Two Simple Tools That Will Advance Your Phone Photography

Now that you’ve learned the basics of iPhone photography (and you know that the best camera you have is the one you have with you), let’s talk about some of the more advanced and fun tools you can use to up your iPhoneography game....more

School's out for summer!

Plus or minus 700 pages of grading in the last week. This teacher is tired and SO EXCITED FOR SUMMER!...more

Sacramento at 1,200 feet

Classes at Sac State ended yesterday. I should've spent the day grading papers but knocking around at 1,200 feet sounded so much more fun.Nothing like a nice long flying lesson on a breezy day......more

Photo: Color

The Uniqlo store interior in San Francisco. Rainbow Stairs!What fun colorful things have you found lately? Let me know in the comments!Thanks for reading!Ciao! Paula ...more

How to Take the Awkward Out of Pictures

Getting your picture taken is awkward. I won’t try to deny that. Did you know they don’t have to be? What if I told you they can be fun?One major reason people don’t like to be in a photo is because they are self-conscious. Sure, even the super models have body parts they wish were different. What we see in a magazine isn’t even true to real life so please don’t compare yourself to any of them. Want to know how to get around this? Let your personality shine in the photo. Are you loud and exuberant? Are you more quiet and serious?...more

WW - Protective stones

I spent a huge chunk of today convinced it was Thursday. Hubby worked overtime on Tuesday (his work week usually starts on Wednesday), and it completely threw me for a loop. But somehow I managed to put together a quick graphic for today, inspired by a post on The Smart Witch Facebook group. Take that, Mercury Retrograde! *grin* ~Traci...more

Wordless Wednesday - Black Capped Chickadees

Today's Wordless Wednesdayis a series of three photographs onBlack Capped ChickadeesClick here...more

PicMonkey vs. Photoshop Elements: Basic Photo Editing Tools & When To Use Them

So. You've got your DSLR, you've begun to try your hand at shooting in manual mode, and now you have all sorts of wonderful pictures to use. The only problem is they all need a little bit of tweaking. ...more
I never tried photoshop elements? Hmm. I guess I should give them a shot. Right now, I'm using ...more

Photo: Drama

The old reflected in the new. Completed in 1905, the James R. Browning United States Courthouse reflected in the windows of the modern San Francisco Federal building, completed in 2007....more

Photo: Vintage

Beautiful tile work on the steps of an historic downtown Oakland building, The Claridge Hotel.What historic buildings are in your town? Let me know in the comments!Thanks for reading!Ciao! Paula...more