Energy-Efficiency Upgrades? Include the Car

Once, I convinced my parents' landlady to replace the ancient fridge in the apartment with a new, EnergyStar-rated fridge. We contributed half the purchase price and within a single year, we got our contribution back in electricity savings. (That old fridge was a real dinosaur).You could do worse than to include a home energy audit as one of your new year resolutions.  Whether you do it yourself or call in an expert, you will probably come out saving energy costs....more

Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid, "124mpg", coming soon to a dealer not near you.

Responding to government pressure in the EU, carmakers are developing ever more frugal gas sippers for that market.  One example is the Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid, a desire-inducing machine that is reported to get 124mpg. ...more

Keeping up the pressure

Since CelloMom has pledged to warm herself up in the mornings by moving rather than turning up the thermostat, the yard has started to look mighty tidy. The carport is next, but first it's the turn of the car itself, on which the tires are looking a bit soft....more

Let the children have air and light!

Only a few of us ask our children for their opinion when buying a car.  And no-one ever asks for their opinion at the design stage.  So it is that those who occupy the back seat get less and less of what makes a car ride fun:  streaming air, and a view of the world....more

VW offers 2012 Passat with better fuel efficiency

Take it as the first hopeful sign that automakers are responding to the new CAFE 2025 standards for cars' fuel efficiency.  The 2012 VW Passat 2.0L TDI does 31/43mpg (cty/hwy). One of these years, perhaps VW will throw the Bluemotion version in our direction, the one that does 48mpg....more

Where are the women writing about cars?

Vive la différence! Of course women are different from men. It is said often enough that they are tribes from two different planets. So of course their choice of cars, and their motivations for that choice, are not the same. Then why is it so difficult to find women among the legions of car reviewers? ...more
@Rupert Pupnick OK Got an answer (finally) on your comment about the size of wheel rimsmore

Mercedes Benz World

A few months ago the Thameswey Young Members IMechE group organised a tour of Brooklands Museum. More about that another time, but as part of that day we also visited Mercedes Benz World next door....more

In Which I Shoot My Mouth Off About Electric Cars

One of the things that I realized during the #Snowtober power outage is that it's a damned good thing we don't have a plug-in electric car. It's one thing to run a handful of appliances off of a small generator, and use candles and batteries, and open the garage door by hand. But I dare say you can't recharge an electric car with a little Subaru generator. So then what? Huh? Stuck until the power company sees fit to restore you to the grid. ...more

Disney releases toy that interacts with iPad

I just saw that Disney has announced a new application for the iPad that works with a toy. It's based on Cars and whatever way the child moves the car it has an effect in the game. The video below shows more.    I love the interaction! What do you think? Would your kids like it? ...more

"How Often Do You Change the Rubber Band Out in That Thing?" - Memoirs of My First Car Love

The first car I called "all mine" was a 1963, road sign yellow MGB roadster convertible.  It had wire wheels, a rag top, black and white racing stripes across the hood and over the trunk, and a little horn that sounded not unlike the Warner Brothers Road Runner call... Beep, Beep! ...more