BlogHer honored with the Anita Borg Social Impact us decide how to use the prize money

Today, on behalf of Lisa, Jory and me, I have the great pleasure and honor of announcing that BlogHer was chosen as the 2008 recipient of The Anita Borg Social Impact Award. The Award comes with $10,000 in prize money, and we'd like to get your advice on how to give back with that money in a way that captures the BlogHer community's spirit, considering it is both your spirit and your accomplishments that are at the heart of winning this award. First, the facts: ...more

I'd really love to see the $10,000 go towards helping women blogging from all around the ...more

Donors Choose Challenge: Life Through a Lens

Photography changed my life. My first photography teacher told us that photographs give us the most accurate record of our lives, and I believe this more and more the longer I devote myself to picture-taking. This is why I love looking at other peoples' photographs as much as taking my own, and I especially love to see young people excited about photography. ...more

DonorsChoose Challenge: Reading Canadian Authors

I always consider October to be Canadian Literature month. The Giller and First Novel awards are presented, the GG nominees are announced, and the International Festival of Authors takes place. October is a big Can-Lit love fest but there's more to it than the glitz and glamour of awards and author appearances. At its heart is literacy and a love of books. I can't think of a better way to spread that love of book than to tell you how, with the DonorsChoose Challenge, we can help one school teacher in Mississippi put some Canadian literature into her classroom. ...more

DonorsChoose Challenge: Combatting Global Warming with Education

As a mother of two young children, I believe in exposing them to a variety of outdoor experiences to help them learn about the world. ...more

DonorsChoose Challenge: Donate to Inspire OUR NEXT PRESIDENT!!!

When BlogHer decided to participate in the DonorsChoose Challenge, I immediately began surfing the projects HOPING there was a classroom somewhere wanting to learn politics. I know, half of you just rolled your eyes. But please hear me out. ...more

Puzzling Diversity

There are two values that occupy the highest places in my heart: Helping all children develop to their fullest potential, and supporting individuals in their quests to live full lives outside of the restrictive social roles that we learn from very young ages. The two values are related, but not the same. ...more

That's so awesome.

Suzanne ...more

DonorsChoose Challenge: The Power of Your Unique Perspective

No matter how you might slice it, your unique perspective is what makes you YOU. Many women spend their whole lives trying to diminish its light, cram it to "fit" into someone else's opinion of who they "should" be, or simply spend so much time tending to others that they lose sight of their own special lens. Personally I spent many years discounting my talents, perspectives, and what I had to offer. I felt not good enough and afraid to accept the vulnerability that comes with putting oneself "out there" by expressing myself fully and honoring that. ...more

I love that exercise. It sounds so interesting. I just might try it myself! I am a bring ...more

DonorsChoose Challenge: Welcome to the Dollhouse

Many years ago, I babysat for the children of a pair of holistic healers. They had a small office at their house where they provided herbal remedies, homeopathic medications, and therapy. The first night that I babysat, their nine-year-old daughter gave me a tour of the house, including their office. "Are you sure we're supposed to be in here?" I asked, scanning their bookshelves. "Of course," said the little girl, leading me towards an empty dollhouse. "I play in here all the time. See, they even have a dollhouse. Do you want to set it up?" ...more

We've joined the DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge in support of public schools

Starting today, the blogosphere is banding together in support of public education by helping to raise funds for projects submitted by teachers through DonorsChoose. While Fortune Magazine and a lot of bloggers are going to call this a competition, I'd rather call it a community effort. We can all work together to make a difference and help students and teachers achieve important goals. Here's how you can help. ...more

Sherry, aka Mrs. F, I am thrilled you saw what we're doing. I really hope we can raise the money ...more

Feminism comes to Alltop

Hooray! I'm excited to announce that Alltop has added a Feminism category. Many thanks to the lovely NEENZ at Alltop and fellow human resource blogger Laurie Ruettimann for helping to make this happen. ...more