Emmy Fashion 2014: Best Red Carpet Dresses

TV stars walked the Emmy Awards red carpet in rainbow of dresses, but red and coral were the hot colors for 2014. ...more
Angela Basset and Claire Danes--classy amidst the cleavage, etc.more

Why I Cried When I Heard You Died~ An Open Letter to the Late Robin Williams

Originally posted on Tuesday August 12, 2014 ...more

Did You Miss the New Who?

I can't believe you missed the new Whoooo...Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.So last week was an ode to Dr. Whos, past and present. Then the week culminated with the introduction of a new Who. Doctor Who that is....more

With the News On My Mind, Can I Get Excited About the Emmy Awards?

My friend emailed me to remind me to make my Emmy predictions for our annual awards night pool. Money is on the line! Also, the all important bragging rights. I just can't get it up for the game this year, though. ...more
I actually was thinking about going camping this weekend, somewhere there is no social media. As ...more

'The Giver': A Gift to the Reader (and hopefully the movie goer as well!)

A little like the cover of the book displayed here, 'The Giver' is a muted yet deeply powerful book.A small story, with a big message for society, and our constant drive towards 'sameness' and conformity....more

Street Harassment: It's Not Flattering

Street harassment is a serious problem women face everyday. And some new TV commercials might make you think differently about it. ...more
CaramelRell *sits my son down for a talk* -Momomore

300 Is Racist, Ableist and Homophobic As Hell

I watched 300 last night, and recorded my reactions, which were slightly drunken and funny.  I have come to the conclusion that at minimum it is incredibly racist, homophobic and ableist, if not more (I haven't had time to delve further into all the horrible things I saw).  Especially racist.  Like, probably the most racist movie I've ever seen, and it came out in 2007, so these people have zero excuse of any kind. Here it is: 8-18-14, 8 pm ...more

What’s Really Behind The Curtain of a Male Strip Club? Joe Manganiello directs La Bare Documentary

[caption]La Bare documentary by Joe Manganiello. Main Street Films[/caption]My neighbor, Amy, myself, and K.Lo have been huge fans of True Blood since the show's first season. We have enjoyed talking about our favorite characters and our infatuations with True Blood male actors, especially Joe Manganiello....more

8 Ways You Can Pretend You Live in Downton Abbey

This random post is because I've been watching Downton Abbey like a crazy person over the past few weeks.  Many people would call it binge watching.   I call it rewarding myself for feeding the kids and doing the laundry....more