How to Make Mason Jar Margarita Bridal Shower Favors

Last Sunday we kicked off our “summer of wedding fun” with a bridal shower honoring our daughter, the bride-to-be, Kate and her fiance, Chris, at River Bar in Assembly Row in Somerville....more
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Natural Beauty | Mindful Scrapbooking

This week we're on vacation in Big Sur. It will be our first time up there with our daughters. I'm really looking forward to showing them some of our favorite places and some of the places I remember only from pictures....more

DIY Disney Castle T-shirt

Disney Castle Shirt This DIY Disney shirt technique was so fun and easy to do....more

Seven DIY Books for Summer

I feel crafty in the summer. The sun is shining, and I just want to paint something (or stitch something or glue something or … ). So, I like to keep an arsenal of inspiring DIY books close at hand. ...more

When in doubt, craft it out!

Every so often I like to get creative with gifts. It's one thing to buy something for someone but the fact that you can make something just as good blows my mind. So whenever I have the chance and patience, I like to search through Pinterest to find ideas for future crafts that I could do for the people in my life.As it turned out, I had a birthday party to attend that weekend and I wanted to make something cool and cheap. After about 30 minutes of browsing, I found the neat idea to make a booze bouquet. What exactly is a booze bouquet? Keep reading and find out!Supplies...more

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How to use analog creations for digital creativity

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Five Crafty Projects for The Lazy Days of Summer

 Posted June 3, 2015 – Hubpages...more

Library Tote

 My son is finally done with school, which I am so happy about, yet also terrified.  This will be my first summer with three kids to juggle.  It's hard when two are toddlers wanting to go go go all day and you have a baby who wants to be fed and cuddled all day.  I already started planning some special things for each child this summer, but we usually just keep it low key.  Lots of playground, pool, and library....more

Fun Stampers Journey Monthly Stamp Kits!

Hello Stampin’ buddies!...more