Preparing to Say Goodbye to the Bravermans

My dear, kind and loving fans of Parenthood. I'm worried about us all. Are you okay after the "We Made It Through the Night" episode? Have you stopped weeping yet? Here, just sit still on this luncheonette stool for a moment, dry your eyes with this ...more

Again? Why Do TV Shows Kill Off Every Lesbian Character?

Warning: Last Tango in Halifax spoilers.I write about pop culture on my blog at Old Aint Dead. One of the TV shows I love and spend time recapping is Last Tango in Halifax. I normally love everything about this BBC series. I love the old people ...more

Wild Hip Hop Primetime Soap Opera Started as a Hot Mess But It's Getter Better

I was excited just like anyone else when FOX decided to launch a new show with a diverse cast. Set in the worlds of hip hop, drugs, and centered on the African American community, Empire premiered with amazing ratings.  But after viewing ...more

We All Lost When Ava Duvernay Was Snubbed

Hey there, what are your weekend plans? I'd like to propose that you hijack them and direct a few hours of your time where you will be immensely rewarded in personal and political ways. Go see Selma. President Obama's doing it, and you should too. ...more

Would You Try a BDSM Scene From '50 Shades of Grey'?

While many of my friends binge-read Fifty Shades of Grey, pausing long enough to cook up a box of organic mac and cheese for their kids’ dinner, up until now, I'd only managed a handful of pages before tears of laughter blurred out the words. I’m no ...more

I Was Wrong About the Asperger's Storyline on 'Parenthood'

Dear Ron, Jason, all the writers and every member of the cast of Parenthood: I’m sorry. I owe all of you an apology. A big one. Back when your new show Parenthood premiered (how could that have been six seasons ago? seems like forever, yet not long enough) I underestimated you. ...more
I've never seen the show, but it sounds worth watching!more

My Daughter Asks Why 'American Idol' Contestants Are Judged on Their Looks

On Saturday night I let the kids stay up a little later. We were all kind of lazy and didn't feel like playing a game so we thought we might watch a movie. But it was past 8:30 p.m. and too late to start a movie, so instead I decided to check out the DVR to see what we had waiting for us. ...more

AHS Freak Show: Was it Good for You?

When I originally wrote about the season premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show, I had no idea how wrong I would actually be about the storyline, about the characters —basically about the entire season. ...more

Spy: Episode 7

For a world where the stakes are so high for the characters that inhabit it, the current level of danger they all face is surprisingly low. It’s not like the safe delivery of one handsome secret agent will influence the already tense North-South relations or anything, right? As we learn more about Yoon-jin’s past in this episode, it turns out that the women in Sun-woo’s life share common ground with each other when it comes to Sun-woo’s safety and well-being ....more

Sunday Salon: January 2015 Reading Wrap Up!

January! You most definitely did not suck! Station Eleven, by Emily St ....more

Confession: I Love Morbid Comics

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Filming Starts on the Kim Hye Ja Lead Female-centric K-drama Unkind Women

Those bemoaning that the K-drama landscape is a wasteland of no good roles and stories for women might have be seeing a shining beacon of hope soon. Filming is underway for the upcoming Wed-Thurs KBS drama called Unkind Women which … Continue reading → ...more

All About That Drum and Horns

I am nothing if not a devoted fan. Back in 2007, I saw a fairly new 11-piece group called No BS Brass Band and fell in love with their ten horns and a drummer audio onslaught. A webcast producer at the time, I wasted no time in inviting them into the studio to play for a show. My rationale was purely selfish; I wanted to see them in what amounted to a private show for me and my staff. From there, it snowballed and I rarely missed an opportunity to catch them playing where ever that might be, including a street corner downtown during lunch hour....more

Meal Plan Sunday

Sunday – Super Bowl Party!!! I’m making gluten free sausage balls. Hopefully they will be as good as glutened ones ....more

Odds and Ends: Play ball

javabeans: So, are you watching The Big Game this weekend? girlfriday: Is that a new drama? Why haven’t I heard about it? ...more

Preview for Episode 5 of Hyde, Jekyll, Me Finally Shows Potential and Spark

I’m feeling pretty optimistic now that the first four episodes of Hyde, Jekyll, Me are done and I’ve vented my disappointment. The preview for episode 5 is the first time I’ve gotten excited about what’s to come, it genuinely looks … Continue reading → ...more

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him & Her

 Today on my blog, I'm sharing a Valentine's Day gift guide for both women and men! Check it out here!...more

Kolorful Palette: Perfect pair [Healer]

I’ve been out of town for a few weeks, but I told myself very sternly that when I got back I would make sure to check out all the new dramas. Of course I did the sensible thing and caught up on Healer instead. I’m happy to say I have no regrets about my decision (or my inability to act on my decision, which I suppose is more accurate) ....more