'Mockingjay' Takes Katniss to the Heights of Leadership

I probably don't have to remind you that Mockingjay, Part 1, opens this weekend. You are either more than ready for this third film in The Hunger Games adaptations (in which case you've probably already purchased your ticket), or you just aren't into The Hunger Games.  ...more
You are so, so correct! Everything about this is spot-on. I loved the movie and was so pleased ...more

RIP 'Selfie:' Are TV's Rom-Coms an Endangered Species?

I’ve felt a burning desire to re-watch The Office, or at least its second season, lately. I’ll give you two guesses why. If you guessed Jim and/or Pam, you’re absolutely right. ...more
WhitneyD Interesting perspective, Whitney. I've certainly heard that in terms of Sci-Fi shows, ...more

Oh My! The Day I Met George Takei

November 3, 2014 will go down in history for me. It was the day that I met George Takei—in person, shook his hand, and took a picture with him. I was on the phone with my grandmother while heading to the T station when I saw him. I immediately told my grandmother that I would have to call her back and ran after him as he went inside the building. My heart was beating 100 miles an hour and I was trying really hard not be a crazy fan girl....more
I love his facebook posts! Seeing him in the old Star Trek is still great to see. Love him!!more

Favorite Moments of The Walking Dead Crossed Ep 507

We had a nice change on The Walking Dead’s, “Crossed” episode this week . Instead of focusing on just one of our separated groups, we actually got a glimpse of all of them. Some are fishing, others are planning their escape, and our Seal Team Six is making some silly mistakes. Let’s break down the favorite moments of The Walking Dead’s “Crossed” episode....more

America's Addiction to Horror

First off, I'd like to apologize for not posting any blogs in the last couple of most. With some crazy events taking place in my life, it's been very difficult to get time to sit down and write a blog worth reading. But I'm here now, so lets pick up where we left off.Now, I'll start with what I intend to speak about today; what I believe to a cultural addiction to one of the most nortorious genres in American film making, the horror movies that shock us and leave us shivering in our theatre seats in fear. ...more

My Own Show


Happy Days: The First Thanskgiving

I haven’t watched Happy Days in years and my how I have missed it. The cozy living room, the breakfast nook, the hair scarfs, and how wonderfully Henry Winkler managed to pull off the greaser look with just a brown bomber jacket and a ton of hairspray....more

Weekend Wrapup

Hello! Hope you've all had a super fantastic weekend....more

Hunger Games Party Ideas!

With the release of Mocking Jay I decided it was a great time to repost about the Hunger Games Party we had in 2012. David (BEN!'s brother) is visiting and planning to go see it while he is here. Me? I love pretty much any kind of  themed party....more

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: There's the Rub

Carlton and Hilary volunteer at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving, but they are only doing it to serve their own needs. Carlton wants the volunteer service for his college application and Hilary wants to film the experience for her talk show. Carlton picks a fight with a young homeless Brad from Home Improvement. Brad puts him in his place for being so stuck up, but then he says he was only kidding....more

The movies we watch

I have a confession to make: I really can't watch the movie Planes again. Or Cars. I've seen those movies way too many times. And, seeing as how I didn't really enjoy them the first time, each subsequent viewing has torn away a piece of my sanity. ...more