How Will Self-Driving Cars Reshape Your City?

Autonomous vehicles are still pretty much the stuff of science fiction. But when they finally hit the roads, they’ll change our cities forever.From the widespread cultivation of urban vegetables to the return of the private car as ultra-status symbol, here are four trends to look forward to....more

10 Tips When Buying A Used Car For The First Time

Buying a used car for the first time can seem a little daunting... but it doesn’t have to be like that whatsoever.It really doesn’t.Private sale and taking steps to knowing exactly how to get the answers you're looking forMy first worry is always ‘Am I being ripped off?’ followed pretty quickly with ‘Is this car going to break on me the minute I get home?’.  ...more

10 Most Expensive Cars in the World

Well, in this article, we will share the information about the 10 most expensive cars in the world. Even the car is only used to support our activities but sometimes the idea of human has been come out with the hilarious car design. For that, we will explain it one by one as followed as:1.     Lamborghini Veneno Roadster...more

This is why you should consider Shopping Cart Elite Review instead of other competitors.

What is Shopping Cart Elite? It's an enterprise eCommerce solution at a small business price that will completely automate online business. This company has the idea of serving or helping the automotive retailers and manufacturers who are dissatisfied with the limitation of their eCommerce Softwares. ...more

Reinvent the Brake Light

Maybe it's a guy thing, but the first thing I thought about when I read today's NaBloPoMo* writing prompt was "cars." Of course I know that cars have been invented already.  But they were invented so long ago when technology was in its infancy that they need to be re-invented. ...more

As if the thought of your teen driving wasn't scary enough

I was in my late teens when I started driving. ...more
If you think that's bad, try insuring a 14 year old. My son just got his school ...more

A Gals 10 Must-Have Tools for the Garage

While not every woman wants to crawl underneath their car and change the oil, having a basic set of tools in your garage can really help in a variety of car maintenance situations....more

Think Twice Before Renting a Car Seat on Vacation

You've done all the planning and spending, and you're finally embarking on a much-needed family vacation. You've even reserved a rental car with a car seat for baby, so that you don't have to lug yours. So smart! Unless it's not, of course. While rental car companies offer infant and toddler car seats as an "added convenience" (and at an additional charge, of course), it turns out that the reality may be worse than you could've possibly imagined. ...more
robinnixon My husband, my then 3 year old boy and I went to Germany last summer, to Frankfurt, ...more