Wordless Wednesday - Lilies

Lilies of Jacksonville IllinoisA series of three photographsClick here  ...more

My new Canon EOS Rebel t5- Some of my first photos

I have been dreaming of the day when I could get a new camera, and that day came recently. ...more

Wordless Wednesday - Wild Daisies

Wordless Wednesday a series of three photographs onWild Daisies Click here to see all three photographs...more

How to Create Quality Videos Using Only Your SmartPhone

Beautifully shot videos with a GoPro or DSLR are all the rage these days. But what if you only have your SmartPhone on hand and still want a beautifully shot keepsake video? Not to worry! ...more

The Humble Photographer

We all remember school picture day and how our mothers cajoled us into wearing that hideous dress just for Grandma, or restrained our bangs that we had purposely left to dance upon our eyelashes. Then, we repeated the motherly routine with our own children, fussing over their collars, bribing them to wear the cute headband and admonishing them to smile -- or else! Did we ever consider the person behind the camera?...more

Wordless Wednesday - The Soccer Game

Wordless Wednesday A series of four photographsThe Soccer GameClick here to see all four...more

7 Tips to Nail Your Own Headshot

In this age of social media and blogging, everyone should have at least one great headshot. Throw it on your blog, your Facebook account, your Twitter avatar, your LinkedIn profile: anywhere people want to connect a face to the name. ...more
Love your hair!more

Time-saving Memory Card Import Process

It wasn't too long ago that coming in from a wedding late Saturday night, or often even in the wee hours of Sunday morning, meant there was a stack (sometimes as many as 16) of memory cards to import and back up. These cards were generally, at the time, 8GB size. Using an external card reader, which connected via USB 2.0, was pretty much state-of-the-art. This meant waiting as much as 20 minutes for a nearly full card to transfer, then on to the next one. I recall being exhausted at the end of a 16-hour day and napping while each card downloaded....more

It was only a matter of time

Yesterday, I discovered one of my photos was used without permission or credit. While this is technically a violation of the copyright, it isn't a huge offense because the photo isn't being used for monetary gain. How I realized it is almost embarrassing to admit....more