Make your own Hand Felted Soap


Featured Artisan ~ T.Rusk4U

Welcome to this week's Featured Artisan from the group On fire for Handmade. Meet Teresa! She is a fellow creator from just up the road from me, here in North Carolina!Teresa says:...more

Easy Elastic Waist Pajama Pants

Oh, I wish I could sew. I really do. The idea of making outfits tailored exactly to me, with all my own ideas makes me drool a little bit. ...more
gatheredinthekitchen  I used the snuggle flannel from Joanne's that they usually have on sale. I ...more

Doggy Style

Want to try something different? Is this you? I can't knit another sweater, I won't sew another quilt and I hate scrapbooking. Many times I hear craft freaks cry about not being able to get TURNED ON. They have become bored with their regular projects and want to experiment with something different. So, desperate crafters....... how about designing clothes and other accessories for pets?...more

Jay The Crafting Cyclone

Sooooooo we start in on the first card and…….she beat us all! She was a whirling cyclone of card making fury! I told her to slow down.  Nope, she got the hang of it and was able to speed up.  ...more

Easy Peasy DIY Car Seat Canopy Tutorial

So, the hubster and I finally nailed down our travel system choice. (We went with the Evenflo FlexLite System in Santa Fe Sunset by the way and we're stoked with it so far!) I personally think the fabric design is kinda awesome on this stroller and car seat—brown and yellow faded chevron stripes—very light, neutral and contemporary! So when I came across the cotton material that I used to make our car seat canopy in Joann's Fabric, I just splurged and went for it! ...more
Thanks for going thru the trouble to take pictures and post. You did a great job!  I will try ...more

Outfit with foulard Valemour by Geox... and my DIY!

Ladies, its okay to fake it!

Many dollmakers like to design dolls with curly, straight or frizzly locks. Doll wigs and doll hair can be expensive and the choice of hair styles is limited.So, ladies ...take a trip to the infamous dollar store, you know that place, where one can find everything from size 42 ladies panties to 10 pounds of stale cookies for just a dollar!...more

My first time was not that great!

                The first time I took my handmade dolls and leather home decor/ fashion designs from comfortable and safe studio out into the world, I was both excited and fearful.                 I had agreed to offer my creations at a local arts and craft show. ...more

Powdered Flavored Drink Mixes, bad for the intestines, great for crafts!

   Today I found a very old half open packet of grape flavored drink mix in my kitchen closet. I probably brought it at a weak moment at the supermarket, when my kids were young .   Anyway, as I thought about which toxic dump I would take it to, some of it spilled on my favorite white cotton embroidered tablecloth, I quickly tried to rinse it and the stuff would not come out!!! After a primal yell and calming down,  I thought, Mmmm....more