More Than TV: Robert Durst and The Real Life Murder of My Friend Susan Berman

Robert Durst is linked to three deaths, and he had the chutzpah to pitch a television show about being suspected of getting away with murder. He was rewarded with a six-part documentary airing this month on HBO. Half of the episodes of The Jinx have ...more

Women Over 40 Scored at the Academy Awards

In an industry that promotes irreparably broken standards that equate women's beauty and power with youth, a very welcome and unofficial celebration of women over 40 emerged during this year's Academy Awards ceremony. In a night full of meaningful ...more

10 Black Women Writers to Read for Black History Month

Beyond America's beloved Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, Alice Walker, Audre Lourde, Zora Neale Hurston, Gwendolyn Brooks and Octavia Butler or other such notable Negress author names who have had cultural resurgences and media prominence through the ...more

'American Sniper' and the Ethics of War as Entertainment

"Most of America is tired of hearing about Iraq. But now, they're at least open to being entertained by it."—Paul Rieckhoff, Iraq War veteran and activist, in a Variety guest column ...more

Let's Give Jon Stewart's Desk to Sam and Jessica

When one door closes, it's tempting to jump out a window. And after Jon Stewart surprised us with his resignation from The Daily Show this week, I was considering it. But wait! Before we give up hope, let's consider this. His seat behind the ...more

Here's How ‘Allegiance’ is Totally Different from ‘The Americans’

At first glance, NBC’s Allegiance looks to be a painfully obvious rip-off of the FX hit, The Americans. Both feature a seemingly perfect, all-American family, Mom, Dad, older daughter, younger son – except Mom and Dad also happen to be Russian spies. ...more

Spock Was My Touchstone in the Loneliness and Confusion of Growing Up with Asperger's

Leonard Nimoy passed away on Friday, February 26th. From all accounts, Mr. Nimoy was an excellent human being and will be sorely missed. However, it is the loss of Mr. Spock that I grieved for. ...more
As long as there are recordings, Spock is never dead. And although Zach Quinto isn't quite the ...more

Celebrating Dr. Seuss Is for Grown Ups, Too!

This is just small sampling of books I own. Image: Pauline Baird Jones Today is Read Across America Day! It’s a national reading celebration that takes place each year on Dr. Seuss’s birthday. While it’s focused on getting young people to read, I never pass up a reason to celebrate books and reading. ...more

The Jinx, Episodes 3 & 4. The Durst Verdict: results not typical

www.sagemosaicart.comI hope the professional investigators watching he Jinx with the hope of getting enough on Robert Durst to bring him to trial succeed. I, too, am looking at the HBO series for clues, but just as an unaccredited wannabe Durstbuster....more

The Durst Acquittal: results not typical I hope the professional investigators watching <em>The Jinx</em> with the hope of getting enough on Robert Durst to bring him to trial succeed. I, too, am looking at the HBO series for clues, but just as an unaccredited wannabe Durstbuster....more

SETTV Readies Aim High Successor Friday Drama Starring Danson Tang and Ivelyn Lee

I’m sooooo happy there is finally an end date in sight for Friday night SETTV idol drama Aim High. The title is just ripe for skewering considering it did the opposite of that, calling it Aim So Low or Aim … Continue reading → ...more

Boston Bibliophile Interviews Zac Bissonnette, Author of THE GREAT BEANIE BABY BUBBLE

What inspired you to tackle Beanie Babies and Ty? What was it about these adorable little plushes you just couldn’t resist? I was in elementary and middle school when they were popular ....more

Sling Tv and Amazon Fire Stick

I was browsing on Amazon and saw that they had their fire stick on sale, and if you purchased a three month subscription to Sling TV run by Dish Network that you could pay nothing for the Fire Stick or get a discount off the Fire Box.It sounded like a deal and I wanted to try out the Fire Stick vs my Roku. I signed up for Sling at a cost of $59.99 for three months. I winced that this 12 channel selection cost $20 a month but assumed that perhaps it would be worth it for the channels gained....more

Flash! Readathon! #FlashReadathon!

Me and my big mouth. I mentioned needing a Readathon on Facebook and next thing you know, we’re having a Flash Readathon this weekend. You’re welcome ....more

How to feed the familia quickly so you can get back to your running

Getting food on the table on a daily basis is a struggle in and of itself. Add the challenge of getting it done, plus squeezing in a run or workout and, well, something’s gotta give and often it’s the exercise.Let’s stipulate that we’re all very, very busy.That’s where I come in. In the interest of full disclosure, this chica is blessed that her kids’ abuela makes dinner on weeknights....more

You Don’t Have to be a Best-Selling Author to be a Writer

by Deborah Nielsen (guest columnist) A lot of us, when we think of a writer, think Writer = Best-Selling Author. defines a writer as “a person who commits his or her thoughts, ideas, etc. to writing.” Using this definition, anyone who writes, whether for their own enjoyment or for publication, is a writer ....more

REVIEW: Sabotaged by Dani Pettrey

Sabotaged (Alaskan Courage Series #5) by Dani Pettrey Publisher: Bethany House Release Date: Feb. 3, 2015 Genres: Christian, Contemporary, Romance, Mystery, Suspense Pages: 336 Buy at: Amazon, CBD, B&N Add on: Goodreads Find the author at: website, Facebook, Twitter Finally returned home, Reef McKenna finds his beloved Alaska facing its greatest threat. Growing up, goody-two-shoes Kirra Jacobs and troublemaker Reef McKenna were always at odds ....more