importance of mobile technology as a tool. At BlogHer  next week, we will be presenting a panel called  "Mobile Multimedia: Making Media on the Go".  To prepare, we wanted to hear from the BlogHer community on what mobile technology they are using for multi-media content creation. So we created some questions that we hope you can take a minute and respond via comments to this post....more
Take our mobilemedia quiz:We'll reveal answers at #BlogHer11 session MakingMediaOnGo ...more

Packing Books for BlogHer '11? My Five Tips

What books are you packing in your bags to take to BlogHer '11? I know, I can hear you -- no one has time to read at BlogHer. We're in sessions! We're at parties! We're hanging out with people we only see once a year! That's true. Many of us also have to travel to get there and I'll be honest, sometimes a quiet five minutes in a corner with a book is just want I need to recharge. Pack a book, you'll thank me, but be smart about it. Here are my five tips for packing books. ...more
"Generosity: An Enhancement" by Richard Powers.more

Taking Your Kids to BlogHer: What's It Like?

With BlogHer '11 just one week away (woo hoo!), many parents are gearing up to leave their kids behind for two days of conference chaos. However, as BlogHer has once again paired up with KiddieCorp, some parents choose to bring their kiddos along for the ride. Still others bring the whole family and make an extended vacation out of the trip. One such mom, Barbara at Tales of Life with a Girl on the Go, wrote about her experiences of bringing her daughter to both BlogHer '09 and '10. ...more
I almost (ALMOST) wish we were bringing the kids with us this year. Maybe if BlogHer '12 is a ...more

BlogHer 5K Comes to San Diego!

I’m thrilled to announce the details of the BlogHer 5K Fun Run in San Diego! The BlogHer 5K, now in its third year, will be held on Friday, August 5th, 2011 at 6:30 am. My goal in organizing this event is to give BlogHer conference attendees some time out of the hotel, exploring the city and bonding with other BlogHers through a fun, healthy event. This is not a timed race....more

Pre-Con Preview and New for 2011: Session from Our Sponsors

This year, we have added a new track of programming to the schedule, comprised of sessions brought to you by our sponsors. While we have, for years, eschewed a "pay for play" approach to session programming, and have therefore avoided pitching or "shilling" from the BlogHer stage, we also know that the top companies in the world sponsor BlogHer...and that top companies often are doing top research and can share top insights....more

PreCon Preview: The Experience Track

BlogHers are a creative, generous bunch, so it’s no wonder that when we put out the call for Room of Your Own ideas, you gave us much more than an arsenal of your best ideas… you were also the catalyst for creating an entirely new track: Experience....more

Announcing our BlogHer '11 Lunchtime Keynote: PepsiCo CEO and Chairman Indra Nooyi

Last week BlogHer was proud to announce that PepsiCo Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi would be our lunchtime keynote on day two of BlogHer '11, next week in San Diego.Three years ago I attended Maria Shriver's Women's Conference in Long Beach and was unexpectedly captivated by the morning keynote: Journalist Campbell Brown interviewing former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and PepsiCo Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi....more
Whilst a male CEO in your position is almost never asked how he "balances" fatherhood and his ...more