Honey Lemon Skin Brightening Mask

As I get older, I have started noticing a dramatic change in my skin. What was once bright, smooth, and supple is now flat, laden with issues, and covered in sun spots. I am all about organic everything, so after a bit of searching, I found this amazing mask. ...more
Can you store this for any amount of time in the fridge? I made this last night, used it, but ...more

How to Keep Your Wrap Dress From Showing Too Much

Wrap dresses are super flattering, especially for us curvy girls with boobs and hips. However, they also fly open like they’re advertising your goodies for sale. Here's how to fix it. ...more
Yay! I have ginormous boobs and am constantly having to pin and adjust wrap dresses. Totally ...more

Marbleized Metallic Fabric T-Shirt ... Made With Shaving Cream!

This summer, I'm seeing all things marbled popping up as a craft trend. I've mainly seen it in paper and on silk scarves. Recently, I gave this trend a whirl on a T-shirt, using shaving cream and fabric paint. You read me right, shaving cream! ...more

Upcycled Tween Bedroom Design

Room Makeover Design Process Watch our time lapsed video of the room makeover, from kid room to tween Mecca here....more

Second-Hand Style Profile: Lauren Conrad

I just love Lauren Conrad's chic, sophisticated, California-girl style! Find out how I get it for less in this week's Second-Hand Style Profile... inspiration: Ms. Lauren Conrad!Click Here for full post on Sensibly Sustainable.♥ Sarah ...more


I love a good project and sometimes that little project comes out of a can of gold spray paint and a worn bedside table....more

Fashion DIY ring inspired by Dior!

Read more www.themorasmoothie.com ...more

DIY Concrete Countertops

When we first purchased our home we knew we wanted to make concrete countertops. At first we were even contemplating putting them into the kitchen. But then we decided being we had never made them before we better start out with a smaller project, so we opted for our Master Bathroom....more

Make-Up Tips for Women Who Want to Look Gorgeous

(Image Credit: FrenzyofNoise.net)...more

Frozen Themed Birthday Morning Surprise

Come visit me on my blog, follow on social media and here on Blogher! It'll be a lot of fun! :)...more

Fashion DIY shoes inspired by Pierre Hardy!

Read more about my new #fashion #DIY on my blog www.themorasmoothi.com ...more

How to tuft/button your cushions

Hi guys! I wanted to share a super easy DIY project that I did on our Ikea Karlstad Sectional this past weekend. And by easy, I mean it took me about 20 minutes to complete the project, but it made a pretty big impact to our sofa....more