Seven Days of Valentine's for Him | Day Seven

Hey y’all!Today’s the last day! I hope you’ll follow along and get everything this weekend to surprise your guy for the next seven days.Let’s be real, who doesn’t love bacon? Nothing says you're a man quite like some thick cut bacon....more

Seven Days of Valentine's for Him | Day Six

Hey y’all!Today’s surprise is probably one of my favorites so far, I think it’s so cute. Corey loves Goldfish and gummy anything so this is perfect for him but if your guy isn’t into these things you can always get him some inexpensive fishing gear....more

How to Make an Adorable Paint Swatch Calendar

My sister-in-law made me this cute calendar for Christmas. Isn't it adorable?! I wanted to share with you how to make it.You will need:...more
stephliebold The paint chips are under the plastic frame so you're writing only on the outside ...more

7 Valentine's DIYs – That Don't Have to be Romantic

Whether you're single or in a relationship, here are some simple DIY ideas that adapt to wherever you're at this Valentine's Day. Make a gift for your sweetheart, your friend, your mom...or just light a candle and craft the night away!...more

DIY Snowman Kit

Seven Days of Valentine's for Him | Day Five

Hey y’all!Every time I’m feeling nice at the grocery store and I bring home some peanut M&M’s for Corey he lights up like a little kid so I of course have to include some peanut M&M’s as one of the goodies.If your guy isn’t a big peanut M&M fan you can switch them out for his favorite chocolate candy.There may be certain days I don’t feel like this, but for the most part I love him more than chocolate....more

Free Printable: Picture-Perfect Valentines

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I'm so excited that Maisy will be distributing little treats in her daycare class. As easy as it is to pick up a box of Valentines at Target, I decided I wanted to make something extra special for Peanut to take to class....more

My January Create

At the start of each year, an old and dear friend of mine encourages me to choose a Word, which will be my theme for the months ahead. I’ve “done” Relax, Focus and Let It Unfold, in years past. This year, I’ve chosen Create. I have decided that what I need is some Play, ...more
stephliebold Let me know what you choose. :) Always interested in seeing which "spark" is ...more

Seven Days of Valentine's for Him | Day Four

Hey y’all!I’m back today with some brewskies! Corey loves him some Bud Light so I knew I wanted to get him some beer again this year. Last year I did “Will you beer my Valentine?” which is cute but I didn’t want to repeat the saying so this year I’m doing “I hops you’ll be my Valentine” because beer has hops.Get it? (Whenever I say hops I have to say it like McLovin does on SuperBad)...more

Valentine Hearts Centrepiece Project

 I found a few minutes today to get crafty and do a project in the spirit of Valentine's.  Now I know I said I wasn't going to decorate for the day, but this project was fun and simple, and I got to use one of my craft punches....more