Chatting with Margaret Cho About Clinton v. Sanders and More

Margaret Cho, the multi-talented comedian/actress/author/designer/singer-songwriter, is putting on her standup comedy hat once again.“There’s no ‘I’ in team, but there’s a Cho in The PsyCHO Tour,” is the cheery slogan for Margaret Cho’s current tour, ...more

'American Horror Story: Hotel" Is Way Too Gross For Me

The creeptastic anthology American Horror Story has been always been a cringefest. It's certainly not for everyone and can crash and burn more than once in a season, but overall it usually offers provocation mixed with inventive stories, ...more

10 Excellent Chapter Books For Young Readers

There are no words to express the joy we felt when our 6-year-old son learned how to read on his own last year. Books have always been important in this house. (With a writer mother and an editor father, it's no surprise.) The Youngster has been read ...more

Quantico: The First 8 Minutes Offers a Look at an Exciting New TV Star

I've been ready to watch Quantico from the first preview because of the interesting lead actress playing Alex Parrish. Now that ABC released a teaser showing the first 8 minutes, I'm even more sure I'm going to love this show. It's about a class of ...more

Amazon's ‘The Man In the High Castle’ Makes Us Think About Racism, Anti-Semitism and Fascism in America

The good news is, if the Axis powers had actually won World War II as posited in Amazon’s new series, The Man In the High Castle, it wouldn’t affect my life much. The bad news is that’s because I’d be dead. Well, technically, unborn. ...more

How to Write a Hallmark Holiday Movie in 5 Easy Steps

I adore Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. I adore Christmas. Let's just say, I could be a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. In fact, if I were an actor, all I would do is Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. Image via Hallmark Channel ...more
This is hilarious!  I like the Hallmark Christmas movies...but my husband LOVES them... I've ...more

5 Ways 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Got Me Thinking About Cross-Cultural Thanksgivings

Recently, I watched the new CW show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which features Rebecca, a Jewish American woman visiting her ex-boyfriend Josh’s extended Filipino American family for Thanksgiving. While it’s completely over-the-top (the hip-hop video segment!), it was hilarious....more
Laura Kosloff Thanks for chiming in! I'm glad it makes sense.more

Damn you, December

I don’t want to come across as a misery, or lacking in Christmas cheer. I like a mince pie and a sweet sherry as much as the next person, but I have a question…Where the fuck did 2015 go?Once again, I find myself standing in my kitchen, hands on hips, staring in indignation at the calendar, thinking ‘Really? Is that it 2015? Is that all you’ve got for me, you fast-moving bastard.’ ...more

Runecasting: Higher Self Influences

I like a nice pattern to develop when laying out runes I’ve drawn. I begin with a significator and then interpret the influences surrounding that rune. In this runecasting, Hagalaz, the rune of destruction and transformation, is significator, influenced by Eihwaz, Ingwaz and Wunjo positioned above.Hagalaz, a Water Element rune, suggests a protective influence. Also a witch rune, Hagalaz facilitates hedgeriding and shamanic journeying. Destruction before transformation, Hagalaz explodes into awareness like a hail storm suddenly followed by quiet presence....more

November Reads + A Month of Favorites

You guys. November. It is over ....more

Shop For Good - DIFFA Gift For Life Pop Up Shop

Jonathan AdlerDIFFA, (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) is making New York City a hopeful place to sh...more

Win GRACE OF MONACO For Your Home Library!

GRACE OF MONACO will be released on DVD by Anchor Bay on December 1st. The enthralling biographical drama stars, Nicole Kidman, Tim Roth, Frank Langella and Paz Vega! ...more

THE LETTERS: The Untold Story of Mother Teresa Is Heartfelt

Coming to theatres this Friday from writer/director William Riead and FreeStyle Releasing is the brilliant story behind one of the world's most loving women who wrote THE LETTERS. Mother Teresa (Juliet Stevenson) was a woman who wanted to help where ever she felt God would lead her. During her time at the Loreto Convent, then Sister Teresa knew her calling was greater than what was behind the walls of the Convent. Constantly at odds with the Mother General, Sister Teresa knew she would have to reach higher. ...more

MOURNING SON Astounds in This Real Life Story

Coming to VOD December 1st from writer/director Todd Newman and Vega Baby Releasing is a documentary that gives the audience a peek into the life of a surviving MOURNING SON. The documentary tells the story in the young life of rocker Dave Navarro. What many, including myself, did not know was that Navarro's mother was brutally murdered when he was a very young man. In this telling, Navarro recounts not only that traumatic event but how it impacted his life. ...more

Bromance Episode 7 Recap

Bromance Episode 7 Recap In a surprising move, Wu Han Sheng (son of a mob boss, Zai Feng's childhood playmate who wants to replace his position as the leader) calls Zai Feng out for a meeting and apologizes to him for how his subordinates had taken upon themselves to seek revenge on Ya Nuo.Zai Feng accepts Han Sheng's apology but also drops the warning that he would go after anyone who targets Ya Nuo. Fully aware of his feelings for Ya Nuo now, Zai Feng takes great enjoyment of Ya Nuo's close presence when she offers to help him with his necktie. Lost in his own indulgence of Ya Nuo's closeness, Zai Feng fumbles when Ya Nuo suddenly turns her head thus causing him to drop a cup of drink on top of a file ....more

Visions of Vinicultural Grandeur – an excerpt of Mouthfeel: Confessions of a Wine Slut

An excerpt of Chapter 1 of the unpublished memoir, Mouthfeel: Confessions of a Wine Slut by Mari Kane.We laughed at our own pretentiousness even though we were indeed on a mission, as students of Wine Marketing 101, to observe patterns of consumption and purchasing at one of Sonoma County’s oldest wineries. But we could barely hear each other in the swirling vortex of descriptors and hokum in which we stood, where everybody around us was a critic...more