The Crossover SUV: One Step Away from Minivan

 I’m kind of depressed about the fact that I now use the term “crossover SUV” in conversation.  I am a practical person = Practically Speaking....more
I have a Toyota Sequoia which can seat 8 in luxury and carry a lot of stuff. We did have a ...more

Ford, Take Note: Your New Spokesperson Awaits, a 5 Year Old Girl Named Serena [Video]

This is just so cute - Serena is my kind of  automotive "girl-power" role model!Jody, Inc.
Serena age 5 posted another adorable Part 2 p Video to Mr. President of Ford Motor Company here: ...more

The Arrival of Clean Diesel

Say goodbye to the image of Mack trucks belching a large black cloud of exhaust wherever they go. With the arrival of "clean" diesel at US pumps, and the development of power-boosting and exhaust-scrubbing technologies, diesel-powered passenger cars are cleaner than their gasoline counterparts on just about all emissions - and run at a higher fuel efficiency....more
 @Cynthia M  I had known for a while that modern diesel engines gave significantly higher fuel ...more

Infographic - Purchasing Power of Women

Jody, Inc.
Question for the expert:  if 2/3 of new car purchase decisions are made by women, why on earth ...more

Small Is Beautiful 2.0

You may have seen the wistful sighs, often as comments on articles on gas-frugal cars: "Why can't I buy a car like my 1980 Honda Accord that did 45mpg?" or "Why don't they sell cars like what the Europeans drive? Some of those get over 55mpg." Well, here is good news for the wistful: After three decades of increasing car size, weight and accessories, all requiring more and more energy to operate, the pendulum has started to swing the other way. ...more

Car Talk

We drive an old minivan, has 130,000 miles on it. When it talks, we listen. The familiar squeaks and rattles tell us all is well. When the dashboard says "Service engine soon" it means we didn't tighten the gas cap enough. When all the idiot lights come on, it means we drove on a bumpy road. We follow our mechanic's instruction and drive on a bumpy road again until the lights go off....more

Hidden Dangers of That New Car Smell

Ah, the smell of a new car! It is the smell of success, an inextricable part of America's love affair with the automobile, the scent of a three-ton version of Proust's madeleine. But as we're finding out about the chemical origins and the biological consequences of that new-car smell, many of us are moving from "How do I preserve it?" to "How do I get away from it?"...more
Always always keep vodka in the house. lol You could just use rubbing alcohol which is cheaper. ...more

Reduce Your Carbon Car Print

While in Detroit a few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to meet some amazing green bloggers (Anna- Green Talk, Tiffany - Nature Moms, Jenn- The Green Parent and Diane-Big Green Purse), who are all part of the ...more

My Love Affair With a Thing

Her name was Martha.  Not sure exactly why or how she earned that name, but it kind of stuck.  I got her when I was 17 – my senior year....more
@Wanderoke I think I must have passed you on the freeway! Violent Femmes...those were the days!more