sir edmund hiliary has nothing to worry about

i made a vow after climbing kili (that's mt. kilimanjaro!!) to never do this again without thread count at the end of the day.  have kept the thread count commitment but i gotta say, am seriously vowing to NEVER again attempt such INSANE feats!!!!!...more

Negative Body Image Issues

Building a Healthy Body ImageBoth emotional specialists and psychologists generally agree that eating disorders are generally rooted in negative body image.  When this happens, sufferers usually see distorted body images when they gaze in a mirror – and as such, feel “fat” or otherwise imperfect regardless of whether these terms accurately describe the structure of their physical bodies.Negative body images can manifest from one or more of the following factors:...more

My Christmas Fitness Wish List!

Lisa JohnsonMy latest blog post on my Christmas Fitness Wish List.  #1 this year is don't feel guilty about working out! ...more

Have You Played Your 60 Minutes Today?

The NFL is on to something! They have launched this great new campaign called NFL Play 60 where they are encouraging kids to play each day, every day for at least 60 minutes. The idea is to promote a generally overall healthier lifestyle. I think it's genius and I say, "don't let it stop there!"...more

Live better while sleeping!

This time of year I like to practice the fine art of hibernation. It’s cold outside, the sun hides for half the day and the blankets are plentiful. I also can’t function at all on less than 7 hours sleep. I’ve tried and it’s not pretty.This is one of the most obvious methods of strong self care and probably one of the most easily ignored. We make great (or not so great) excuses for not getting our shut eye. We have too much to do, we surf the net for two hours because its there, or we don’t want to miss a good show....more

Happy Holidays from


I've been exposed!

Do one thing everyday that scares you....more

Are You Faking Your Orgasms?

I am of the belief that faking an orgasm on occasion isn't so wrong for your mate...what do they know?...but it’s a huge injustice for you to do to yourself! God, in his infinite wisdom, gave each of us ladies the mysterious ability to orgasm in more than one way and more than one time.  Why would we deny ourselves that physical and emotional pleasure? In the name of chores, kids, work, stress?  I subscribe to the practice that there is no better way to relax and rejuvenate than to have an orgasm or two several times a week....more

LifeWater: Personal philosophies on dance and why I do it

Life-water: Personal philosophies on dance and why I do it By Danielle M. White Utah Valley University “A day I don't dance is a day I don't live.” – Wendy Buonaventura, Serpent of the Nile Introduction: This paper is divided into two interrelated sections. Part one is an overview of my philosophies regarding dance – particularly Ballet. And part two explores how Ballet has affected me personally, and the reasons why I do it. ...more