Should Parents be Banned from Smoking?

Originally posted at Recently, reported on the California ban on smoking in cars when minors are present. Motorists caught face a fine of up to $100, but can’t be cited unless they are stopped for another infraction. The ban takes effect January 1. California is the third state to pass a law attempting to protect children from secondhand smoke. I’m actually torn on the issue. We already have laws in place to protect children in cars, such as requiring car safety seats. So this new law is just one addition to protect our precious children. Or is it? ...more

What Do GM, Dubai and Autism have in Common?

On November 11, Dubai will witness a night of spectacular glamour and style like it has never seen before. The General Motors (GM) Style event will be held there and is the first of its kind in the Middle East, aligning star names, high fashion and some of the most beautiful vehicles ever built at the Madinat Jumeirah Arena. ...more

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My Dichotomy: Automobiles, Al Gore and the Environment

Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize--an honor he'll split with the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Al Gore, whose dedication to environmental issues had earned him the nickname “Ozone Man” — “Ozone,” for short from President George H.W. Bush during the 1992 presidential campaign, is the controversial and committed icon to reduce carbon emissions. ...more

Sorry, Detroit (and the rest of you) , that's not good enough. No, scratch that, I'm NOT sorry. ...more

Sick Saver Bags the Ultimate Car Barf Protection

Everyone gets sick. Some of us get sick more often than others, and for many different reasons. Some people get motion sickness every time they take a car ride, others get the dreaded stomach flu, pregnant women suffer with morning sickness, and some get queasy from various medications including chemotherapy treatments. ...more

My Romance with Classic Cars

I am a child of the 50's who grew up in the San Fernando Valley where car clubs, drive in movies and cruise night were the staples for teen activities on the weekends. Reminiscing over the cars in my youth fills me with nostalgia about some great and not so great " car" moments. ...more

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Back in the ...more

Knowledge is Key When Financing a Car

I did a tele-seminar this week for a group of women and they asked so many questions about car loans, credit scores and how to qualify for the best loan I thought I would pass on these great tips from Aware. Taking Steps to Boost Your Credit Score ...more

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Ears My plan at lunch today was : 1.Go to Sam’s and feed Minnie 2.Go to Subway and feed me. I also kind of thought about maybe stopping by the house to check up on Dogger but I thought better of that because I almost never go home for lunch except for when Dogger is really sick and I didn’t want either of us to get the idea she was really sick. ...more

Really hate people who can't figure out how to use the gas pumps. Hate it when people leave ...more

Are Toxins Lurking in Your Car Interior?

cross-posted from I’m a born skeptic. What do you expect? I’m originally from the Show-Me state. We don’t believe what we’re told. We must be shown. So when I heard about interior car toxins and a product that claims to reduce them, I had to do my own research. Last year, the Ecology Center released a study about car interior toxins. Besides carbon monoxide emissions, I wasn’t sure what they meant by that. But after reading a bit of their press release I found out. Their report says that PBDEs, chemicals used for fire retardants, and phthalates, used to soften plastics and part of that “new car smell” people seem to love, are found inside your car. And guess what? The chemicals are clinging to the dust in your interior and clamoring for space on your windshield — in the form of that film you can’t quite get rid of unless you’re parked “just so” in the sunlight and are willing to climb around the inside of your car like a monkey to get every nook and cranny sparkling clean. ...more

The Desire, The Drive, The Destination of Women in the Auto Industry

I am in Motown, (Detroit) this week and have two great events to honor and support the careers of women in the automotive industry. ...more

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Actually ...there is a HIGH demand for female technician's/ ...more