Closing In

Getting close to a subject can have beautiful results.  With a close focus, no matter what you do with your aperture, you will have a shallow depth of field that can make the subject really pop.  It can also give you beautiful bokeh, those indistinct, fuzzy spots of light in the background....more

Today's everyday poetry: Of birds and moths

What a summer! So far we've seen three Luna moths (they are apparently quite common but it is nevertheless considered rare to see one), and today this.We think it's an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. I don't remember seeing any like that before. It's quite pretty. But there's more wildlife poetry. Literally, I mean....more

Wordless Wednesday - A Nesting Bald Eagle

Wordless Wednesday series of three photographs of Eagles nesting in captivity.A mating pair of eagles who were rescued and in a bird sanctuaryClick here to see all three ...more

Look who's finally opened up!

Yay flower!  ...more

Stopping to Smell the Rose, Istanbul Style {Peregrine Paris Photo}

Stopping to Smell the Rose, Istanbul Style © 2015 Chantal-Hélène "Chant" WagnerOne of my most joyful photographic moments in Istanbul came when I spotted a father not only stopping in his tracks to bends low in order to smell a luscious red rose at Topkapı palace but also picking his daughter from her stroller to get closer to the bloom to do the same......more

Hiking & Waterfalls

If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know how much we enjoy the outdoors, visiting the mountains and forests, playing, and otherwise adventuring. Nothing has changed since pregnancy. If anything, we have been itching to do more. Afterall, it is summer, so the days are longer, the adventures bright and colorful, plus spending time in the coolness of water can't ever be beat! Besides, what better way for Baby to be introduced to our way of adventuring than while in the womb?...more

Today's everyday poetry: colourful laundry in the sun

Today: colourful towels drying in the sun. All is well.  ...more

Carpe diem (also the paint brush)

It's the dog's fault. He woke me up at 4 am, because he suddenly had to go. So, since I was awake and since my alarm was set for 4:38 anyway, I decided to carpe the early diem. I was out jogging and back by 5:30, with my early chores done and a sleepy house all to myself. Egad. Time to work! I decided to carpe the paint brush and do 45 minutes of staining the fence. (This is a job that never ends because the more you stain the longer the fence stretches. But I keep at it.)...more

The High Line Park: Abandoned Railway Re-Purposed

One of my favorite parks to visit in the city is the High Line Park in the chic Meatpacking neighborhood, made internationally famous by Sex and the City, art galleries, couture shops, exclusive clubs and swanky restaurants. (I used the word swanky, hilarious! )...more