Great Gift Ideas for Planner Lovers

Take a look at your holiday gift list, does someone on that list love planners? If so, you're one lucky person. ...more
life8oh2  You need new friends, hahaha. ;-)more

How to Make DIY Burlap Wall Art for Fall

Time is precious. I divy up my time between the kids, school, the gym, and working from home. I don't have time to spend shopping for the perfect home decor pieces. That's why I love stenciled burlap wall art. I tend to gravitate towards the rustic, country, and farmhouse styles in home decor. Once upon a time, I wanted to grow up to be a manufacturer of dishes and home decor pieces. The name that I chose for my imaginary business was Simply Elegant.   ...more
Cute. When I was a kid, the den walls were covered in burlap.more

How To Waterproof Butcher Block Countertops

Last spring we did a mini remodel of our kitchen. We installed a subway tile backsplash, a new faucet, and butcher block countertops. We also replaced some appliances that weren't working: a microwave with a broken vent fan and door handle, and an oven that would occasionally decide not turn on. ...more
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How to Keep Bed bugs at bay

Bedbugs aren't just a "city problem": These skeevy skinsuckers have been infesting homes and businesses EVERYWHERE -- all across the country! With a prime hotel/rental vacation week just around the corner (Labor Day weekend!), we asked research entomologist Jeff White from Bedbug Central to educate us on the finer points of bedbug prevention....more

What's in a Bugout Bag

There’s a name for the survival sack that you take with you outdoors in the event of survival emergency: bugout bag.Let’s start with the key components to net a three-day survival:...more

Birthday Freebies

 It’s no secret that my birthday was last month. It feels so long ago already! And before you ask, the answer is no, I didn’t save you a slice of the Skor cake in the freezer.  :)...more

LSR at Home.

First up, happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are all enjoying the holiday with good people, and eating your weight in turkey + pie....more

flower power

Turn the clock back nine months to February 27th, 2015. Here in Toronto, it was beginning to feel as if winter would never end. Temperatures hovered around minus 25 Celsius, snow and slush lined the roads, sidewalks were slick with ice....more

Holiday Gift Guide for Gardeners

*This blog post was written without any affiliation with any brands listed. It is simply a gift giving guide if you’re looking for a gift for a gardening lover....more

Thanksgiving Entrance Revisited

Thanksgiving Entrance RevisitedNOVEMBER 25, 2015 by MARY ALVAREZ filed under: DECORATING AND INSPIRATIONS, FEATURED POST RIGHT...more

Green tomatoes

It’s nearly December and I’ve just divested my tomato plants of their final fruits. This is indicative of so many things: stupidly warm California weather, lazy gardening, and late fall garden planting, to name a few.Now I’ve got give pounds of mostly green tomatoes to deal with. I’m considering pickling or roasting. Any recipe suggestions?...more