Women in the Automotive Industry: Liz Pilibosian, General Motors Vehicle Chief Engineer of the 2008 Cadillac CTS

Liz began her GM career in 1982 as a project engineer at Pontiac Motor Division. ...more

What's so great about Nascar?

Yesterday, Penske South announced driver Sam Hornish, Jr. would be jumping from the IRL, where he had won three championships and an Indy 500, to Nascar full time in 2008. As of this post, Hornish has been unable to qualify for any Nextel Cup races and has been close to a disaster in the Busch Series races he has competed in, but has still chosen to make the move. (Hornish was driving for Penske Racing in the IRL) ...more

SEMA 2007 - A Car Bling Extravaganza

I spent last week in Las Vegas at the SEMA Show and WOW was I ever in car girl heaven! I got a sore neck with all my rubber-necking at all the BEAUTIFUL bling'd up cars, trucks, racing 'n performance displays, car care products and vehicle accessories and most of us ladies just LOVE to accessorize! Every imaginable car accessory, car care product and fully customized cars and trucks were on display. ...more

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Today I followed up with Firestone after seeing your note. I wanted to write them ...more

Ford Creates Fake Marketing Research Company for "Swap your Ride" Campaign

In a recent blog, Toby Bloomberg complains "What is wrong with marketers and advertisers?" ...more

Now if only ford would just pimp my ride-I'd be thrilled.
(for the record I tell my kids that ...more

An Interview with Drivetime Yoga at Askpatty.com

cross-posted from askpatty.com. Elaine Masters first learned about yoga a little over thirty years ago when she started meditating. She got "serious" about yoga about six or seven years ago. She tried many different styles and studios, and studied with some incredible people. When she moved to the San Diego area, she found herself commuting a lot. With a 45 minute drive just to get her son to school, she left the house before she could do her stretches. Eventually, she started stretching in her car. And then she ran across others who stretched in their cars, too. After talking to a yoga instructor, and her ergonomic consultant/ physical therapist sister, Julie, she embarked on making Drivetime Yoga a reality. Drivetime Yoga is a collection of movements and breathing techniques to help drivers relax and become fully present in their senses while in the car. It starts with breathing exercises, the core of yoga. Instead of distracting yourself with reading, eating, grooming or talking on the phone, you do less in the car. You pay attention to what your body is telling you. ...more

Safe Driving Tips for Halloween

Statistics say there are between 220,000 and 285,000 people with Spinal Cord Injury in the US . The #1 cause for Spinal Cord Injury is car accident. Car accidents happen each and every day and holidays like Halloween have higher car accident rates. ...more

Thanks for the great tips! Last year during trick-or-treating, I remember seeing a lot of ...more

To Haggle or Not to Haggle? That is the Question for Car Dealers Today

One Price - No Haggle may be coming to a showroom near you as the Web makes prices more transparent and dealers try to cater to women and Gen Y drivers Business Week magazine writes in its current issue, http://tinyurl.com/ywxpuh . It's one of the enduring oddities of American retailing: car dealers haggling over price with their customers. ...more

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Your own credit union is a great ...more

Through the Rear View Mirror - A Car Girls' Life - Classic Car Love Affairs

You know you're a car girl when you slow down on the freeway to Ooooohhhhhhhh and AHHHHHHHHHH over cars and when driving with a companion point out all the cool cars or not on the freeway like signs or landmarks along the way. I am constantly shopping cars on the parking lot freeways of Los Angeles, a slow moving car show, with every make and model imaginable on display. ...more

Thanks for the nice commnets. Check out this recent post with a photo I took of a restored Chevy ...more

Should Parents be Banned from Smoking?

Originally posted at askpatty.com Recently, askpatty.com reported on the California ban on smoking in cars when minors are present. Motorists caught face a fine of up to $100, but can’t be cited unless they are stopped for another infraction. The ban takes effect January 1. California is the third state to pass a law attempting to protect children from secondhand smoke. I’m actually torn on the issue. We already have laws in place to protect children in cars, such as requiring car safety seats. So this new law is just one addition to protect our precious children. Or is it? ...more

What Do GM, Dubai and Autism have in Common?

On November 11, Dubai will witness a night of spectacular glamour and style like it has never seen before. The General Motors (GM) Style event will be held there and is the first of its kind in the Middle East, aligning star names, high fashion and some of the most beautiful vehicles ever built at the Madinat Jumeirah Arena. ...more

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