Valentine's Day Countdown

My kids and my husband went out shopping on Saturday -- my birthday is this week, so they went out shopping to find me some birthday surprises! So, while they were out, I decided to create a surprise of my own for them!...more

DIY Antropologie Inspired Pom Pom Wreath

We had two snow days, this week, where one day was technically a "cold day" where they called off school for low temperatures and wind chill. There's nothing better than receiving a call at 5:45 am, or even better the night before telling you that you don't have to go into work tomorrow and can sleep in.  You feel a bit of childish glee combined with only very slight teacher guilt that everyone else has to work....more

Quilting The Star Throw

     I am so excited that I can finally share this awesome quilt on my blog! My husband doesn't frequent my blog, but I just knew that I would share it before Christmas and then he would get on and see it. That would kill my element of surprise! He had no idea I was making a quilt for him and I worked on it in secret for at least 2 months, if not longer. ...more

Salt Dough Keepsake

I love doing crafts but I don't really get that much time anymore so I love that my daughter is getting old enough to do these things with me. Visit my site to see this fun salt dough keepsake....more

10 Fun Kids Winter Crafts

Do your kids need something to do in the winter? Mine do! I thought you would all want to see these.They’re pretty awesome! GO HERE FOR MORE...more

DIY Steering Wheel Cover

     One of the projects on my Christmas sewing list this year was a steering wheel cover for my husband. I have a really hard time finding gifts that I can make for him. I don't know if it's just that I have my mind set on little kid stuff all the time, or that men are just really hard to sew for. Anyway, the original tutorial I found was here if you want to check it out....more

The Top Craft Trends of 2014: Which Ones Did You Try?

Some yearly trends are better than others, and 2014 was chock-full of keepers. So this list of most popular crafts is not about played-out trends you need to retire immediately. Instead, consider it the gorgeous highlights of 2014....more
Owls definitely last year. I sold lots of owl doorstops/frig magnets/xmas tree decorations etc. ...more

Wood Wicks Pros and Cons

One of the new crazes with candles it Wooden Wicks. While a wood wick is not a new concept, it has picked up steam in the past few years. What is it about the wood wick people love so much. Is there any downsides?Pros to Wooden Wicks....more

How to Create a Yarn Weaving on Your Art Journal

I'm sure the inside is of your 2015 journal this year will be covered with pretty pictures, amazing ideas and gorgeous drawings … but what about the cover? ...more