Playing with Beads and Wire

Like most writers I know, I have some issues about squeezing in the things I feel like I should be doing. Writing sometimes (ok, often!) gets added to the end of the list, instead of being #1, which would make me most happy. Born in a generation where duty came first, fun came second, if it came at all, there was not much time to Play. Our female role models, washed clothes on Mondays, ironed on Tuesdays and vacuumed on Wednesdays. And then vacuumed again before the weekend, if it needed it or not. Wow, those were the days!...more

Cactus Rock Garden DIY

Explore Shibori Dyeing! Kumo Dyeing a Silk Scarf

Gosh, I love playing with colors! Always have! And exploring the many various cloth, fiber and yarn dyeing techniques is a neverending fascination for me....more

DIY Gold Jewelry Bowls {Easy Gift Idea}

I have seen some darling jewelry bowls available for sale on some of my favorite flash sale sites, but when I found these little gold china bowls at Home Goods the other day I figured it would be crazy simple to just make a set for myself. And, since they came in a four-pack, I had enough to make one for Christy and one for Terry, too. ...more
Very chic and elegant.  I love the idea of these as gifts.  Thanks for sharing :)more

DIY- 60th Birthday Idea

A couple months ago we celebrated my dad's 60th birthday. I am still shocked that he is 60 and has all his children grown, married and with families. He is a wonderful Papa to every grandchild and loves them and protects them just as he did his own three daughters....more

DIY Glow in the Dark Window Clings

A few weeks ago, Echo from The Domain of a Mad Mommy, shared a wax paper painting craft.  It looked like so much fun that I immediately wanted ...more

DIY Dry/ Wet Erase Board

As a student & a teacher, back to school has always been a time of year that I’ve looked forward to & with a little guy at home as eager to learn as I am to teach, I don’t think that’s likely to change anytime soon. The start of a fresh new school year brings with it SUCH an excitement about the possibilities ahead – the learning, the friendships, the discoveries & the memories – there’s nothing more exciting than embarking on a new adventure!...more

Meeting the Girls - Part Four

Meeting the Girls – Part FourMy descent into Vintage Sewing Machine addiction. Meeting the Littles...more

The Bag Blog

Welcome to my world.  I make's my hobby, it's my business.  If you like to sew, but have never tried making a bag, you're going to love it!  Why?  Well, sewing is a great hobby.  It's creative, meditative...and you have the satisfaction of making something useful and different from anything mass produced and sold in most retail stores.  I've made clothes...blouses, pants....more

Our back to school landing zone

If you've been reading this blog awhile you are probably aware that I have organization issues. It even affects how I've filed the posts on my site. I am constantly researching to improve and learned about landing pages or landing zones recently.Apparently landing pages help organize a blog and bring search engine traffic to the right place.So I figured that a home entry way organization "landing page" would help organize our home and bring traffic to the right place too....more