December Daily 2013, Fun Photos

Hello Friends!We have been busy just loving December.  I don't have a regular post today from December Daily, but last night we baked some cookies and I just wanted to share the photographic evidence.  Enjoy.This was my little helper.  While the older children were at karate she and I decided to have some fun in the kitchen.  After everyone got home and took baths, the reward was to share some chocolate-y goodness together....more

A Holiday Craft Tradition: Easy Sock Snowmen

Every year, while my kids are home for Christmas break, we do a couple of fun winter or Christmas craft activities together. This easy sock snowman craft reminds me of special times during my own childhood. ...more
These look so lovely. So simple to make and great instructions. I can't wait to make these with ...more

DIY Holiday Gifts: How to Make a Homemade Cookbook

This is the gift I made this holiday season that I wanted to keep for myself. But that wouldn't be fair for the originally intended recipient, now would it?  So I may be making a second one someday. Until then, I will share with you....more
This is such a cool idea!  I think I just found use for my extra scrap-booking supplies.more

3 Easy DIY Holiday Lights

Lot’s of people make their own Christmas ornaments, but how many people make their own holiday lights?  Luckily, you don’t need to be an electrician to make these lights.  All you need is some puffy paint, chicken wire and gold glitter.  Now let’s light it up! ...more

Seven Easy DIY Christmas Crafts

Do you want to decorate your home with some gorgeous DIY Christmas crafts, but need some inspiration? Look no further. These great projects are easy to do and will have your home looking holiday-ready in no time! Pick your project and follow the link for the instructions....more

December Daily 2013, Days 9-12

Hello and welcome to our December journey!  Today I am continuing on with Days 9-12, in an effort to catch up.  Every day I work on this little album and every day I fall in love with it a little more.  So, here is Day 9.Original foundation page here:...more
Oh thank you so much!more

Light up your Christmas tree with this light switch cover ornament

My mom made these cute ornaments with my boys last year. She got the idea from a Lowe’s publication. They are easy to make; it just takes several steps and time for drying.What you need:...more

Easy Mod Podge Christmas Decorations

I love super simple and easy crafts.  Scrapbook paper and mod podge make it easy to transform something simple like a set of letters into a beautiful decoration.  I combined some Christmas scrapbook paper with mod podge and the letters to spell NOEL to create some really easy mod podge Christmas decorations....more