'Blood & Oil' Wants to Be 'Empire' But It Just Isn't Slick Enough

In 1986, the return of Patrick Duffy as Bobby helped Dallas win its first head-to-head skirmish with hip, Technicolor rival, Miami Vice. The prime-time soap continued to dominate for the duration of the season and beyond. Now, almost 30 years later, Don Johnson, who once made America safe for neon blazers and shoes without socks, returns to TV with a prime-time soap of his own, Blood & Oil, which debuted on ABC on Sunday, September 27. ...more
IamAlinaAdams gr8 article. I agree.more

(FALL PREVIEW) After a Tedious Summer of Small Talk With Real People, TV Comes Roaring Back

Forget Pumpkin Spiced Lattes. Forget Decorative Gourd Season. Forget falling leaves, cozy hoodies and recipes for tailgate Buffalo chicken dip. The absolute best part about fall is here full throttle. ...more
CFFowler I need to start HowToGetAwayABC from the start before I watch new episodes! I love ...more

Viola Davis’ Historic Emmy Win and the Power of Diversity On Screen and Behind It, Too

Perhaps Matt Damon should consider the lesson taught at the Emmy's last night...that diversity (of thought, talent, roles and perspectives) matters behind the camera as much as it does onscreen. ...more
I agree - I'm so excited that she won for a role playing a smart, lawyer, professor (anything ...more

Captions At The Movies? - Bring Them On!

I haven’t enjoyed going to the movies for a while. I find the background soundtrack (the music or special effects) so loud it is painful, and the dialogue difficult to follow. I had gotten into the habit of waiting for a movie to be released on DVD or Netflix and watching it in the comfort of my own home, with the captions on and the volume set at a comfortable level. BUT I recently discovered captions at the movies! They are not available in all theaters or on all screens at theaters that offer captions, but I hope this becomes a new trend....more

He Named Me Malala. Why every mother needs to take her daughter to see this movie.

I was fortunate to see a preview of the new film "He Named Me Malala" about Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, and her fight to bring education to girls worldwide. Every mother needs to take her daughters to see this film. ...more


With Jenise Jacquin In theatres is the highly anticipated film from director Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox about a man who becomes THE MARTIAN. Astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is with his crew including Lewis (Jessica Chastain), Martinez (Michael Pena), Johanssen (Kate Mara) and Beck (Sebastian Stan) on Mars conducting research. All is going well, that is until a storm comes in stronger than anyone had anticipated. ...more

SPY is Locked and Loaded on Bluray!

This week on Bluray and Digital HD from writer/director Paul Feig and 20th Century Fox is the comedy I've been waiting for with SPY. This film tells the story of Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy), working with the CIA as an analyst and the voice in the ear of Agent Bradley Fine (Jude Law). Looking for bad girl Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne), Cooper knows all has gone horribly wrong when Agent Fine is taken out. ...more

once upon a silver screen...

Old photo albums are a passion of mine. Some of my favourites are those my mother kept during WWII....more

THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW Celebrates 40th Anniversary on Bluray!

I seriously can not believe it and talking about time flying! From 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the most amazing THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. Okay, let us do a little story time here. I remember going with my sister to a theatre in San Diego on a Friday night, midnight to be exact, and experiencing something that has not since been repeated. There were people dressed up and lines down the block trying to get in to see this film. ...more

SAN DIEGO FILM FESTIVAL 2015 Takes Over Downtown!

It’s hard to believe another year has gone by as the San Diego Film Festival comes to downtown San Diego from September 30th to October 4th. The opening night, Variety presents Night of the Stars as the SDFF honors Adrien Brody with the Cinema Vanguard Award, Geena Davis with the Reframed Humanitarian Award, Brit Marling with the Auteur Award, John Boyega with the Rising Star Award and the Chris Brinker Award that is given the night of the Tribute. All of this talent will be at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego in La Jolla. ...more

THE WALK Lives on the Wire

In theatres this Wednesday from director Robert Zemeckis and TriStar Pictures comes the true story of THE WALK. Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a young man who takes rope and stretches his imagination from one end of something to the other. Wanting to know more, Petit reaches out to Papa Rudy (Ben Kingsley) to learn the trade secrets of walking a wire. He also sees a magazine photo of The Twin Towers in New York City and instantly knows that’s a walk he wants to make. ...more

Kevin Bacon and COP CAR are Stunning on Bluray!

Coming to Bluray this week from writer/director Jon Watts, Christopher Ford and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment comes the a chase and a COP CAR. Travis (James Freedson-Jackson) and Harrison (Hays Wellford), two ten-year-old boys, are running away from home. Walking through stretches of land with no one around, the boys come upon a cop car. They are surprised that no one is around and, like boys tend to do, lay claim to the car. ...more