Father's Day Crafts for Kids

Cute and easy ideas for kids to make homemade gifts for dad!http://sugarcreekchic.com/fathers-day-crafts-for-kids/ Kimberly ...more

DIY Beach Bag Tutorial

Who's looking forward to going to the beach this summer?...more

Father’s Day the Offbeat Way – DIYs & Crafts on HousePunkery (Guest Post)

Come on over to HousePunkery and see my new guest post, full of Father's Day links for the quirky people.Crafts, activities, recipes, and DIY projects for the offbeat father. From gentleman to geek to steampunk, we'll delight the old man. We have collected 27 links of fun schtuff for you to do for Dad. These are all affordable projects with easily accessible supplies....more

DIY: Glittery Wine Bottles

One of my housemates' sisters just got married this weekend in NYC.  Being the sister of the bride, my housemate (Rachel) was very involved in the wedding process... especially when it came to the ultimate girls night out - the bachelorette party.  While planning the event, they decided that decorating bottles of wine for the girls would be a really cute idea.  However, Rachel is probably one of the busiest people I know (she is seriously supergirl), and she already had a lot on her plate planning the party....more

Guest Post: DIY Outdoor Buffet Labels

To me, there is nothing more gratifying than walking out of a store with free (NOT STOLEN) merchandise. Maybe it comes from that childhood feeling of euphoria when you’d swipe a piece of candy from the grocery store.Don’t act like you never reached into the “sample” candy station without putting your nickel in first....more

The Best Father's Day Gifts are Kids Crafts! 10 Here

The Best Father’s Day Gifts are Kids Crafts (10)This is a collaberation of some of the best Kids Crafts for Father’s Day on the internet!  ...more

Coconut Oil for Sunburns: Just in Time for Summer!

I am a big proponent for coconut oil. I slather the stuff on my skin; use it in my baking and as an agent for soothing sunburn. Coconut oil works wonders as a moisturizer, so when I came home from the beach the other day with a nasty sunburn on the backs of my legs (we’ve all been there, you know, that upper part near your butt that you always miss when you put on sunscreen), I decided to try a little coconut love. ...more
sonjafoust You could be right but I'm not sure that a sunburn is quite the same type of burn as ...more

ROYGBIV Quilts, Say What!?!

Crazy letters! What in the world do they mean? If you are are a scientist, a quilter or observe the Chakra energy centers, you probably know! ...more
Linda Anselmi Hey there, Linda! How I love to see your flowered avatar and know that something ...more

Adding an Extra Half Square Triangle

Using an extra block between traditional blocks can add a compelling eye-catcher.I was tooling around the Internet when I found Kay MacKensie's wonderful "ruminations," as she says, of her fondness for Jill Finley's book from Martingale Press called, "Home Sweet Quilt." Kay's web site and blog, "All about Applique," has much to offer, and in reading her post, I noticed a fun and simple design option easy to employ in your next project....more
HomeRearedChef Oh my, yes! It's like driving a car. Hard at first, but then...you don't even ...more