Kindness Wins: How to Teach Children to Be Kind Online

In Kindness Wins, Galit walks the reader through ten online habits to teach and model. She strings together the practical guidelines with engaging real-life anecdotes and ends each chapter with a timely article to read and conversation starters for your kids and your friends. ...more

INTERVIEW: Aisha Saeed's Debut Novel 'Written in the Stars' Tackles Forced Marriage

BlogHer Publishing Network member Aisha Saeed has had a busy year: in addition to being one of the main team members of the We Need Diverse Books campaign for more inclusivity in children's and Young Adult literature, Aisha has just published her first novel, Written in the Stars....more
If you are currently facing a forced marriage situation or trying to help someone who is, please ...more

Maybe I Really Am Selfish, Shallow and Self-Absorbed Like the Authors in this New Anthology...and That's Okay

There's an overlooked back alley of the "Mommy Wars" that doesn't involve mommies, but is directly impacted by the embattled culture. Though women are no longer raising broods of children in heels and pearls, societal expectations exist to the point that couples who choose to forgo parenthood are barraged with questions and expected to explain their decision. ...more

Book Intro: Ashfall, by Mike Mullin

I have a confession to make… It's pretty embarrassing, yet I feel I must explain myself and why I chose this book. I'm not one for reading dystopian novels, it could just be that I like the happy, loving, the earth is never going to end stories. Yet I have a huge fascination with those low-class b-films on Netflix that are produced by Asylum Productions....more

A Story and a Mentor's Memoir


Book Review: Ransom My Heart, by Princess Mia Thermopolis and Meg Cabot

I won't lie to you, I spared no expense in this review, and I mean that because it is quite long. If you don't want to read it all I'll give you the quick and sweet right now - I loved it. I suggest you read it. It's a great read for rainy days, or even those days at the beach (it helps mask the blushing). If you'd like the full review, from the great to the ugly, than read just a little further!...more

Hinduism Made Easy: Hindu Religion, Philosophy and Concepts

I have published a new book called, "Hinduism Made Easy: Hindu Religion, Philosophy and Concepts" and is now available on all Amazon stores. There are 26 chapters in this book. It even has a chapter on why Hindus revere the cow, about idol worship and the significance of arms on Hindu Gods and Goddess. The third last chapter is about suggestions on holy places to visit in India. There are tips when visiting a temple for the first time....more

Starz, I've Got Your Miriam Black Cast Right Here

I just read The Cormorant, the third novel in Chuck Wendig’s dark urban fantasy series featuring Miriam Black. ...more

5 Environmental Dystopias to Read for Earth Month

If I’ve learned anything from science fiction, it’s that Earth’s destruction is imminent. Worse, it’s probably our fault.Forget scientists and politicians—imaginative science fiction authors have detailed at great length all the various ways pollution and climate change could go very, very wrong for humanity. And if there’s anyone I trust, it’s sci-fi authors. From robots to the Internet to invisibility cloaks, they’ve been right too many times to ignore....more