Confessions of an Insomniac: Missing Car Trouble

I need to invent the ultimate car tracking device for people like me who lose their cars several times a day. It never fails – I lose my car whether I go in a store for 5 minutes or 3 hours. I can make mental notes of where I am parked, but all thoughts are abandoned once I set foot in a store. Read the rest of this entry >> ...more

GM 2008 Collection is Coming up Roses with a Focus on Energy Diversity

I had a blast attending the General Motors 2008 Collection event this week with the ever passionate Bob Lutz, GM Vice Chairman and Susan Docherty, General Motors Western Region General Manager who I recently interviewed on, they spoke about their excitement surrounding the GM brand revitalization that is currently underway. ...more

Yet another car seat recall - are you tired of these yet?

I'm blogging over at Once again I have to mention that another car seat manufacturer has issued a recall. And they claim no injuries occurred, but that's not what the Chicago Tribune has to say about it. I feel like a broken record when I ask why these companies don't check their products better before they get on the market? We're talking about safety equipment that can save a child's life. I don't think that should be taken lightly. But it seems to be. ...more

New Petition Seeks to Ban US Women From Driving

What would you do if your right to drive was revoked? ...more

Can We Save our Children from Hyperthermia?

Recently written: As hot weather lingers in some parts of the country, I keep seeing too many news articles about children dying or almost dying from being left in a hot car. As a parent, I can only imagine the devastation of losing your child this way. How can you forget your child? With such busy lives and crazy schedules, it’s probably not as hard as we would like to think. ...more

10 Children's Car Books I Love

On September 14th I will be a grandmother for the sixth time! ...more

Thanks for the great comments on this post, it was written with extra 'love" for my beautiful ...more

Danica Patrick 2nd at Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix 2007

Tony Kanaan wins the IndyCar race at the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix, Danica Patrick took second place in her best ever finish after a high jinx last lap and a half. Lorraine Schultz, CEO of the Women's Automotive Association International attended the preview dinner which provided a great photo op with several of the drivers, including Danica Patrick. ...more

Disrespectful Fowl and the Auto Bird Turd Emergency Kit

I parked my car at the beach for five days. I drive a red Dodge Magnum. Seagulls and sea birds must love red cars because they threw a party on my car for five days. Yuk! ...more

Can I be Geogory Clooney's ride?

Help me! I am a Prius, a much beloved hybrid car. But I am turning into a landfill! I dream about being George Clooney’s car, or just having an owner that cleans and cares for me. Looking back at my diary, I really hope someone out there hears my cry for help. October 18, 2005 Yikes! I don’t like the way she drives. She really needs to pay attention to the road. Too many close calls. And please, lighten up your lead foot... December 30, 2005 ...more

Don't Break Down on Labor Day Weekend - Keep Your Cooling System Cool

I spent the weekend at the beach in my Motorhome with my kids , grandkids and the was a searing 103 degrees back at my house and I was glad we picked the beach which was still warmer than usual at temps topping 90 degrees. ...more