My 3D Hand Drawing Pictorial

 Now doesn't that look absolutely cool? I'd been looking for a cool way to start crafting away with my newly bought fresh Sharpies and found this idea being pinned away madly on Pinterest....more

How to Make Rugged, Leather-Bottom Concrete Coasters

Every year for my Lumberjack’s birthday, I like to throw at least one handmade gift into the mix. ...more

Sketchbook Updates

This past weekend was a lazy one. Ada came down with the stomach flu. BOO! And it knocked her out on the couch for 2 days. We rescheduled our monthly family outing. We were planning on going to an indoor water park! BOO! But laid low instead. We cuddled, watched way too much TV and movies and washed our hands A LOT. ...more
Awesome. You're making me want to get up and paint.more

How to Make the Perfect Easter Bow

Hey y’all! Today I’ll be sharing how I made this adorable chevron bow for my embroidery hoop Easter wreath. ...more

17 Great Ideas to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Are you looking for some ideas to add color and flavor to your St. Patrick's Day celebration? Check out these tried and true recipes and craft ideas.

Springtime Baby Birds

Baby birds cuddle togetherMake these adorable birds and their nests using craft Poms, plastic Easter eggs and brown paper bags....more

Scrabble Tile Coasters

Scrap Wood Floating Shelves Tutorial

These floating shelves serve two purposes.  The first being to disguise several necessary, but unattractive items on the main wall you see as you enter the house (this includes the doorbell box, thermostat and kitchen light switch). And, the second being to add a decorative touch to a tall, narrow wall. I found loads of detailed tutorials on how to build and hang floating shelves, so I'm not going to go into depth on areas that have been well-covered already.  This tutorial is geared towards creating this specific look....more

How to Make a Super Simple, but Beautiful Book Page Wreath

How to make a book page wreath ...more

DIY Black & White Swiss Cross Sign

I've been wanting to create a new gallery wall for the second bedroom downstairs for awhile. Something more modern. I love how Young House Love used white picture frames to create their gallery wall, but I wanted to add some eclectic elements as well. I saw this black and white swiss cross sign from House of Belonging on Etsy, and thought it would look cute with some white picture frames around it....more