80 And Life To Go - A Very Personal Story

Let me just preface this story by saying, I never had an intention to share any of this with the world.  Those close to me have encouraged me to share this story, basically the story of my life and the battle with losing over 200 pounds.  My hope is that this can provide inspiration to anyone who is hopeless. ...more

Ad Literacy For Kids

There’s an article, Ad Literacy 101 on Babble, about five recommendations for parents to teach their children about advertising. I know I use many of these methods in everyday life with my kids. I’ll let you read that article, but expound on how I use this with my own children. You can go read the article in its entirety for further information. ...more

write it write it write it out

not so sure about this blogher thing. i imagine that's how so many of these firsts posts start out. seems like a lot of hoopla and whatnot just to get it all the hell out of my head and onto paper, so to speak.  ...more

Medical Billing - The process to benefit billing solutions

Medical Billing - The process to benefit billing solutions Are you devoting your time on practice administration more than patient care? Or your operating costs are increasing rapidly? Outsourcing Medical billing is the integrated solution to these problems. ...more

Body Betrayal: Learning to Live in it, Love it, and Forgive it

Feel free to check out http://myembodiment.wordpress.com for the full content of this blog post! ...more

September is National Alopecia Areata Awareness Month!

In honor of Alopecia awareness month I would like to share this story that was sent to me by a woman who is living with Alopecia. “BECAUSE THE MIRROR IS WATCHING”  by Terese ...more

Can you be Fat and Sexy? Hell yes!

Can you be FAT & SEXY? Hell YES! Confidence is SEXY at any size. ...more

I read your blog, and adore you!!! My name is miss kitty, and I blog on this sight also. I'm a ...more

Kegel Exercises, Sex Toys and Orgasms

Kegel Exercises, Sex Toys & Orgasms By now, Kegel exercises and the medical benefits they impart are relatively well known, therefore you won’t find detailed descriptions or instructions on how to do what I call ‘pelvic push ups’ here.  What you will discover is the amazing ability of these well-performed ‘push ups’ to produce knee shaking orgasms and how you can make that a reality in your life. ...more

A Series of Unfortunate Events: A Tale of Surviving Adversity

So Much More Than a Mom recently wrote about the events that lead to her breakdown. That got me to thinking about my own little breakdown. Cyndi's climaxed after a 2-year series of unfortunate events; mine climaxed after 8 14 years of unfortunate events. I *should* password-protect this post so that it doesn't end up being screen-shot or quoted on someone else's blog, but I'm tired of letting CAB hinder me. ...more

I am an Addict- Day 1

I have not yet decided if I will blog everyday for 90 days, although I probably should.. I think it would be helpful to keep myself on track, and hopefully benefit others.  However with my brand new 90 day sugar free commitment I take today to commit to that and only that. ...more