New Moon in Pisces This Weekend!

Pisces intuition and creativity powers up, in a gentle way, with the New Moon on Friday evening 2/28/14 EST and Saturday morning 3/1/14 PST. The Sun is also in this sensitive Water sign and when both luminaries are together, the Moon phase is “New”. This type of Lunar energy is good for starts and beginnings of any kind. So, take the time to plug into your spirituality and inner conversations. Listen, take notes and make use of this dreamy, imaginative time. Go deep. Create something new! ...more
Denise Me too!  It will take Mercury a few days to get up to forward speed, but yes, we made it ...more

I Had The Funniest Dream About...: 7 Ways To Remember Your Dreams

I was cleaning out my email folders the other day and came across an email I had sent to my sister about a dream I had. It was so memorable that I could not believe I had forgotten it until the moment I came across the email! I would say that most of the dreams I remember after I wake up are subpar and don't deserve retelling as much as I might enjoy them. This particular dream, however, was an exception.  Let me share it with you so that you are on board with me about how important it is to use the tips I will share for remembering dreams....more

Sun into Dreamy Pisces 2/18/14

 The Sun moves into the 12th and final sign of the Zodiac– imaginative, impressionable, intuitive Pisces on Tuesday, February 18, 2014.  It’s a compassionate Water sign ruled by Neptune. If too much “feeling” sends you off course, focus on the task at hand to stay grounded and connected to reality. Over sensitivity to adverse energy or vibrations is no excuse to drift or evade life. Stay steady, stay productive, stay connected. ...more

Valentine's Day Astrology: Finding Your Zodiac Pair

Valentine’s Day, Friday February 14th, isn’t just about the flowers and candy. It can also be about acknowledging delightful partnerships. A special someone? Remember that party mixer question from the 70’s – “Hey, what’s your sign?” That pick-up line changed eventually, but it’s a valid question if looking for good company. ...more

Back Up Your Stuff! - Mercury Retrograde 2.6.14

Yep, it’s here again. Mercury Retrograde on February 6, 2014 until the 28th - the first retrograde of this communication, transportation, tech influencing planet for 2014. Confusion may ensue.  What to do? What does it all mean? In a nutshell: pay attention as you speak, write, listen, read and don't forget to back up your stuff....more
Denise Always best to be prepared for the just in case moments. It can't hurt!more

Aquarius New Moon Thursday, Weekend Moon in Pisces

 On Jan 30, 2014, an Aquarius New Moon will give power and possibilities to our group actions. The Uranus ruled Air sign wants us involved with humanitarian issues - exercise those revolutionary muscles by joining or creating movements with the aim of defeating the status quo. Regardless of what’s going on, it will speak to Aquarian need for independence, love of the radical and different....more

The Year of the Horse - 3 top tips to making the most of it

The end of January seems to be one that is full of new energy and beginnings. It begins on Thursday with the New (super) Moon in Aquarius and triumphs again on Friday with the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Wood Horse. But what does this all mean? Let’s begin with the New Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of knowledge and intellect, mixed in with a healthy dose of intuition. The Aquarius new moon is about liberation and freedom, in a way that allows us to be our authentic and unique self....more

Scorpio & Sag – What a Combo!

On Friday January 24, 2014, the Lunar orb is solidly in the middle of the sensitive, sensual, sizzling 8th sign of the Zodiac. A Scorpio Moon can render us focused, fierce and fearless. You may want to ratchet down some of the accompanying emotion and intensity to save room for tapping into the natural seductive energy of this Water sign. Use it to get what or who you want....more

Symbol of the Week: The Sun

Before I decided to pursue freelance writing and blogging, I was seriously considering doing my Masters in Sociology with a focus on Semiotics.My gut told me to write, though, as it usually does. Still, signs and symbols are always on my mind so why not combine the two worlds? The Sun is my favorite symbol so this is where I’ll start....more

Gluten-Free Astrology: What the stars say about your diet and lifestyle

Do you eat gluten-free? Want astrological analysis, predictions, and advice just for you, plus a selection of celebs who share your sign—and perhaps your diet? Starting with Aries in March of 2013, every month I've posted just that. This time, I'm mixing it up with a special double edition of Gluten-Free Astrology....more