Revamped and Restyled Retro Christmas Village

My mother recently gave me her old Christmas village. These little snow-capped ceramic homes decorated my parents' house all through my teenage years. My three-year-old son is slightly obsessed with the miniature "winter wonderland" displays at our local craft store, and Mom still had all the pieces of her village boxed up to pass on for Baxter to enjoy. The catch: I was not in love. I'm a Kitschmas kind of gal, and this village was way too traditional for my taste. Lucky for me, there is nothing a can of spray paint and some glitter can't fix. ...more
I have a sudden urge to go thrift store shopping to find things to paint.more

The Easiest Christmas Mason Jar Candles You Can Make

I created some simple and cheap mason jar Christmas candles that anyone can make in minutes. (Pssst … the candles are battery operated, so on days when my kids are keeping me busy and I forget to turn them off, no worries.) ...more

The Best Coloring Books for Grown-Ups

I remember when I was about 10 or so and I received a very grown-up coloring book and a brand new set of colored pencils. I was thrilled by both as coloring pencils were not something I had very often and the coloring book was extra cool because it only had an image on one side. To me, that was a sign of a grown-up coloring book and it was awesome. If you have a similar memory from your childhood, then this post is for you. Or, if you still love the smell of a brand new box of 64 Crayola Crayons. Or, if you love nothing better than a gorgeous box of brand new colored pencils or markers....more
Love me some Rosie Flo!  Great list.more

Wooden Centerpiece Box with Pallet Wood

 One neighbor's trash is another neighbor's treasure. Trash day in our neighborhood is Friday. Therefore Thursday night is a good time to go pallet-hunting. What may look like a simple jog through the neighborhood for exercise is actually a scope-out for pallet wood. I've found numerous pallets this way as well as old windows for crafting....more

Mason Jar Snowglobes

There is a very cheesy ABC family movie entitled "Snowglobe" that came out a few years ago starring Christina Milian. The plot of movie focuses on a young woman getting sucked inside a snowglobe and exploring a magical Christmas themed world. However sugary sweet the movie was, it made me remember the snowglobes from my childhood and the magic dwelling within. Inside there were miniature worlds where it was always snowing and all was calm and bright....more

Hostess with the Mostess

“And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby I love throwing parties. I’ve been doing it since college. Whether it is an intimate dinner, my own birthday party, a New Years Eve bash, or a backyard soiree, I genuinely love planning these types of events.I have my mother to thank for that....more

DIY Christmas Paper Baubles

For the full instruction to make these pretty Christmas Paper Baubles visit...

Heckerty's 12 Days of Christmas - 8 Cats a-howling

"On the 8th day of Christmas, Zanzibar gave me:Eight cats a-howling,Seven bats a-squeaking,Six cauldrons boiling,Five magic wands -Four hooting owls.Three blind mice,Two jumping frogs,And a sardine prepared for my tea."Make a cat out of a paper plate! It’s easy and you can make different colored cats (red and green) and hang them together as a Christmas mobile or ornaments!...more

Photo Hunt (Craft)


12 Crafting Days of Christmas - Mid-Madness Wrap-Up

     The days are ticking by...5 days until Christmas! Anyway, as it was last year, I have but a few days left to finish crafting and it will not be nearly enough time to complete what I had planned. So, here's my mid-madness wrap-up. If I don't remind myself of what we've completed in our home this month, I will continue to stress out over what still needs to be done.  Here's a peek at our mania Christmas-y goodness....more

DIY Sugar Hand Scrub

 I have no crafty bones in my body, like none ......more

Last minute gift idea for Christmas

Need a last minute “thank you” gift idea for a teacher or helper in your child’s life? Here’s a special way to says thanks. I picked up some large bars of Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark and made these little notes for them to say thanks. You can download and print them for free here. (On the download, the notes say “To our children” instead of “To our Awana Cubbies.”) Peppermint Gift TagsPrint and cut apart the notes....more