Bless This Home: Do-It-Yourself Gift Basket

One of our good friends is a real estate agent and after he saw this post, he wanted me to make him a couple of housewarming baskets for some recent homebuyers. What a great gift to give to your clients!...more

How to Make the Perfect DIY Housewarming Gift Basket

You have seen me write about the housewarming baskets I have made for our good friends and the basket I made for ...more

Hollyhocks Fairies

 Hollyhocks are blooming and a wonderful garden craft for (grand)children is to make fairies see how click here ...more

How to Start Organizing Your Memory Keeping Supplies

There are so many  ways to be a memory keeper. I happen to enjoy scrapbooking. As a scrapbooker, I enjoy pairing photos with words using pretty paper and embellishments. The physical process of rifling through my stash of goodies is probably one of my favorite parts of being a creative. The only time it's hard, is when I've been over-consuming rather than creating and the process can go from fun to overwhelming....more

Hot Day, Cool DIY Craft: How to Make an Upcycled T-shirt Yarn Plant Hanger

Old t-shirts: Everyone has some. Around my house a lot of said old T-shirts are tie-dyed. Not a Grateful Dead fan in sight, yet we have a lot of tie-dye. ...more
who else loves thismore

Maybe I Got It

Maybe I Got It              Been sewing strips of fabric together and I don't have enough red thread to finish it off. I sore one spool would of been plenty and even have some left over. "Boy was I wrong"Well I'll finish sewing what I got left....more

How to make a clay (or paper) angel

This little clay angel is a cinch to make. It could be easily adapted to using sturdy papers or stiffened gauze for the body and lightweight wood balls.  I am using white stoneware clay  and Amaco Potters Choice Glazes. ...more

My Pool Noodle is no Longer a Pool Noodle…

From the Desk of Clearissa Coward’s Command Center via Divinely Organized...more

How to Make Giant Bubbles

I consider myself a lucky person. I've won contests and free stuff. Can't get more lucky than that? Heck, my job involves playing with the kids I adore and drawing all day. Well I got lucky when I was selected as part of a team to help with one of the parties at  Alt Summit, a creative and influencers conference in Salt Lake. ...more

Holiday-themed Crochet projects

Having lived in a 1-bedroom condo for 7 years, I haven't really had any room for a Christmas tree or proper Christmas decorations. Now that my husband and I just moved to a house that has 2 extra bedrooms - you can just imagine how my wheels start turning when it comes to the holidays this year. We finally would have room for a tree and all of these Christmas knick knacks you could think of! So knowing this, I've started thinking of Christmas projects I could tackle before the holiday season comes along. My goal is to make most (if not all) of the Christmas ornaments on our tree....more