Sexual Assault Survivors Credo

We are MaleWe are FemaleWe are African AmericanWe are WhiteWe are AsianWe are HispanicWe are LatinoWe are Native AmericanWe are EuropeanWe are TallWe are ShortWe are ThinWe are OverweightWe are StraightWe are GayWe are BisexualWe are TransgenderedWe are Left-BrainedWe are Right-BrainedWe are SingleWe are MarriedWe are in a Committed RelationshipWe are Dating AroundWe like to have SexWe don’t like to have SexWe Drink ...more

Help Ensure that Genetically Engineered Foods are Labelled!

Are you a conscious consumer? Do you care about bio-diversity and living a sustainable lifestyle? ...more

Is It Hot on This Planet or Is It Just Me? Earth Day, Clinton, McCain & Obama

For better or worse, it's probably a safe bet that with Earth Day falling on the same day as the Pennsylvania presidential primary, April 22, the candidates are a little more focused on Pa. than on Mother Earth. For today, I'll let it go. ...more

Remember how real seeing the hole in the ozone was? Check out


BlogHers Act: Help 40,000 displaced Darfurians receive health care

Sunday, April 13 marked the five year anniversary of the conflict in Darfur, Sudan. Five years of systematic and widespread murder, rape, abduction, and forced displacement. That's longer than my almost 4-year-old daughter's lifetime. It's impossible for me to imagine what it must be like trying to raise your children in the midst of such conditions, yet for the people of Darfur, life must go on. ...more

I saw your blog post this morning, and thank you and the other folks who are coming up with ...more

How Can Kids Spread the Green Message?

This week we are continuing our month-long quest at BlogHers ACT Canada to teach our kids to go green, asking the question, "How can kids spread the green message?" This week my goal is to provide a few ideas not just for teaching kids to be more environmentally responsible, but for showing kids that they can teach each other about how to go green, too. We'd love to hear your ideas! ...more

Pro-life? Pro-choice? Pro-Saving women's lives? Here's how we can work together

Have I told you lately how much I love how smart this community is? Here's what I'm on about: Over the weekend, BlogHer community member Valiens of A Brain Like Mine blogged great questions about the BlogHers Act fundraiser to save women's lives: "I'm wondering whether the women's health care available in any given country is able to provide birth control in any meaningful way, and I'm wondering what the general attitude and practice is among the providers in the various countries about abortion....I'm also wondering if any of the organizations being supported are specifically political in nature, or in support of, or being supported by, political organizations, and which ones they are, and what their mission statements propose. Again, this could be an important factor regarding donations. Transparency is most desirable.On top of that, I'm willing to say I have some potential donors who would have questions about vaccinations, AIDS treatments, religious involvements...more" I love Valiens' questions because it gives me an opening to talk more about BlogHer's philosophy for our BlogHers Act fundraiser, and why we chose to work with GlobalGiving to support five projects we deliberately selected with an eye to exactly the issues she raises. Here goes... ...more

This is exactly the information I was hoping for! Thanks so much for being so thoughtful in ...more

Meet Donna Callejon, Chief Operating Officer of Global Giving

Donna Callejon with kids in village in Guatemala - the houses, latrines, etc are being built partly with Global Giving support. ...more

How Green are THEIR Valleys?

Last week, I took a look at my inner eco-gal and discovered that there's much to be done here at Chez PunditMom to make our lives a lot greener and more Earth-friendly. Next week I'll be writing about the official positions of the Presidential candidates about the environment. Taking a look at where the presidential-hopefuls stand on how to preserve our planet made me start to wonder: How green are their valleys? ...more

I Believe The Children Are Our Future

So, let's say that you're a woman of childbearing age. Let's say that you're a woman of childbearing age who happens to find herself bearing a child. And let's say, further, that you decide that you should have an abortion, and following that abortion, have yourself sterilized? Why, do you suppose, might you make those decisions? ...more

I agree with Toni. It isn't environmentally beneficial to anyone to keep popping out kids, ...more

Help Afghan women safely birth healthy babies

Yesterday Lisa Stone announced that BlogHer has teamed up with Global Giving in an effort to save as many women's lives as possible between now and Mother's Day. There are several worthwhile causes to support, one of which is helping Afghan women safely birth healthy babies. ...more

Thank you for sharing all this great info.  You hear so much about these countries on the ...more