How to Embroider Your Monogram With Beads

I wanted to make some embroidery work for a while, so I finally bit the bullet and I was able to create my first bead embroidery project. Although the design changed a little due to time constraints, I’m still super happy with the result. Here’s how I made my last name initial "A" with bead embroidery....more
Cool! Love the way it looks and great directions & pics.more

How To Hem Your Pants With A Blind Hem Stitch

This weekend, I finally got to crack out my sewing machine! First mission ... to hem a pair of white linen pants that I bought months ago. I still haven't worn them because they are 2" too long....more
Thanks for sharing!!! Your pictures and tutorials are excellent and easy to follow :)more

How to Sew a Hooded Bath Towel

A hooded bath towel is for a baby, right? When my kids were little, one of the things I loved the most was wrapping them up in a nice big fluffy baby towel that had a hood on it and getting them dry after their baths. ...more
So cute!more

How to Contact me for Foto Instructions

Marianne of MauiAfter I got finished with the last blog, I thought: Hey what if someone really cannot find me? So here's my email address~~  Please no dirty spams, like I got this morning. Just serious students need apply! Hope to meet new students soon!...more

The Next Chapter in "How to Make a Marianne Quilt"

Marianne of MauiHere I am today, the second day of my new venue. Unfortunately, to my dismay, I am unable to post the fotos to go with my quilt that will elucidate the process.  You can contact me, and I will send you the instructional fotos, as no cost, of course. And you can see the quilt, as up close and personal as you can get via the fotos on ebay and etsy. My handle is the same, and you can just google marianne of maui and it will lead you to my listings where you can scan through and see the quilts....more

Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Volume 12 Blog Tour

Yippee!! This is my very first time in the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Blog Tour. The magazine hits newsstands today! I love 100 Block's magazine.  I think I have them all LOL.  Having 100 designs in each issue, there is definitely something for everyone.  Every technique you can think of and something for every level of quilter. ...more

Crocheted Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Countdown at the time I started this post earlier today:38 DAYS12 HOURS26 MINUTES10 SECONDSFor your own Customized countdown, go to this link - to Gift Ideas...more

Fabric Fanatic, NaBloPoMo Day 15

"Fabric Fanatic"...more

THUNDER BAY Brings Homemade Gift Ideas That Charm!

Thunder Bay has just won my heart and my urge to constantly be creating bringing several projects that are perfect for the holiday season. By expanding its crochet titles, I want to share with you the new projects and that I have taken on! Let’s start with the PEANUTS CROCHET kit that includes five colors of yarn, two mental crochet hooks, stuffing, tapestry needle and embroidery threat. Now what will you be creating with this? Well Charlie Brown of course but you won't be stopping with this iconic character. There is enough material to also create Snoopy and Woodstock. ...more

Crocheting the Sky September 2015

Here are the granny squares for the month of September 2015.  Crocheting the sky above me a year long project.Click here to see more...more

november post 7: who knows where the time goes?

photo ©gale zucker 2015 - all rights reserved...more

Crocheting the Sky August 2015

The summer was very busy and the fall even more so thus I am months behind in my Crocheting the sky project.  Every day I take a picture of the sky and crochet a row.  Each granny square has 7 rows and on December 31, 2015 I will have 52 blocks.What does the sky above you look like?...more