Harvest Time!

Goodness! I am soooo ready for Fall! I have been looking for festivals around here and in the surrounding area so I can make up a calendar of things to do this fall. I have some making up to do too! I haven’t gone to any kind of festival in years. Every year I say I am going to go to all I can, but then comes the morning of whatever I was planning on going to and I think sleeping sounds better. I am the world’s worst at backing out on things because I’m sleepy....more
I admire your determination to gift only handmade presents! For sure it will require lots of ...more

Baby’s first art: edible paint

Did you know that if you mix flour, water and a little food colouring you get baby-safe paint? Add a baby and toddler and you also get fun… ...more

Summer Patriotic Pinwheels

To make some summer decor I decided to make some pinwheels in patriotic colors for our end table. They're fun and give off a whimsy vibe that reminds me of looking forward in earnest for summer vacation as a kid (and even now as a school teacher--cough, cough)....more

Experiment With a Strong Lip! How to Make Colorful DIY Crayon Lipstick

Hey guys!Okay, I know what you're thinking ... did she really say crayon lipstick? Seriously?...more
great for halloween....and st pattiesmore

Vintage/Modern Nursery on a Budget

We set out to create a gender neutral nursery when we found out the news that we were expecting a baby. We started by painting the walls a neutral color, Benjamin Moore's Moonshine (color-matched at Sherwin Williams). We only needed one gallon of paint because the wainscoting was already done in white, and it's a small room. We had previously added some DIY wainscoting to the room to give it a more quaint look, and it worked out perfectly for a nursery. ...more
Hi Anne, I just came accross your beautiful room. I'm in love with these mobiles, I've tried to ...more

DIY Cookie Jar Gifts

While wandering through an antique store, I stumbled upon a book for making cookie jars. It was priced at $1.50, and it had many recipes and decorating ideas that intrigued me. I bought the book and have come to discover that these cookie jars make fun and thoughtful gifts that have yet to go out of style!After flipping though the pages, I decided to try the most basic recipe: traditional Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. Most everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, so I figured it would be the perfect intro recipe. :)...more


Looking for something crafty to do with your toddlers favorite scribbles? There are a lot of ideas floating around out there for upcycling, here is something a little different for you to ponder :) Scribbles=Art...more

Easy Breezy Art Project for the Un-Crafty

Before I became a parent, I imagined myself being the ultimate collector of every single art supply item known to man....more

Welcome Back and Shop Announcement!

Hi and welcome back to my (most-neglected!) blog!  It's been a while since I came here and shared some photo and scrapbooking goodness, so thanks for stopping back in and checking things out. ...more

Creativity Overload - tips for staying focused

It seems like these days everyone you know is a creative master....more
Thanks for writing this. I am SO familiar with this stuff! Haha I am improving one step at the ...more