3 Fun, Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

I love this time of year.  Spring. Okay... so if you live in many parts of the country, we're still very much in winter.  BUT... the frozen land is starting to thaw and there are signs, however slim, that spring is upon us. ...more

Why Is This Mouse Korean?

Here are the steps for making the mouse card: Sketch the mouse with pencil on your map. I used a map of Korea for this mouse.Ink in the final sketch with permanent ink.Use acrylic paints and iridescent acrylics to add touches of color. I make sure to keep the paint see through so you can still see the map.Use an exacto knife to cut out the little mouse.The card stock is Stampin’ Up! I really like the embossing folder that was used on the brown paper. It looks like wood.Attach your mouse to the card stock. Add the little finger and whiskers with pen.Done!...more

Eggshell Geodes - after school experiment

I love finding cool science experiments on Pinterest.  The plan is to incorporate some of these ideas into Cub Scout activities. I decided to try one of the experiments with the Posse as a test run....more
I can't wait to do this with JMP in a couple of years. ;-)more

Friday Faves: Praising Him Creations

Friday Faves: Praising Him Creations I love a pretty wreath on a front door. I live for Christmas, Easter and football season so I can put something on the front door. I adore something that I can leave up all the time or change out certain aspects to make it seasonly appropriate!...more

Beautiful Spring Craft Blogs to Follow

Stuck inside during an April shower? Follow these blogs that draw from the season's glorious colors to create some truly inspired craft projects. ...more
Thanks for featuring my blog! What a nice surprise!!more

Wood Crafts by MamawSue

While my 65 year old husband is working in his little homemade shop, I thought I would tell you of his wonderful hobby.  He loves to work with wood. His small lathe is just wonderful for making crochet hooks, knitting needles and bowls for local craft shows.  He sells crochet hooks like they are going out of style.  Women love the warm, soft feel for a wooden crochet hook. I have a red heart set of hooks that I use almost everyday. He would love to have a small shop to sell his hooks and needles, and maybe someday he will. Wood items are so warm and beautiful....more

Natural Egg Dye: A Rainbow of Options

You can dye Easter eggs with all-natural ingredients like spices, vegetables, and even wine! I made recipe cards for eggs dyed with everything from cran-raspberry juice to onion skins—plus instructions, tips, and pictures of what your finished eggs will look like. ...more
One could blow out the egg interior, and then do the dying to keep the shells around year-round. ...more

DIY Glitter Tea Lights

Seriously... who doesn't love Pinterest. And candles. And glitter.After looking at a whole bunch of ways to make these pretty candle holders, I took a trip into town and picked up some supplies!...more
Very cute!more

How to Silver Leaf a Mirror Frame

Have you ever tried silver or gold foil? Also called silver leaf, it's an easy and dynamic way to bring some shine and texture to your next makeover. I've seen it used on furniture, in art and on crafts—and today I'm going to show you how to silver leaf a mirror frame....more

Writing A Craft Book: The Fascinating Rewards That Come From Sharing What You Know

In my last post I wrote about why I think it's so important to share your ideas. ...more