Quiz: Which Christmas Movie Mom Are You?

At this joyous time of year, many things are top of mind in terms of importance: Family, giving, and kindness to name a few. If you're a mom, you probably have a few other things on your mind like keeping Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer on a repetitive loop, referee-ing fights over whose turn it is to do the advent calendar, and trying to volunteer to bring paper plates instead of tiny finger sandwiches to your child's preschool class party....more
Home Alone. Told my kids Santa wasn't real.more

Team Festivus vs. Team Treat Yo Self: Pick a Day for Holiday Survival

Alright, all you winter holiday celebrants. I hear your attempts at ho-ho-hoing, but I also hear a backbeat of something else. I hear you desperately trying to do whatever it takes to simply survive the holiday season somewhat whole and unburdened, refreshed instead of exhausted, and ultimately ready to embrace a rad new year. ...more
I am 100% Team TYS! (I can't survive the Feats of Strength for Festivus, and I like to by shiny ...more

Do You Know the History of Policing in America?

Have you ever seen the movie Crash starring—among others—Don Cheadle (my celebrity crush), Sandra Bullock, Matt Dillon, Larenz Tate, Ryan Phillipe and Terrence Howard? ...more
Rita Arens Me, too.  It was hard to watch, but I find all of this hard to watch/live also.more

Lessons Learned from Disney's Into the Woods

Once upon a time, a gentleman named Felix looked over at his beautiful wife in a darkened theater with great suspicion in his eyes. Just as the opening credits began and the first notes were sung, he leaned over and accusedly whispered, "Is this a musical?"The beautiful maiden answered, "Yes", sure that she had told him before they arrived that it was, albeit quietly and .... perhaps under her breath.  The gentleman dramatically sighed, lowered his head and shook it in disbelief and denial at what would be his reality for the next ... 124 minutes....more

The Imitation Game: Too Good To Ignore

     This week I was ready to post your traditional holiday blog post. I had it almost entirely written and ready to go with lots of cheery feel-good moments to fit the season. This is until I saw a movie that made me scrap that entire post....more

UNBROKEN in Theatres for the Holidays!

In theatres in time for the holidays from director Angelina Jolie and Legendary Pictures comes the true story of UNBROKEN. This film tells the story of Louis Zamperini (Jack O’Connell), a young man who joins the military during World War II. During an airplane run, he crashes into the ocean. Floating for over 47 days he must survive with his companions with long runs of no food or water. ...more


In theatres for the holidays from director Rob Marshall and Walt Disney Pictures comes a twisted fairy tale when you head INTO THE WOODS. This film tells the story of a witch (Meryl Streep) who is looking for a life she lost. They only way to get it back is to make a deal with the Baker (James Corden) and his wife (Emily Blunt) to obtain certain items that the witch can not touch. In exchange they are promised a child of their own. ...more

REVIEW: Big Eyes

This is a movie I’ve wanted to see for a while. Because, well, Amy Adams is in it. I love me some Amy Adams. I have ever since she played Cousin Beth in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Anya slapped her down for not knowing what kind of demon Tara was supposed to be. (Yeah. I’m that geek.) Adams’ work since then has been quite spectacular and I’m always interested in what she is going to do next....more

TRAFFICKERS arrives on Bluray!

On Bluray from writer/director Kim Hong-sun and Well Go USA Entertainment comes a film that will keep you on the edge of your seat with the South Korean thriller TRAFFICKERS. Young-gyu (Im Chang-jung) deals in the black market. When his friend is killed he tries to start a new life and that includes falling in love with the beautiful Yu-ri (Jo Yoon-hee). But Yu-ri is to busy for love taking care of her father who needs a transplant. When the surgery falls through, Yu-ri must now seek out an organ broker for help and books a six hour trip to China. ...more

REVIEW: Into the Woods

I have loved musicals all my life. My mother got me hooked on them when I was very young by listening to the soundtrack records with me. (Yes, records. Vinyl.) When cable came into our lives, movie musicals were often played. That was Nirvana for me. I would turn down invitations from friends to go out because there was a musical on TV. Even though I can’t sing or dance, I would audition for musicals just to be there....more

5 Secrets of Korean Drama Kisses

South Korea produces many of the planet's best television romances and melodramas these days. Maybe this is why millions of Americans watch subtitled Korean television on the internet. How do these foreign romances win us over?...more