Kids DIY Wrapping Paper

DIY Kids Birthday Wrapping Paper with Sponge PaintsDoes every weekend feel like an endurance race of soccer games, dance classes and birthday parties?...more

Homemade Paper Wreaths, Under $5.00 to make

Today was such a gloomy day, it rained on and off the whole day and thundered for most of the afternoon so it was definitely and inside the house day! I thought I would share an easy DIY project that will add some charm to your home and for less than $5.00, you cant go wrong! Paper wreaths are a great way to up-cycle an old book and add some unique décor to your home!Heres what you will need:1 Old book 1 Glue Gun 1 Large Piece Of Cardboard Exacto Knife or Scissors A Marker or Pen...more

Epsom Salts Bath Bombs

Epsom Salts: perfect for those of us who suffer from skin conditions or get a bit creaky with arthritis when the weather turns cold - or,  heaven forbid, cold and damp. But have you ever felt that these super-good-for-you bath salts were just a little bit boring?...more

$10 Memo Board

6 Craft Blogs to Follow for Fabulous Thanksgiving Ideas

Whether you're looking for kids' crafts, tablescapes, or Thanksgiving decor, these blogs are a treasure trove of DIY holiday help. ...more

Mashup Monday

I hope you guys liked my Saved by the Bell & Baby-Sitters Club mashup book covers. I liked it so much that I’ve decided to do it again with Boy Meets World and Sweet Valley High. I got the light box out for this and it turns out I’m realllllly bad at writing in the letterman style of the book covers....more

DIY Paper Mache Pumpkins

You may remember this picture from early October:...more
hometownbetty thanks! This is a great project to make with kids; I used to teach kindergarten & ...more

The Creative Corner

I come from a long line of crafty, creative people. My great-grandmother Lydia was a potter, painter, cake baker/ decorator, photographer you name it she did it and she was goo at it! My other great-grandmother was a quilter and seamstress. Together they passed that creative gene down to my mother and she gave it to me,my sister and my niece. I can’t remember a time when my mother didn’t have a sewing machine in front of her or a crochet needle in her hand. I’m pretty sure I’ve had more hand-sewn, homemade clothes than store-bought ones in my lifetime....more