The Psyche of a Rebellious Teen: What Parents Just Don't Understand But Need to Know by Jamila T. Davis

   Title: She's All Caught Up!Author: Jamila T. DavisPublisher: Voices International PublicationPages: 338Genre: Memoir/Young Adult...more

Understanding the Economic Basics and Modern Capitalism by Dan Blatt

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On Writing: Planning and Possibilities

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Review: One Last Dance by Mardo Williams

"He laughed to himself. Who'd ever believe the best things that ever happened to him happened at age 90."...more

On Writing: Women Writing as Men

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Ten Books for Ten-Year-Olds (Recommended by a Ten Year Old)

I love talking about children's books almost as much as I love reading them, and the conversations that these reviews have sparked have been such a joy to take part in.  It is so much fun to hear your opinions of the books I review, and even more, learning what your kids are reading and recommending.  I recently sat down with my own boys to ask them what books they would recommend to kids their age, and their lists were long, fun and even a little surprising.  I ...more
Denise I haven't read that one either!  I've only read 7 of the 10 (since we are counting all of ...more

I Miss E. Lynn Harris

20 Years Later: This summer Harlem's famed Apollo Theatre will present the musical adaptation of E. Lynn Harris's debut novel, Invisible Life....more

Why S. Usher Evans Wrote DOUBLE LIFE

I got hit with the first inklings for Razia when I was 14 or 15, when I saw Angelina Jolie in the first Tomb Raider movie. She was so awesome that I thought, "I want to create someone that badass."...more