How to Make Your Own DIY Wire Heart Ring

I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but I love rings. There's just something about looking down at your fingers and seeing something pretty that just makes me smile....more
Great post! Thank you for sharing this with us :))) !more

Making a Collar New Again

Some of my husband's nicest shirts were wearing out around the collar area.  You know how the collars get dirty around the neck, you treat the stains and then the collar becomes discolored in that area.  The rest of the shirt is perfectly good.  My mom recently taught me that I could rip the collars off of these shirts, turn them around and sew them back on so that the back sides of these collars is facing up to make the collar would look like new again.  I do this only on my husband's good shirts!...more

Pottery Barn Knockoff | Chalkboard Labels

Hey y’all!Now that Valentine’s Day is over I’m switching my focus to get back on the organizing train.This past November I purchased this entertainment center from because I loved all the storage options and I wanted something more Pottery Barn- esque than what I was working with before....more

DIY felt hair clips * Clips per i capelli fai da te

If you too have an hurricane baby  as our Miss B, who is not yet two years old, but is most feminine than Jessica Rabbit and loves clothes, shoes, bags, clothes pegs and elastic (and really we can't imagine from who this love derives!) then this little project quick and low cost is for you! ...more

DIY Yarn Tassel Throw

 I was looking for a way to dress up some inexpensive throws I got from Ikea. I like Anthropologie's Temple Bells Throw, but didn't want to spend the money on it. I thought I could create something similar with some handmade tassels and yarn....more

Shopping Cart Cover - I Wish I Had One of These When I Had Little Ones

Have you ever seen something and immediately thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  Happens to me all the time. When I first saw a woman in a grocery store pushing a shopping cart with a cover over the baby seat area I was amazed and I immediately thought that I wished that I would have had one of those when my kids were little to keep all the germs from the cart off of my babies. ...more

5 EASY Last-Minute Valentine's Day Activities for Your Family

 No one has ever accused me of being a crafty person. Let it be known that I am SO THANKFULthat G gets to do arts & crafts while she is at daycare. Because, lo, that is not my gift....more

FREE Printable Valentine's Day Pop Rocks Tags

Did Valentine's Day creep up on you, again?  Let me guess - your kid's classroom Valentine exchange and party are tomorrow, and you still haven't purchased any cards, favors, candy, food, etc.  Don't worry!...more

How to Make Your Own DIY Framed Tea Towel Art

I'd describe my style as vintage farmhouse meets industrial. This framed tea towel art combines those two styles with a vintage-inspired soda fountain graphic and exposed metal braces. ...more
I've been framing tea towels from our travels for years. Or having them framed is more accurate! ...more

Valentine's Day Gift Jars and Free Printables

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show a little love to those who are special to you. There are many ways to give simple but thoughtful gifts that won't break the bank especially if you want to give small gifts to multiple people.  Get creative with reusing things you may already have around the house and turning them into something gift-worthy like these empty glass jars turned into gift containers....more