10 Fun Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make

In my experience making Christmas ornaments with kids involves patience, a good sense of humor and the grim acceptance that you will be finding random pieces of glitter right up until your children are in college. It also means giggles, big smiles and moments you'll remember every year when you put those decorations on your Christmas tree. We've collected 10 ornaments you can make with children this holiday season. ...more
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DIY String Art

The past two years I have tried to steer my Christmas present purchases away from traditional gifts and more towards hand-made gifts. I'm lucky enough to be (semi) creative and personally prefer giving someone a gift I made rather than one I bought. Luckily, my family actually likes getting homemade gifts! (because there are definitely people who do not!) We're finally all old enough to ask for single, meaningful/useful gifts instead of huge amounts of presents on Christmas....more

Make your own reed diffuser

Today, instead of doing wash, I made a reed diffuser for my bathroom. It was so easy, and yet so impressive looking. You don't really need any fancy pants ingredients and there is no stove involved....more

Hanging Dish Towel Tutorial

I have a little secret to share with you today.  Many years ago I had a sewing blog.  Sewing has always been my first creative love.  I used to sew any and everything....more

Curbside Furniture Shopping

Painting a table you find curbside is fabulous. Think of the advantages. It's not every day you get to:Spend time and money on something you got from someone else's trash.Confirm that no local stores carry the brand of chalk paint that you want to use. This in turn gives you the chance to acknowledge you are too impatient to order it online....more

December Album Foundation Pages Part 2!

Hello again!Are you ready to see some more December goodness?Thanks so much for following along and for watching my videos.  I have had so much fun creating these videos for you and I hope they are inspiring you.This video may be my favorite yet, and these pages may be my favorite yet.  Enjoy!...more

12 Crafting Days of Christmas

     No to alarm anyone, but there are only 26 days until Christmas. This is a fair amount of time, unless you are crafting. 26 days in crafting time is like the blink of an eye. If you are like me, you have more projects lined up than you can actually complete in this amount of time....more

10 Christmas Wreaths You Can Make

When I think of Christmas wreaths I tend to think of evergreen boughs with ribbons and pine cones. They are the ones I buy almost every year and every year I think how I really could make my own. I went looking for homemade wreaths and I found that many of you already make your own. What really surprised me was how I fell in love with these 10 less traditional wreaths. There will always be a place for evergreen boughs, but I may need to work one of these wreaths into my holiday decor. ...more
These are beautiful wreaths!  I think my favorite is the boxwood wreath! Sheliamore

How to Make Ugly Holiday Sweater Hama Bead Coasters

Perler beads, hama beads, melty beads: These wee little tubes of plastic go by many names. Traditionally thought of as a children’s toy, one quick look at Pinterest will clue you in that plenty of crafty adults have caught melty bead fever....more
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365 Days of Gratitude

Being Grateful All Year Long...more