What I Learned From Dirt

I am practicing patience this week. Today a sunny, early spring day (we are off to a slow start in the notheast!), I headed straight to my garden. ...more
Your labor from your garden is worth it.more

How to Plant a No-Fail Container Garden

Do you want to make simple, easy container gardens that wow? I am often complimented on my flower containers and asked about how to make them....more
AmyGreene Hi Amy, Yes, I love looking at all of the flowers on porches in my neighborhood.more

10 Reasons Why I Love Gardening

I live in a climate where I garden year-round. This can be both exhausting and rewarding, so my trusty Felcos never get a rest!...more
Nothing like vegetables straight from the garden! gfrannypants My father was a farmer & my ...more

10 Budget-Friendly Ways To Home Decoration

Pretty Sweet Home… not a lot of time to decorate? Use these 10 simple budget-friendly craft ideas that made you smile. http://www.homedesigndiy.com/10-budget-friendly-ways-to-home-decoration/...more

Sun lovers

It felt like a near-death experience. Me. Turbo kickboxing after eight months away. Burning chest, raspy breathing, nausea. And my chipper instructor was happily babbling about the weather. While I glared, I somehow absorbed her information: Low 90s this weekend. No way! Too soon.But it's almost June and in Sacramento that spells summer heat.The only thing good about it? The (five month) burst of hot sun will be fabulous for my burgeoning tomato garden....more

How to hang 4 to 6 skirts on 1 hanger

Organize and save lots of space in your closet using space saving hangers.   ...more

How to: A simple table setting with DIY watercolor napkins

 Remember when I told you about my idea to use our wedding china as our everyday tableware? Well, for the past few weeks we've been doing just that, alongside a few extra additions to the table setting, and I couldn't be happier with the results. For such a small change, it really makes quite an impact on our small apartment.Months ago, I was inspired by none other than the amazing Minted.com which provided a tutorial for bright and beautiful watercolor linens. ...more

Powder Room Makeover

I want to use this blog to also talk about our most recent purchase - a lake house in Wisconsin.  It had always been our dream to purchase an old home and completely renovate it.  I know many people want the "turn-key" ready house, but to me, that's boring.  I wanted something we could really leave our imprint on and add in our own personal touch.  Well, this house has proved to be nothing short of a place that we can make our own...and by that I mean, literally every square inch of the house needs work....more

Academy Street homes in Mooresville are full of character and charm


DIY Upholstered Headboard for Under $150!

Have you seen how much an upholstered headboard costs? It is insane. They range from $400-$1500, which is far more than I was planning to spend when searching for one. So, I decided to make my own…and I am pretty thrilled with how it turned out....more