BlogHers, Join Her on the Bridge!

It’s been 100 years since March 8th was designated International Women’s Day, and women worldwide have yet to achieve the equality they envisioned so long ago. In times of war, they are still the primary targets of systematic rape, torture, displacement and pillaging....more

Do you let your child walk solo to school?

When New Yorker Lenore Skenazy let her nine-year-old ride solo on the subway, she wrote about it in the paper she worked for, The New York Sun. Overnight, the reaction to her 'daring' caused her to be invited on talk shows across the country, later the world, and become branded ‘America’s worst mom’....more

Is H&M Alone?

It takes a lot to rile me up, but a New York Times article outlining the wasteful behavior of H&M did it instantly. In case you haven't heard, a New York City H&M store was discovered to be destroying unsold clothing, including coats and gloves. The articles weren't damaged items, they were good condition items that for whatever reason simply had not sold....more

It does sound like a pretty ridiculous and wasteful process, to be shredding good clothes. ...more

I live in Rabat, Morocco, since 18 months, married, mom of three girls, expatriate. We have also lived in China, France and Switzerland. I was born in the Netherlands....more

Drop In & Decorate and the 10,000th smile

Somewhere, this holiday season, a face will light up because of a cookie. But not just any cookie—it will be the 10,000th cookie decorated and donated as part of the Drop In & Decorate effort. ...more

I know Lydia works tirelessly on it, and I can't imagine how many smiles there will end up ...more

Is Bob McDonnell Bad For Women?

Okay, that's an incendiary headline, isn't it? I'm not one to enter the circular firing squad on Republicans (okay, so yes, I am, but not fresh-out-of-the-box governors who are serving as a bellweather for the Democratic agenda's chances in 2010), but there are certain issues on which I feel, as a libertarian feminist, on which I have to seek clarification, the question of whether a certain candidate actively works against the interest of women being one of them. ...more

Shannonr - I agree with everything you said in your comment.  This is a subject that I ...more

Birth plan? Doula? Natural birth? Not here you don't.

A sign posted at the Aspen OB/GYN Women's Center in Provo, Utah has many women up in arms. What's so offensive? Read for yourself. The sign reads as follows: ...more

You are just a wee bit behind, though I can't imagine why. ;)


How to use your food (or non-food) blog to save the world

What is stopping you from using your food blog—or, really, any blog you write—to save the world? What is your barrier to entry into that place where your blog goes beyond telling a story and actually serves as a platform for the causes about which you’re most passionate?That was the question asked by Lydia Walshin of A Perfect Pantry and Drop In & Decorate® cookies for donation at the end of How Food Blogs Can Save The World, our panel at BlogHerFood ’09, and a worthy question which which to grapple. The participants in the panel--who also included Pim Techamuanvivit, who has raised more than $250,000 through her Menu For Hope event on Chez Pim, and Valerie Harrison of More Than Burnt Toast, who will release a fundraising cookbook in November as part of the efforts of BloggerAid: Changing the Face of Famine--were in various stages of their efforts, and they wanted to share their expertise with conference attendees....more


From now until November 4th, Here's Life Inner City ...more

what about now

When does life really begin? Is it when the first fluttering beats of the primitive heart of a fetus start, or when the child is pushed from the womb into the world? Does it all actually start at the moment of conception when the egg and sperm meet and mix their genetic code together to create a new being. Who can say really. No one knows because no one is sure of when life truely begins. ...more