Watch Yourself Martha

I crafted today. Well, ok that's probably overstating. I bought things and arranged it. You see the picture. I hit this out of the park. I mean for my first try. I saw the jar gift ideas on Pinterest and I loved them to bits, so I decided that was the thing I needed to do for my daughter's preschool teachers....more

DIY Pottery Barn Bookshelf

I've been a fan of the blogs Shanty 2 Chic and Ana White for a long time on Pinterest. They have so many ways to create your own DIY furniture that looks similar to expensive retailers for a fraction of the cost....more

the reality of pinterest and the peanut butter bird feeder

I had some extra toilet paper rolls. This is not surprising in a house with children.I vaguely remembered making some sort of bird feeder out of them when I was small, so I thought it might be fun to try with the girls.A simple project only requiring string, peanut butter, bird seed, and a toilet roll.To be sure, I scrolled through a few Pinterest pages to make sure I remembered the bird feeder project correctly.Glossy pages of clean kids. Sparkling clean tables. The project perfectly rolled with bird seed, swinging gently in the breeze....more

Mason Jars are the Perfect Ingredient

 Mason Jars to store items in the bathroom, seemed lik...more

Burlap DIY Pillow

Personalized DIY Pillow Using Burlap, Stencils & Paint This DIY pillow was so easy and fun. I was inspired by a similar pillow at a local gift shop, but the price tag at 60.00 was a little hefty for me.  Because my husband and I live on Balboa Island, this personalized Balboa Island burlap DIY pillow adds a nice touch to our home.  With a bit of acrylic paint and stencils, you can add a personalized design or monogram of your own....more

How to Style and Hang a Modern Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are tricky business, especially for detailed oriented, type-A sort of people -- not that I know any of those sort of people, cough, cough....more

My Story | Starting Over with Memory Keeping and Mindfulness

So why a blog about mindfulness and memory keeping? Especially since I am fairly new to both. I guess because they fill two areas of my life that I have long struggled with: vulnerability and creativity. Here's some background on what sparked my interest....more

Me and Bob


Over Fifty Memorial Day Craft ideas!

 On Memorial Day, we take a moment to honor all fellow Americans who fought and give their lives in battle while serving our country.  It’s also a day to celebrate freedom and show patriotism.  Here are some craft ideas I rounded up   th...more