Healthy Body Image

How to Build a Healthy Body ImageMost psychologists and emotional specialists agree that the root cause of eating disorders is a negative body image. This means people see distorted images of their bodies when they look into the mirror and feel “fat” whether or not the term describes their physical body structure accurately.A negative body image could be the result of one or all of the following factors:...more

Getting Out Of The Trap Of Addiction and/or Alcoholism

How you can get out of the trap of addiction, and stop letting drugs and/or alcohol control your life. You have no control of your life when addicted to drugs, and YES, alcohol IS a drug, although you may think that you are totally in control. Get out of the trap?...more

Anger Management!

I don’t normally consider myself an angry individual however a recurrence of Alopecia Areata is testing my resilience.  Eight years ago I was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis. I was completely bald for 7 years and then miraculously my hair re-appeared just in time for my son’s wedding.  Go figure!  I’ve enjoyed the precious follicles for over a year but Alopecia is having it’s way again - and the shedding is relentless....more

Baby Steps #1

Once Upon A Time...Like many of us, I was a member of the life changing cult that is Weight Watchers.  I lost over 50 pounds.  When I was on plan, I felt... well, not so much great, but I knew what it felt like to not ache constantly.  I needed new clothes.  I got a great bonding experience with my mother (and the rest of my family, when we went out afterwords) when she and I went together.  It was kind of cool.  Wait, scratch that.  It was really cool.  But, for some reason, we both fell out of it.  ...more

I meant "saving" money.  Not "having" money.  Whoops.


Double-Edged Sword: Fertility Treatments

Mention the words fertility treatment and watch people come unglued. Rarely does a topic ignite such a passionate divide.Sunday's New York Times piece, "The Gift of Life, And Its Price," brought out sharp words from both sides. I'm one of many who succumbed to the siren song of the fertility industry. You can read my full take here:

Grumble of the Week - 10/12/09

My grumble of the week is: Trim your waistline online ads.  Don't you hate them?  Cut 3 inches off a week?  Puhleeze.  With what?  A cheese slicer?  What comes next?  The Home Liposuction kit?  Will they get the ShamWow guy to advertise it? Give me your opinions!  And suggestions for next week's Grumble are gratefully appreciated! Badger...more

Seeing ourselves as others see us is not for the weak.

We’ve heard that aging is not for sissies.  Here’s another truth.  Accepting the reality in the mirror first thing in the morning is not for the faint of heart.  And the photo taken for my driver’s license is not necessarily the real me.  I choose not to see myself the way the Department of Motor Vehicles sees me.  You’d think with that photo in my wallet I’d believe it’s true.  Nope.  I’m able to convince myself that picture is a fluke, a trick of lighting. ...more

I want to know where that kid works - the one who asked for I.D. before letting you buy ...more

You Know Food is Bad For You When......

You know food is bad for you when..... *It tastes good *When you have had some, you want more *You would rather spend an evening eating this food than go on a date with your boyfriend *You have seen them eating this food on Friends or any other sitcom *Your grandmother says they did not have it in her day *No matter how much you buy, it is always running out. *It never reaches its best before have alway eaten it by then *You never look at the price, you just put it in the trolley ...more

The Two Personal Presents, General Ratko Mladic, Gave To Me On My Summer (2002) Vacation In Belgrade, Serbia. (2002 August)

The Two Personal Presents, General Ratko Mladic, Gave To Me On My Summer (2002) Vacation In Belgrade, Serbia. (2002 August)

Maybe Not All "H" Words Are Bad...Even If They Are Scary...

When Dr. C mentioned the "H" word 10 days ago, I thought she had forgotten that she was on the phone with me. No, doc, I am not calling to talk about having a hysterectomy. I am 37. Remember? I just want to know how my ultrasound looked and then I want to get back to not thinking about you for the next year or so. Now that we have cleared that up let's move on to the real important thing - my results. What? really did mean to say the "H" word to me? When you say that I have an 'issue' that is best corrected by major surgery, are you sure? ...more

It will help.  I'm sorry you have to go through this. I'm sure you did the research so ...more