GM Hy Wire: The Car of the Future!

When Cece saw this video, she was quite excited! It looks like the future is still a long ways off, but to see this prototype gives her hope. This is the GM Hy-Wire and is a fully electrical car that re-charges itself with an on board power station. There are no batteries. The power station is said to be so strong that you could run your house or even part of your neighborhood off it!  ...more Cece-one of The Two Whos

I. Hate. The. DMV.

hahah, seriously the DMV is such a waste of time. Last week I was gonna go renew my auto ...more

And the Third Runner up is….

Leaving  Children Unattended in a Vehicle This third most read post based on traffic from search engines is...more

Vehicle Safety Items Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

It’s crunch time and if you’re still struggling with what to give a loved one, family member or friend this holiday season, the perfect gift can be an item related to vehicle safety....more

The Los Angeles Auto Show: For Women Too

My girlfriends express surprise when I tell them that one of our favorite annual family outings each November is a visit to the Los Angeles Auto Show.I know where they're coming from. For years, I dismissed this kind of event as a macho affair, where overgrown boys can play out their Hot Wheels fantasies by ogling scantily-clad models draped across shiny muscle cars. I changed my mind half a dozen years ago, when we needed to replace my husband's aging SUV. An auto show is the perfect place to research a vehicle purchase, as you can scope out every model offered by every car company, without driving from lot to lot or enduring a hard sales pitch. And while the show still is still mostly a bastion of men, powerful vehicles and pretty models, it's actually FUN  -- even for women. This is why I keep going back, even when we're NOT actively shopping for a car. Auto makers now know that women make 60% of all auto buying decisions, and they are designing their products accordingly. This was apparent during press preview days at the LA Auto Show, running now through November 28 at the Los Angeles Convention Center....more
Nice! I like it.more

I'm Not Oprah

Did you watch Oprah's very last ever Favorite Things show the other day? I did. I watched both of them, Friday and Monday. Like so many people, I've dreamed of being on that show for years. And as those last two gifting frenzies rolled before my eyes, I was a little bit sad that my chance to be there was really, officially over. Not that I ever thought I'd actually get there, but knowing there was still the teensiest possibility was fun....more

Thanksgiving Blessings: A Time to Reflect

I have a veritable cornucopia of things to be thankful for this year. Sometimes I forget that. It's easy to see the things I don't have; the places we can't afford to go on vacation; the stores I can't afford to shop in....more

FIAT breaks glass - in more ways than one

The American arrival of the cutsie FIAT Cinquecento this week (NOT to be called the five hundred, per favore!) made headlines the world over – and of course, in Italy it was quite a big deal here in Bell’Italia.  The ultimate in 'Bella Figura.'  It was as if overnight, those ships they once cracked a bottle of Champagne over were transformed into mini-cars launched with a bottle of Prosecco.  This time, however, the Italians disembarked with their heads held high.  No more Fix it again, Tony – or at least, we’re all touching...more

This Auto Show Model Talks to Women, Wears Clothes -- For Real

Last week my inbox was bombarded with messages from people sending me a link to this story: Carmakers cover up sexy models to win over women. I was confused, because at face value the article seemed about 15-20 years behind -- until I saw it was about Europe. They are finally putting some clothes on their auto show models! That's nice. They're only about 20 years behind US auto shows in respecting women as a viable automotive marketing demographic. ...more

As self proclaimed motorhead, I love this post. As active feminist and mom, I love this ...more

Cars have a personality?

Monday Musings: {cars have a personality?}...more