Is "Scandal" Ruining Your Sex Life?

I just discovered the television show Scandal on Netflix. Yes, I know that I’m coming (pun intended) to the Oliva Pope/President Fitzgerald party waaaaaay late. But I’ve come to the party with a vengeance. I’ve managed to watch all 40+ episodes ...more

Who Is The Stronger Stark: Sansa Or Arya?

***Warning: This post contains spoilers from the HBO series Game of Thrones.***The Game of Thrones fourth season opener was fantastic. It had the all of the blood and boobs that we’ve come to expect. But it also had something else that I loved: ...more

What Noah Taught Me About Conservation and Global Warming

Did Darren Aronofsky pull a bait-and-switch with his movie, Noah? Although the movie is based on stories from the Bible, I felt like it was almost a cautionary tale against man's negligence of the earth. Seeing  the earth without flowers or ...more

20 Years in the Shadow of Kurt Cobain's Death

This weekend marks the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death. Ten years ago I wrote about his death and a young man named Crazy Tony. Ten years ago I was more sentimental than I am now.  ...more

Gwyneth Paltrow Tells Us Movie Star Parenting Is Harder

In my mind, Gwyneth Paltrow is one of my besties. I hate it when she proves me wrong. ...more

Video Games For Women: 6 Apps That Aren't Candy Crush

Nearly half of gamers are women, so where are the mature stories and hot men in video games? ...more
GamerResearch So called women's games are mostly boring. Give me Warcraft and Hearthstone every ...more

Two Fiery Shows About Women and our BFFs

We haven’t had a profound shortage of female bonding orientated programming as of late. Girls on HBO, for example, is a gritty, realistic show about the real life jealousies and issues that develop between friends as they navigate the waters of young adulthood. But as much as I love it, it’s about women much younger than myself, and as much as I try to relate to Hannah, Marnie, Jess and Shoshanna, I realize that that the similarity factor can only go so far. ...more
debontherocks Thanks, Deb! Was just thinking I need some good Double X TV in my demo. Hope all's ...more

Kirsten Dunst, I've Got Your Back

Kirsten Dunst recently got blasted for some comments she made about gender roles and just because someone doesn't agree with her, does not mean Kirsten is "kind of dumb about it."  But according to Erin Gloria Ryan in Jezebel, Kirsten is indeed "kind of dumb about it" since she apparently favors traditional male and female roles within a relationship. ...more
Jen Panos  @blogher I agree!  It's a wonderful, difficult, labor of love (that doesn't pay in ...more

Chicago's Wrigley Field is 100 Today!

Happy Birthday Wrigley Field... you're 100 years-old today!  ...more

some more feng shui reading — done

My quest continues, to improve my health, my life, my surroundings. I have recently been making some changes around the house, utilizing the age-old practice of feng shui to improve our surroundings. Feng shui must be big in the British Isles, because three out of five of these books on this list were written by Brits ....more

Review: MANNEQUIN GIRL, by Ellen Litman

Mannequin Girl, by Ellen Litman. Published 2014 by Norton.Kat Knopman starts first grade in September, 1980, in Soviet Russia. Her parents Misha and Anechka are bohemians- beautiful, artistic, sophisticated ....more

God’s Gift: 14 Days Ends on a Nonsensical Unsatisfying Ending Leaving Viewers Fuming

Today God’s Gift: 14 Days wrapped up in what amounts to a giant slap in the face to its small but loyal group of viewers. This drama never garnered ratings but generated a good amount of buzz due to the … Continue reading → ...more

Tribeca Interview: Zoe Kazan, Michael Stahl-David Talk Whedon’s ‘In Your Eyes’

Following the world premiere of Joss Whedon’s written and exec produced “In Your Eyes” at Tribeca Film Festival this week, the romantic indie was immediately released on Vimeo and their website. Ushering in this new brave world of distribution we’re in today, Whedon can be sure “Avengers” will do just fine in a wide theatrical release, but something smaller would never survive. Hence the choice to take the Brin Hill-directed indie pic starring Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David to a smaller screen in hopes of a bigger pay day – or at the very least, an appreciative audience ....more

Interview: Sheldon Bailey on ‘Shameless,’ LeBron James & Giving Back

Sheldon Bailey “I think ‘Shameless’ is my big break — or maybe my big break hasn’t happened yet,” says 31-year-old Sheldon Bailey who portrays Kenyatta, Mandy’s potentially abusive boyfriend on Showtime’s hit drama. Whether “Shameless” is or isn’t his “big break,” this 6’6″ actor loves what he’s doing and plans on having a long career, one that started as a body double for various NBA stars, including LeBron James, in more than 40 national commercials. He’s often referred to as “the man who gets paid to be LeBron James.” “LeBron James is a talented guy and I appreciate everything that’s come out of the work I’ve done as his double,” he says, “but I’m ready to be a separate entity.” Bailey almost had his own basketball career ahead of him when he was younger ....more

Exclusive Interview: Philomena Lee on Judi Dench, Adoption Rights & Meeting the Pope

Philomena Lee and her daughter, Jane Libberton The film, “Philomena,” starring Judi Dench and Steve Coogan, has garnered numerous awards, including four Oscar nominations. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor. It’s a marvelous movie that’s based on the true story of Philomena Lee, whose son, Anthony, was taken from her at age 3-1/2 by the Catholic Church in Ireland and adopted to a couple in the U.S. I had a lovely conversation on the phone with Philomena and her daughter, Jane Libberton, about the film, Philomena’s recent meeting with the Pope, and a project they have started with the Adoption Rights Alliance to help birth parents and their children find one another ....more

Clipping bunnies before the NY Easter Hat Parade

I don't generally like parades because they are too orderly and rigid. I want the freedom to walk back and forth, photograph people and talk to them without having to march for blocks on end without stopping....more