Interview: Director Brett Morgen on Creating 'Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck'

In 2007, Courtney Love gave filmmaker Brett Morgen the keys to the kingdom — the kingdom of Kurt Cobain. Cobain’s clothes, toy collection, journals, artwork, videos, recordings, and other possessions were all being kept in a non-descript storage facility. Now Love, who’d been impressed by Morgen’s documentary about film producer Robert Evans, The Kid Stays in the Picture, wanted Morgen to use Cobain’s artifacts as the basis of documentary about him. ...more

Follow the Ladies of Prey As They Take on the World Championship of Taxidermy

A dead bird in the hand feels like a grenade: cold, compact, loaded. On a Saturday morning at Prey studio in downtown L.A., eight taxidermy students — a grab bag of artists and curious amateurs, all but three of them women — lower frozen European starlings into kitchen sink baptisms. They take scalpels to the specimens.  ...more

13 Women Who Nailed Doctor Who Cosplay

This year Doctor Who is celebrating 52 years of excellent storytelling and ten years of being back on the air, and rumor has it the upcoming season may feature one of its darkest story lines yet. There's so much to admire and love about Doctor Who in all its incarnations, but the best thing about the show might be its smart, fun, dedicated and creative fans.  ...more
Major Whovian here, and I think the woman that dressed up as the 4th Doctor was the best! But ...more

Nonfiction Titles to Get Your Book Club Talking

I've mentioned it here before, but I strongly believe that nonfiction titles can be great for book club discussions. Sadly, they tend to get overlooked when clubs are picking out their reads. I get it....more

Photo: Vintage

Beautiful tile work on the steps of an historic downtown Oakland building, The Claridge Hotel.What historic buildings are in your town? Let me know in the comments!Thanks for reading!Ciao! Paula...more

Artist Spotlight: Alexia Sinclair

I've always had a deep appreciation for art. Recently, I've been checking out more and more art and thought it might be fun to a do an artist spotlight every once in a while. So today, I'm going to be featuring one of my favorite digital artist/designers/photographers: Alexia Sinclair. ...more

The Life of Art

Elena ClarkArt is life and life is art.To understand life one has to come to terms with art. Art isn't what you see on a canvas, no in fact the true meaning of art cannot be restricted to just drawings  and paintings.Art is anything beautiful, from a beautiful dress to a beautiful car all is art. The ability to think out an image that people admire is the true meaning of art....more

The Manageable Challenge — Social Media Challenges and the Absolute Impossibility of Ever Completing them

This is a cross-post with my tumblr where I put stuff that I have found and liked and which you can find here....more

Me and Bob


Fleamarket of Paris


The Baughman Center at the University of Florida

While I was in school, my professor told us that the Baughman Center on UF's campus was originally going to be designed by E....more

A Dream Cast for The Signature of All Things

I absolutely loved Elizabeth Gilbert's novel The Signature of All Things, so I was pretty thrilled to hear news that the novel is being adapted for Masterpiece on PBS. ...more
Ok I like your casting picks. I wouldn't change a thing.more