Make Your Someone Special a Finger Knit Flower Bouquet

Mother's Day, Administrative Assistant's Day, so many days coming up that call for flowers. You could hit the florist, or you could hit the craft store and make a bouquet that will last until next year. ...more
Oh! We're going to give this a try! So charming -- thanks Vickie Howell :-)more

Project Life 2014 | January Update 2

This is my third year doing Project Life and in 2014 I will get a whole year done! I'm sharing each Project Life spread here at Heartmix to add some accountability and, hopefully, to give you some inspiration for your own photo projects....more

January 2014 | A Look Back

Each month I'll be doing a look back at what we're loving, highlighting some events and definitely checking in on my goals. Here's a look back at January....more

Choose - One Little Word 2014 | January

This year my One Little Word is CHOOSE. I'm participating in the One Little Word workshop with Ali Edwards and sharing my journey here....more

My 2014 Crafty Goals

How to Make DIY Scrabble Tile Cufflinks

Inspired by a pair of monogrammed cufflinks that Kevin Spacey's character, Frank Underwood, was given on House of Cards, I created my own pair to celebrate National Scrabble Day! ...more

DIY Easter Egg Spring Wreath

What did you do with all those leftover plastic Easter eggs?  We save ours every year so we have plenty.  Here is a fun and easy way to recycle those plastic eggs! ...more