DIY Important Date Wall Art

My DIY attempts usually stem from my misguided belief that I can do it better or cheaper myself. I admit that I never do it better, and my fails mean I only occasionally do it cheaper. However, sometimes I can’t find exactly what I want in stores or on Etsy, and that’s when I forget about my past fails and take the plunge into the DIY world again.This time it was a SUCCESS. A success that was cheaper than what I would have paid, and a success that was exactly what I wanted. And as my regular readers know, if I can do it you can do it....more

I Fell in Love with a Robotic Giraffe: BlogHer Goes to the White House Maker Faire

When I stepped onto the White House South Lawn today, I immediately fell deeply and completely in love with a 17-foot tall, motorized robotic giraffe.  I've met a lot of cool beings at the White House: the President, the First Lady... Bo.  But none compared to Lindsay Lawlor's robotic giraffe, especially once he made the electronic animal walk on his wheels. ...more

Our Dad Scrapbook layout

Although my dad has been gone for many years now, I wanted to make this page to honor him. These are some of my favorite photos. My parents engagement portrait and of his service in the Air Force. I wanted to choose a paper that was both vintage and formal in style.I hope that even if you can see your dad this Father's Day, You do something to honor his importance in your life...more

DIY Painted Flag Mason Jar

Fourth of July is probably my second favorite time of year (you know, after the fall/winter holiday season? :-)).  Something about the family BBQs, beautiful lights from the firework shows, and red, white, and blue EVERYWHERE!  I love it....more

DIY Enamel Dots for Crafts

While browsing around Facebook, I found a post about making your own enamel dots for crafting, card making, etc. It seemed simple enough … so I thought I'd give it a whirl. ...more
they look like candy!more

Easy Patriotic Wreath

It’s Herchel again from Scruggbug Corner with another quick and easy craft.  Though it seems like Memorial Day just passed, it’s already less than a month until July 4th.  My Easy Spring Wreath, the first one we’ve ever made, turned out...more

DIY Confetti Backdrop Tutorial

This year, I wanted to do something a little different for my kids' joint birthday parties, and after a few 2am brainstorming sessions with my best friend (blame it on nursing babies for us both), we came up with a new concept: Confetti! ...more
LOVE this!more

Sea Shell Wreath

I love beach decor; it creates a casual vibe with a fresh, airy, and comfortable feel. Wicker, raw wood, cotton rugs, white curtains, are just some of the elements that can brighten up any room.Sea shells, glass jars and drift wood are great for creating a rustic yet relaxed atmosphere.Materials needed for the sea shell wreath:grapevine wreathsea shells (The Dollar Store sells a large bag of sea shells)glue gunJust glue the sea shells to the wreath and hang it inside or outside. ...more

DIY Lamp Birdbath

Dude! You totally need a lamp birdbath. By the time I am through with y'all, there's going to be lamp birdbaths lighting up your hood! Bahahaha! Lighting. That's awesome. So here's what you need: Lamp. Drill. Bowl. Epoxy glue. And spray paint if you wish. First things first: Cut the cord. ...more
birdingbabe Could you just put less water in the bowl?more