Capturing Fireworks: Long-Exposure Photography

One of my fondest childhood memories involve our small Texas town's all-day 4th of July activities at the ballpark. It seemed like everyone drove the dusty road that dead ended into the baseball fields for the celebrations. Baseball, three-legged races, watermelon seed spitting contests—there was always lots to do. As the sun went down, everyone, with their sun-kissed faces, made their way to watch the fireworks show....more
Thanks for this timely post!  I am an “auto-shoot” photographer - but tonight I am going to ...more

why i scrapbook and why you should too

i must admit i am addicted to photography and paper and pretty things so this isn't a giant leap for me. scrapbooking is enjoyable for me because it is a culmination of my passions along with preserving family photos which becomes a lasting legacy....more

Photo A Day Challenge - June 17-30, 2014

The June Photo A Day Challenge is now complete! I've had great fun as always, but the cherry on top of my picture taking this month was having my June 21st photo (Here I am) chosen as one of the "Awesome 18" on the FMS Photo A Day Facebook Group. That totally made my day! :) ...more

Weekend Photo Hunt ((portrait & skies) Since part of last week photo hunt theme was selfie so close to portrait. So I decided di

  PAPER and or SUNSET will be next weekend themesSince part of last week photo hunt theme was selfie so close to ...more

Tips for better black and white pictures

This is a post for those of you who love black and white pictures, but don't have photoshop.  No photoshop?...more

The Critical Question: To Shoot or not to Shoot

    Travellers and tourists love to take pictures to document their travels and take back memories of the richness of their experiences and share them with their families, friends and audiences. The more I travel, the more I see examples of insensitivity in click-happy tourists. Sure, we all have our moments of absolute certainty that we could be the next National Geographic photographers, and so we absolutely must take that one ‘heart warming’ picture....more

Photo Friday: Green

The other day while my houseguests and I were touring the neighbourhood, we spent some time taking photos of a gorgeous ivy-covered landmark - the old Walker Power Plant - not far from my house. When I saw today's Photo Friday prompt - "Green" - I knew right away which picture I wanted to highlight! I think it's wonderful the way nature has taken over and made something beautiful from a dilapidated ruin. ...more

Moslty Unedited Week in Review - 6/25/14

It's very simple. A collection of pictures that have had no image editing (watermarking is ok!). Maybe a short story or description of events depicted, but not necessary. I created this project as a way to further document and share our life as we breathe it in the present.Without further ado, our Week in Review...more

Monday Memories

Sorry that this is late again. I still haven't figured out about uploading pics from my phone...because honestly I haven't had time to research it. Any of you know how if you are using the WordPress app?! What a HOT week! Holy cow, the summer is here! Hope you're staying cool wherever you are. We had a good week and a fun weekend with friends....more