Halloween - Fear the Pumpkin!

Many dangers lurk during the Halloween season.We worry about tainted treats being passed out on Halloween....more

Easy Oyster Craft

Students show off their oysters....more

You've Been Ghosted by PicMonkey

You’ve Been Ghosted by PicMonkeyHave you been Ghosted this Halloween? I hope you have and are spreading the Halloween fun in your neighborhood. If you’re not familiar with Ghosting, it’s the sweet treat version of ‘doorbell dash’. You create a little poem like the one shown below, gather some of kids’ favorite Halloween candy and drop it on your neighbor’s doorstep as you knock or ring and dash away....more
Haven't heard of this but that sounds like a fun way to celebrate Halloween and I love ...more

Easy DIY No-Sew Alien Costume

I have found, in the past few years, that I have a ridiculous amount of fun crafting with duct tape. I couldn't give you any logical reason but, judging by the fact that there is an entire aisle of the stuff in my local supermarket, I'm guessing I'm not the only one who feels that way....more

How to Create a Pinecone Vase

Pinecones. So.Many.Pinecones!My home is surrounded by White Pine trees, which means each fall we are blessed with pinecones. HOWEVER, 2014 must be the year of the pinecones as our ENTIRE yard (and driveway, and roof, and porches, etc., etc., etc.) is COVERED with pinecones. I love decorating and creating with pinecones & by the looks of this year's bounty, I have enough pinecones to complete a project every single day from now until next October. LOTS of pinecone projects are currently in the works, so get ready! ;) :D...more

Weekend Photo Hunt (Funny-Work Tool)

Wouldn't it be funny to see a mouse knitting. So I decided it would be fun to have anther give away....more

5 Easy and Fun Last-Minute Halloween Crafts

I know people who start their Halloween crafts in September. I applaud their obviously superior organization skills, because that is so not the way things roll for me. The way it works in my house: I look at the calendar, realize Halloween is a few days away, and then I say, "GAH!" So here's a list of crafts for the BlogHers like me out there who need fun Halloween crafts they can whip together quickly. ...more
Love love all the DIY ideas for the season! My favorite is the Mason Jar Creatures next up is ...more

craft paper punch storage

i combed the interwebs for some sort of a paper punch storage and i came up empty. i found nothing i was very fond of. nothing i was willing to do. i did not want my craft punches out in the open on a shelf or something. i wanted them put away, but very accessible and usable. i moved a few things around in my little IKEA (helmer) drawer carts (mainly i got rid of junk and consolidated a few drawers) and came up with four empty drawers....more