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Over Fifty Memorial Day Craft ideas!

 On Memorial Day, we take a moment to honor all fellow Americans who fought and give their lives in battle while serving our country.  It’s also a day to celebrate freedom and show patriotism.  Here are some craft ideas I rounded up   th...more

How to Make an "Oops, I Burned Dinner" Kit for a Bridal Shower

A friend of mine is getting married and we have always joked that she is a poor cook. Even though I recently sampled her cooking and know that this is NOT true, I thought it would be funny to play off of this idea for her bridal shower gift... and so the "Oops, I Burned Dinner" KIT was born....more

Easy DIY Instagram Magnets

I have taken thousands of photos on my phone. Tens of thousands. And I've shared many of them with the world through my Instagram feed. But once I put them out there, they get shuffled to my Instagram archive and out of my mind....more
Thanks bichonpawz!more

Decoupage Coaster Tutorial

This is my very first tutorial.  A friend of mine was interested in doing a coaster project that I had shown her.  I sent her pictures of the process, which in my craftaholic mind, should have been easy enough for anyone to follow.   Long story short....she basically said "WTH is this, and where the heck are the written step-by-step instructions.  So, I decided to be smarty pants, and this tutorial is the result.  I hope that others will find it helpful.  I actually enjoyed creating it, and am looking forward to adding other craft tutorials in the near fut ...more

DIY Framed Ring Holder

The Framed Ring Holder has been floating around Pinterest for a few years now but it's still a popular, personalized gift to hold your wedding ring and engagement ring. It's really easy to make and can be personalized to the recipient's taste. I included one in each of my friends engagement gifts baskets but they also make great bridal shower gifts, wedding gifts and birthday gifts. Easy, personalized gift.  ...more

How to Make Cheap DIY Enamel Dots for Crafts

While browsing around Facebook, I found a post about making your own enamel dots for crafting, card making, etc. It seemed simple enough … so I thought I'd give it a whirl. ...more
These are gorgeous! I'd love to see what you end up doing with them.more

Order and Creativity-In-Action

 "My mom doesn't let me paint very much "Those were pretty much the only words I heard. There were others, of course. She had done one of those "what I want to be when I grow up" projects at school and her profession of choice was Artist. ...more

LEGO figure storage

Charlie has gotten into Legos quite a bit these past few months. He switches between NASCAR and Legos on a daily basis. Consequently there is quite a collection of Lego characters in my house. I swear Lego figures and their accessories are worse than Barbie and her accessories!I spent Mother’s Day putzing around the house picking up Charlie’s toys and putting them back in the toy room. I secretly stashed some Hot Wheels away for donation. I am slowly reclaiming the family room!...more
This is awesome.more

Washi Tape and Birthdays

Dani from Daily Mom is my guest and she is sharing WASHI TAPE with us....more