DIY May Day Flower Crown

Happy May Day, friends!!!I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day as much as I am. I was going to write about my May Day experience but why tell you when I could show you!...more

10 Reasons Why I Love Being a Memory Keeper

I am a Memory Keeper. I document our family stories through pictures and words and I LOVE it! I’ve shared ways to to record your memories. I even posted a list of 5 ways to document memories here, but what is the why? Why am I a memory keeper and why do I love it so much?...more

How to Make a DIY Reclaimed Wood Desktop Organizer

I have another confession. I have a slight obsession with drawing and painting materials. ...more
Simple and adorable. I keep making the mistake of getting boxes with lids for art supplies. The ...more

Nearly Miraculous Daily Habit

Allot Fifteen Minutes a Day to Your ProjectIf I could actually make you do stuff, the first thing I would get you to do is to spend fifteen minutes each and every day working on your project.As it happens, you are the agent of change in your life, and I can’t really make you do anything.But I strongly urge you to make this daily commitment to your project....more

How to Make Your Friends a Garden Seed Envelope Gift

Craft this fun DIY garden seed envelope gift as a simple housewarming or Mother's Day gift! This is a fun and easy activity to get the kids involved in....more

Cute Mini Papel Picado Banner Craft for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a big deal in Texas. So big that I decided to decorate a tree for it. ...more
I did and I hope you will take a look at my "How To" video! ...more

DIY Starburst Mirror for less than $7

My sister is so pinteresty... she pretty much has her life planned out board by board and makes things accordingly. For example, she is currently in the middle of 3+ projects for her new apartment, plus planning an engagement party for her friend (and now is probably creating a board called "revenge" to come up with ideas for getting back at me for mentioning her on this post)....more


Showing Appreciation

On Wednesday, we not only celebrated Earth Day, we also celebrated Administrative Professionals Day.  As I work in a law firm, I wanted to show my appreciation for my fellow paralegals.  As I still have student loans to pay off...I had to get creative!...more

Welcome to Mindful Memory Keeping

Welcome to Mindful Memory Keeping. My name is Marina. This blog is a place for me to share my creative passions, my mindfulness journey and to explore the intersection of memory keeping and mindful living....more