The Easiest DIY Easter Egg Wreath

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a craft whiz.  However, while on a walk this morning with Annabelle, I found inspiration!  One of our neighbors had a festive Easter wreath on their front door.  I hang wreaths (store-bought usually…again, I’ve never been confident in my DIY abilities) for every occasion– Christmas, Halloween, etc., but I didn’t have one for Easter!...more

DIY Sharpie Pillow

I made this pillow using a sharpie and rubbing alcohol. It's a fun and easy project. See the tutorial at Mom In Music City....more

How to Style a Bookshelf

Bookcases are for books right? Or so I used to think. A good bookcase display can hold not only books, but a variety of items including collectables, artwork, natural items, trophies, and photos. I try to have numerous bookshelves to display not only my large collection of books (via being an English major) but also decorative items as well.Like a gallery wall you need to play around a bit with your bookshelf display until you get the right visual balance with the space....more

Adjustable Charm Bracelet

With every trend there comes an expensive price tag, and then you get individuals who will try to make those things for less. I don't think I need to spell out precisely where this knock off idea came from, but then again maybe I do… I love my Alex and Ani bangles, and to be honest I'd love to be able to buy them - all of them. Yet my bank account isn't limitless, and I know I'd get a few choice comments if I treated it as such. After all when your significant other is also your employer the back account is pretty much the same account as his....more

12 easy, fun DIY crafts for Easter

Easter is just around the corner and Southern Living, has brilliant craft ideas for the holiday. You can do these on our own, with family and friends or the little ones at home!...more

Hang Your Peeps Love on the Wall With This Woven Craft

Nothing says Easter like Peeps candy. Even if you have never tasted the hot pink sugar-coated goodness of these little marshmallow bunnies, you are familiar with them. ...more

Spring Wreath

  I've been wanting to make my own spring wreath for awhile now, but due to the cold weather of the past few months I had to put this project on hold. I was so excited this past week when the temperature was in the 70's!...more

Here Are Your DIY Blogger Cliff's Notes From SXSW!

One of the things I learned early on as a crafter and entrepreneur is that business is business no matter what you are selling. ...more
Some wonderful tips here. I've made a list of things to consider, and right at the top of my ...more

DIY hey y'all Front Door Vinyl Tutorial

Hello and happy Saturday!With spring right around the corner I’ve been looking at Pinterest for ways to boost the curb appeal of our little casa without spending a ton of money.  One of the things I found on was to add a vinyl decal to your front door. There are a ton of different options available on Etsy but since I already have a snazzy Silhouette machine and I’m feeling crafty, I figured I’d make my own....more