10 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Car

One of the things I traditionally do at the start of a new year is clean out the inside of my car. It's just as glamorous as it sounds, particularly because I gave birth to a couple of trash factories a few years back. Sometimes the things I find on this annual excursion are best left undisclosed. ...more

I know it seems very simplistic, but really this has become a 'must have' in my vehicle. I ...more

Women Report on the International Consumer Electronics Show

CES, the International Consumer Electronics Show, is a huge geek shindig held yearly in Las Vegas. There are 2500 exibitors talking about over 20,000 new products. There were keynotes from the likes of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Ford President Alan Mulally, and Nokia President Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. There were celebrities like Lady Gaga, Drew Carey, author James Patterson and techie Guy Kawasaki. ...more

Changing and Recycling Your Own Used Oil Filter

Are you a wannabe do-it-yourselfer who has been afraid to try to change your own oil? While this task can seem daunting, if done carefully, it doesn't have to be messy or complicated. We've broken the process down into three simple and eco-friendly steps, so be sure to read the entire series: Changing Your Own Motor Oil (Wednesday, December 30); Changing and Recycling Your Own Used Oil Filter  (Tuesday, January 5), and Recycling Your Used Oil (Wednesday, January 6)....more

Don't Let Vehicle Neglect Take the Fun Out of Your Holiday Travel

Don't let soaring gas prices gobble up your hard-earned money as you travel to visit loved ones over the holidays! Our colleagues at the Car Care Council suggest you to take some time to perform some simple care on your vehicle for better gas mileage.  ...more

What Would Santa Drive?

What would Santa drive if you were creating the ultimate toy delivery vehicle, and could rely on more than reindeer power to propel it? ...more

Holiday Gifts for Car-Loving Pets

Well, folks, here is the last in our series of automotive-themed holiday guides! Looking for a special gift for the car-crazed pet lover in your life? Are YOU the car-crazed pet lover looking for something for your traveling animal? Will you be traveling during the holidays with your pet? Then we're sure we've got something in here for you. We were given guidance the Pet Safety Lady by Christina Selter; her website www.barkbuckleup.com is full of great safety and travel tips for those of us who take our pets along for the ride....more

Molly travels with me in a doggie car seat that is seat-belted in the rear seat.  It ...more

From Teenage Mother to Parenting a Teenager - Ooooh, Scary

Occasionally, me and my Mom would get into a disagreement that would make my mom so fed up that she would force a conclusion to the discussion by saying, "Wait 'till you have your own kids. You'll see." As a kid, I felt like just getting that statement out of her meant that I had won the argument. Whatever she was saying that I did not agree with would be heard no more because I had forced a conclusion to the discussion. . But then there's the element of Kharma. ...more

AskPatty Top 10 Automotive News Stories in 2009

We all love a good Top 10 List so for New Year's Eve I wanted to highlight and reminisce on the top automotive stories of 2009. It was a brutal year for the auto industry however there are signs of recovery and hope that 2010 brings in a more prosperous year for car makers and the automotive sector in general....more

Three Powerful Women in the Automotive Industry

The Women’s Automotive Association International (WAAI) presented the prestigious Professional Achievement Award to three automotive industry women during its annual awards dinner during the LA Auto Show media preview days....more

Things That Go Vroom: Car Gifts for Kids and Teens

We've given you guides for Him and Her,  now here's a guide to help you gift the younger drivers in your family. No matter their age or driving level, we've got something here to please all your car-loving kids! ...more