Sketchbook Updates

This past weekend was a lazy one. Ada came down with the stomach flu. BOO! And it knocked her out on the couch for 2 days. We rescheduled our monthly family outing. We were planning on going to an indoor water park! BOO! But laid low instead. We cuddled, watched way too much TV and movies and washed our hands A LOT. ...more
Awesome. You're making me want to get up and paint.more

Coastal New England Engagements | Salem, MA

 We love coastal New England engagements! The weather can be difficult to predict in the month of December, but on this particular day it was crisp and cold, and lots of fun! Megan and Ryan live in Boston, and met us in Salem, MA, for an engagement session on a Sunday morning in December. It was certainly chilly, but in places where the wind was calm, it wasn't as bad.  The light, however, was really nice, to which we, of course, give high marks. We could not be more pleased with the outcome!...more

How to Make a DIY Photography Lightbox

I found this on Pinterest a few months ago and have wanted to make one since then. Today was finally that day!...more
THANK YOU! You're a genius. :)more

The Beauty of Birth Photography

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when birth photography is mentioned? Is it "ew, yuck!" or "I wish I had photos of my baby's births"?I am a proud member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers, a group of photographers just as passionate as I am about birth photography. They recently hosted their annual Photo of the Year competition which highlighted some amazing birth photos....more

MM - Valiant visitors

The epic battle between Elsa and Mab for title of "Queen of the Winter that closed Dunkins" continues here in New Hampshire, and all signs point to spring ...more


The little lime tree that I planted three years ago teased me last year with its blossoms that never came to fruition. Soon after I saw them, we had a significant windstorm that blew them all off. This year I have high hopes that I will see fruit, however, partly because I have been tending to the tree more, and partly because there are many more blossoms than I saw last year, along with considerable new growth showing....more

Capture Your Life - Book Review

I recently had the opportunity to review a book on photography from a great blogger, Cole Nemeth of Peace and Chaos....more

Winter rolls over to spring

It was as if Winter had woken up, and rolled over in it's bed.Neatly folding back the white quilted blanket it uses, and exposing parts of Spring underneath all of that snow....more

Moving Snow Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday a series of three photographs on how we move snow in Ontario CanadaClick here ...more