How to Make Coasters From Wine Corks

Having a husband in the wine industry means we have A LOT of corks lying around. No, it's not from all the wine we drink (I promise), but it is pretty cool. I mean, think of all the project possibilities! Today, we attempted our first cork project, ...more

5 Scarves You Can Make at Home

Every year finds me dragging my feet into autumn. I never like how the temperature drops, but I do find things to love about fall. I love how the tree leaves burst into a brilliant display of color before dropping to crunch beneath my feet. We start ...more

3 Ways to Improve Your DSLR Photography

I learned a few things right off the bat in my time with Loretta. (That's my camera's name, after Loretta Lynn.) I thought I'd share, so you can enter into DSLR World with a head full of knowledge! It can be rough, turning on the camera for the first ...more

How to Create a Vintage Jewelry Wreath

Have you ever wondered what to do with old costume jewelry? Or seen vintage jewelry at an estate sale or antique store and wished you had an occasion to make good use of it? Sarah Ives, Designer at Upscale Downhome has designed a welcoming wreath ...more

How I Finally De-Cluttered Every Room in the House

My life/stuff was driving me crazy. CRAZY! So I took care of it, and made my life and home a whole lot more functional and organized. Each area I organized taught me an important organizational lesson that I needed to have under my belt before ...more

Wino! DIY Coaster Made From Wine Corks

Having a husband in the wine industry means we have A LOT of corks lying around. No, it's not from all the wine we drink (I promise), but it is pretty cool. I mean, think of all the project possibilities! Today, we attempted our first cork project, and I will say these coasters came out pretty cute! So if you want to give it a try (I am sure you have some corks lying around after the holidays, right?), here is how we did it. ...more

4 Super Simple Tips To Clean Up The Holiday Clutter

Merry Christmas! Now that you've unwrapped all the presents you carefully chose and purchased over a series of months, you get the joy of... cleaning it up. Yay? Don't fret. The following simple tips will help you organize the mess in quick fashion, leaving you with more time to sit and enjoy the rest of your holiday. ...more

6 Hacks for Gift Wrapping

It doesn't take much time on Pinterest to find works of art when it comes to gift wrap. You'll see beautiful bows, magically coordinated papers, and perfectly folded corners. As much as I love to ogle these gorgeously wrapped presents, gifts look a little different under our tree. Family interests (superheroes, pirates, Tinkerbell) determine our paper choices, not the latest Pinterest trends. Our corners usually aren't perfect. And usually, we don't even have bows! ...more

A Shutter Headboard

When my parents came to stay with us for Thanksgiving I needed to put a guest bedroom together pronto! Our guest bedroom is combined with the playroom in the attic. ...more

Cousins + Grandparents Visit

We enjoyed an early Christmas visit from the boys' southern grandparents and cousins last weekend. It was LOUD with four boys aged 4, 6, 10, and 10 in the house. But it was really great! ...more

Photos Around the House

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! Our Christmas was very nice, but went by a little too fast. I'll be posting pictures soon, but in the meantime I wanted to share some random photos I've taken of the boys around the house during the month of December ....more

Christmas Wrap up

We work so hard to decorate, wrap, string, hang, lite, swag and trim we really need to step back & admire ~ especially now, in the after glow. Go ahead, look around at all your handiwork ~ Nice job! For me it started with the mantel ....more

Farmhouse Vintage Christmas Living Room

Welcome to our Christmas...more

Sunny Simple Life Christmas 2014

Well we have celebrated, ate and enjoyed good company. Christmas 2014 is in the books as they say. I had a wonderful week of gatherings leading up to Christmas and one highlight was an annual trip to see my friend Shelly's house all decked out in the cutest vintage Christmas decor you have EVER seen ....more

Blogging with the Pros – I Wish I Would Have Known… Blog Mistakes from 6 Experienced Bloggers

Blogging has a huge learning curve…and I mean really huge. ...more

How to Make a Quilted Cell Phone Cozy- Video Tutorial

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you all! I have spent the last two days in bed with the chills and a sore throat trying to fight off whatever my kids tried to pass off on me. But I’m happy to say that after sleeping it off and taking all kinds of natural home remedies including cayenne pepper and raw apple cider vinegar cocktails, fermented cod liver oil, and teas made with every kind of leaf my mom has in her garden I am back in business ....more

Warm Days, Long Shadows

Today brought another round of record breaking temperatures to Downeast Maine. The long shadows of winter belied the springlike weather. Less than one week into winter found me lounging in a chair in front of the pond taking in the sights ....more

Neverland Themed Fairy Birthday Party

This delightful NEVERLAND THEMED FAIRY BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Leanne Anderson of Dream a little Dream. What a darling little party! I love the soft green, purple and pink color palette used in it; it's so cute and perfect for a girly Neverland party! ...more