How to Do Awesome Potato Stamping in 7 Easy Steps

This week, I went on a potato stamping bender. I know some people go nuts with illicit drugs; I go crazy with an economy-size sack of spuds and neon craft paint. We all have our own vices … but I digress. I had always thought of potato stamping as a craft for kids, something my daughter would bring home from preschool. Once I got the hang of things, I realized potato stamps have all kinds of fun potential. Lemme tell you what I learned....more
GeekMeetsLittleFeet  You might notice the little hands next to me on the couch.  At my house if ...more

Clowning Around!

My submission for the CASology challenge.  The theme? CLOWNS…no it’s really, carnival!...more

6 Fun Crafts for St. Patrick's Day

I've always had a soft spot for St. Patrick's Day. It's probably because I have auburn hair and it's the one time a year people are really into gingers. Sadly, as far as I know, I don't have a speck of a Irish in me. I still celebrate it and while in year's past it may have involved a bit more of a parades and party feel, I'm more of homebody these days. You know what's perfect for homebodies? St. Patrick's Day crafts. ...more
my sister had just mentioned to me how she wanted to make personalized loot bags for her son's ...more

30 Lists March 2014, Lists 1 - 4

This is my third month participating in the 30 Lists project. I have really become addicted. (Despite the fact I have yet to finish an entire month of lists.) It is such fun coming up with ideas for the lists....more

“Thinking Of You” With a Big Pink Bow!

Great card for any occasion.  Pretty papers and I especially like that bow! ...more

12 DIY Easter Baskets #Crafts

12 DIY Easter Baskets - Fun CraftsEaster is not far away. I’ve researched around the blogosphere and found some amazing Easter Basket crafts! I hope you find some you like! See this Easter basket craft on Twig and Toadstool:  ...more

Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

Last week, I was on a mission to find an inexpensive wardrobe mirror that I could doctor and transform into something fabulous. I took a trip to Old Time Pottery. Instead of a mirror, I fell in love with the color of some of their flowers, and brought home everything I would need to make a new Spring arrangement for my front doors....more

Sophisticated Bug Repellant!

It'll be summer before we know it, and in Texas, that means MOSQUITO BITES.&...more

Card Making Ideas

I’m so proud of this tag! Yes, I think I need paper crafting anonymous. Clearly I’m having to much fun and I’m addicted! ...more

Cutest Exorcism Ever

V was baptized last weekend.  The deacon explained that it's a type of exorcism (first time hearing that for both of us) and I think it may have worked -- she's ditched the 4 AM wake-ups for the week!  I also got a 40-minute, not-on-me nap today.  Glorious!...more