How One Little Word Can Inspire Your Life

The One Little Word (OLW) project was started a few years ago by popular memory keeper, Ali Edwards. Instead of making New Years Resolutions she encourages you to choose a word that will help set an intention and tone for your year.I first joined the community in 2011. That first year my word was Intention, 2012 was Nurture, in 2013 Enjoy, 2014 was Choose and in 2015…...more
SuePierce Pick a word its not too late =) In fact, mid-year is a great time to reflect and to ...more

I'm new to blogging; time to get my feet wet so this is my first post. (My hand made pottery is the dominant topic.)

As often happens when online, I clicked through a series of interesting links and today they brought me to BlogHer and then to SheKnows, both of which were unknown to me....more
Denise Hello, Denise. :) I was about to give up in frustration and decided to come and give it ...more

Jellyfish Ribbon Sculpture/ Bow Tutorial

I just love making things and being the mother of two little girls, my latest addiction is hair bows. We live in Kauai so the girls love all things nautical, especially mermaids. I saw the cutest jellyfish hair clip on Pinterest but could not find a tutorial. Therefore, I decided to create my own.  ...more

Making Room for Mess

This is what my dining room table has looked like the past three days. See the basket? It was stuffed with pictures, awards, drawings and the like. You are witnessing the beginning of my latest project. Turning pictures into treasures....more

Summer Crafts for Kids – DIY Pinwheels

We've made DIY pinwheels for a few summers in a row now. They are an easy summer craft to make with children. Big pinwheels, like one Sola is holding above, make cute summer decorations, while smaller pinwheels are fun for kids to run around with....more

More naptime making and interruptions!

Well, it looks like all these "Naptime Collages" might become a series since I keep making them! I've even toyed with recording myself making one until I realized how many times I have to stop and check in on one of my sleeping kiddos....more

My process: quilting with paper

So, I thought I would talk a little bit about my process today. Specifically, how I select the papers I use in a particular collage. Most of the papers I use come from magazines because they are convenient and are otherwise headed to the recycling bin! My stash isn't too big, but I do have the goal in the back of my head that I should try to use it all up by the end of the year. This helps me avoid hanging on to "favorite" pieces or treating them as precious....more

How to Make Mason Jar Margarita Bridal Shower Favors

Last Sunday we kicked off our “summer of wedding fun” with a bridal shower honoring our daughter, the bride-to-be, Kate and her fiance, Chris, at River Bar in Assembly Row in Somerville....more
great idea :Dmore

Natural Beauty | Mindful Scrapbooking

This week we're on vacation in Big Sur. It will be our first time up there with our daughters. I'm really looking forward to showing them some of our favorite places and some of the places I remember only from pictures....more

DIY Disney Castle T-shirt

Disney Castle Shirt This DIY Disney shirt technique was so fun and easy to do....more