Banned Books Week: Reading Alison Bechdel, a Genius to Look Out For

It's Banned Books Week, so break out your copy of 50 Shades of Grey and give it a kiss or a sassy slap on the tush, whatever you prefer. Then, stop for a moment and appreciate that the First Amendment protects your right to read that book, whether you loved it or loathed it. ...more
BlogHerPop Just added that book to my library holds! Good one!more

9 Great Books to Inspire Creativity

I have a pool. With small children, this is a blessing and a curse: A blessing because my family enjoys swimming, and a curse because my family enjoys swimming—which means I need to be vigilant and sit by the pool all day even when I don't feel like swimming. ...more
Excellent! - Denisemore

Mothers Are So Embarrassing

It was my Meat Loaf moment. A few weeks ago, I took my two daughters to see a Broadway show starring Sutton Foster (who may not be a household name across the country, but for my two theater-obsessed kids is pretty much the coolest thing ever), a two-time Tony-winning singer/actress/dancer, and star of the late, lamented ABC Family series "Bunheads." After the show ended, we lined up with all the other theater geeks by the stage door to get her autograph. ...more
Very fun story - I think it's a rite of passage for mom's to embarrass their kids. I try to make ...more

La Sultane de Saba Ambre, Musc, Santal (2014) {New Perfume}

Lovers of statement fragrances ought to pay attention. French beauty spa brand La Sultane de Saba have launched a new, voluptuous Oriental fragrance called after its three main materials, Ambre, Musc, Santal......more

Lady Gaga Eau de Gaga (2014) {Perfume Review & Musings} {Celebrity Fragrance}

Lady Gaga Eau de Gaga Reviewed by Chantal-Hélène Wagner on Sept 29.The latest fragrance by Lady Gaga is more Low-Key than expected. Rating: 2.5 out of 5...more

Chloé Love Story is Inspired by Paris Love Ritual (2014) {New Perfume}

The fashion house of Chloé have released a new perfume for women called Love Story which is inspired by the Pont des Arts in Paris and the by now controversial ritual of leaving a lock attached to the grates of the bridge to symbolize a love relationship......more

Trying To Learn How To Decorate Your Home For Fall

As I type this, I am also listening to Robert Pinsky reading a sonnet written by Michaelangelo about the pleasure of complaining, while he was painting the Sistine Chapel.  It is so lovely, I could listen to this all day.I’m prepping for Pinsky’s edX class that starts today....more

5 Things I Learned From Punkin Chunkin

It is sad but true that my family and I spent much of our Sunday evening enjoying the riveting world of Punkin Chunkin thanks to On Demand programming and the charismatic cast of Mythbusters . We had to gear up (no pun intended) for the 2014 World Championship coming in late October. If you have not heard of the cult-like competition, I will be happy to waste your time by filling you in. Thousands of people gather each year to support hundreds of hopefuls all vying for the Punkin Chunkin championship....more

The Perfection Monster


Brahmatvam - The Sound

Here's the signature track of The Cocoknot Theori - Brahmatvam. Do listen and share if you like it.

Ms.Watson alludes to all the female greats with her grace & intellect in this speech - why men benefit from feminism

A MUST watch: Nicole Hospital-Medinaaka Pink  ...more