How will be the month of June 2015?

How will be the month of June 2015 for you?June 2015 monthly forecastARIES:Planet Mars rules over your sign and will shift to next sign on 15th....more

Positive, Peppy Sagittarius Full Moon 6/2/15!

 On Tuesday June 2, 2015, the Sagittarius Moon is fully lit by the Sun in its opposite sign of Gemini – very dramatic, but nothing to fear. (No fangs or hairy knuckles.) A “Full” phase is a time to look for results– we start to see the end product of what ideas/efforts were begun at the time of the New Moon back on 5/18/15. ...more

My Lucky Number

If I had to pick my lucky number, it would be 6. I’m sure you’re thinking, “What a kook!” My gut feeling tells me that lucky numbers are completely ridiculous and that weighing major events heavily on the presence of certain numbers is evil or suspect ala the chilling numbers from Lost, but, seriously, many good things have happened to me involving the number 6. Although there’s no number 6 in my birth date, my childhood home contained a number 6. My mom’s birthday has a six in it, and so does my sister’s. These are minor, petty examples....more

Talk, Chat, Tweet * Gemini Sun 5/21/15!

On Thursday May 21, 2015, the Sun bounces into the fun, flirty, focus challenged, flexible, flighty third sign of the Zodiac. The natural versatility of Gemini, with its willingness to adapt, keeps the wrinkles, both mental and physical, at bay. While under its influence, we will feel encouraged, regardless of birth sign, to teach, learn, meet and greet, read and write, chat too much/gossip too much and try to be in two places at once (that Castor/Pollux, “twins” thing). And don’t forget travel, whether it be real or arm chair, the search for greener grass will be enticing....more

Mercury Retrograde, 5/18/15 – YAY! !

No, I haven’t lost my grip. Instead of bemoaning Monday’s arrival of Mercury Retrograde, in Gemini, the Air sign it rules, as the  potential snafu of all time, I’m changing my approach. I will look on the good side. Rather than rushing, yelling and screaming, to my computer to “back it up” before the sky falls, I will make good use of whatever positive energy the universe will provide during the communication planet’s backward sojourn thru the heavens....more

WW – New moon spinning

Okay, technically the new moon on May 18th won't be spinning, but it's the same day Mercury goes retrograde (for the second time this year), so I mashed up the two events into one blog post title. *grin*Again, since this is National Photo Month, I'll let my pictures do the talking - ...more

Astrology of the Courtesan- May 2015

 Aries- (March 21- April 19)...more

the Magick: Destiny

Your destiny is filled with more than one choice. How do you conjure and manifest to make sure that you get what your heart desires?A vlog by Yolanda Shoshana that helps you conjure, enchant, and bewitch as you reach your higher self....more

How will be the month of May 2015 for you?

How will be the month of May 2015 for you?Please understand, there is nothing to fear or feel superstitious about planetary tide but I have a belief having information about the current planetary situation in advance may prove to be important and most possibly you will be able to avoid problems too....more

Scorpio Full Moon 5/3/15 – Passionate, Sensitive, Intense!

The Taurus Sun is reflected in the opposite Scorpio Moon = a beautiful Full orb in the passionate, emotional 8th sign of the Zodiac. Ruled by transformational planet Pluto, (traditional ruler is warrior planet Mars) there are deep feelings, focus and determination influencing us during this lunar phase with energy to spare. A Full Moon is a good time to figure out what to keep and what to throw away (discard whatever is no longer meaningful, useful, and / or beneficial.) Gauge what has been accomplished since the New Moon and move on to finalize and complete tasks in the next few weeks....more