Grand Opening February 8th!

Ten years of research….three years of planning……and months of details we never anticipated!  BUT WE DID IT! Please celebrate with us by visiting our website at All bloggers receive 20% off the retail purchase of any shampoo and conditioner pair through 3/31!  Sign up for our monthly newsletter while you’re there!  We look forward to hearing from you!...more

What Does "Natural" Mean?

Consumers are spending more than $600 million dollars annually on hair and skin care products marketed as “natural.”  This trend will likely continue as researchers discover indisputable links between the ingredients used in personal care products and a wide range of health issues.  ...more

Break up to Wake up...

My year of healthy living has gotten off to a rather rough start. Instead of me getting to make noble choices and regally turning my nose up at certain foods and or activities, thereby leaving me with at least a shred of my dignity (it certainly would have made me feel a little better about turning down that second scoop of double chocolate ice cream), I had a very scary wake up call instead....more

The "F" Words - 50, Fitless and now ... Failure

Ok, so this past weekend I was going for a walk.  It didn't happen.  Saturday my son played cricket, that lasted until around noon.  Then I went to the supermarket, then I did the laundry, then I started cleaning the house.  Then I made dinner, did some ironing and ... the walk didn't get slotted in. ...more

What Matters Is The Person In Front Of The Mirror, Not The Reflection.

FOREWORD...Here I am, once again facing the mirror, with a shocked expression that shows disbelief beyond what any words could say."I'm fat?"Well, if you're one of my friends or family, or anyone who has seen my physique, you would ask what drug I was on... but there really is no name for the drug. No name, that is, other than body dysmorphia. ...more

Holy Spumoni!

I’ve realized that even though my intentions were to blog every night… if I’m not feeling inspired, I don’t really feel like I’ve got anything worth saying or sharing at the moment… and it’s taken me a good week to get back in the writers saddle. ...more

The "F" words - 50 & Fitless

Is there such a word as fitless?  If there is that perfectly describes the state of my being.  Next October 2011 I shall be turning 50.  I remember freaking out badly when I turned 30, I also remember not celebrating when I turned 40 because my husband was turning 38.  But I'm getting close to 50 and I cannot wait.  Maturity is a wonderful thing. ...more

You're right - you can be a normal weight and not be fit. Good luck in your quest to leave ...more

Fatty meets an old friend.

Dearest Fatty, There's someone else in this little manage et trois we havent talked about yet isn't there. I know your embarrassed and its a relationship filled with loathing and and fear. You feel love and hate depending on how your being treated but its not anyone else's fault is it?  The BATHROOM SCALES. (du du DUUUUUUUUUH!) ...more

Fatty Ponders feminisim.

      Dearest Fatty, Its a conundrum isn’t it. Trying to find the line between loosing weight and feeling happy in your skin. A feeling that you aren’t allowed to be a card carrying feminist and still want to slimmer, as though the desire is frivolous and to admit you want to look better is a sin along the lines of wearing a corset under your 1950’s prom style dress while your red lips grimace through the pain. ...more

You're absolutely right. It's not that I want to be skinny, I want to be me and I'm not ...more