REGULAR SHOW: Mordecai Pack hits DVD for Fans!

Coming to DVD from Cartoon Network comes the all new DVD REGULAR SHOW: Mordecai Pack. Two best buddies, Mordecai the blue jay and Rigby the raccoon manage to find trouble without looking very far. Being groundskeepers day after day they seem to need more entertainment. Watching all of the nuttiness is boss Benson, yeti Skips and Pops the Lollipop! The Regular Show was the crazy and hilarious brainchild of J.G. Quintel’s experiences during college. Studying at the California Institute of the Arts created a pilot and presented and Regular Show came about. ...more

Would You Give Your Neighbors Permission? #mybigfatfablife

Ah, Whitney, you crack me up. Sometimes, you make me cringe with all that TMI. Your mom is really weird, but your dad - not so much. I don’t really want to watch, yet, I’m still strangely drawn to your Big Fat Fabulous Life which airs on TLC on Tuesdays at 10/9c....more

Who Wore It Weirdest in the Miss Universe National Costume Category?

Are we really still having Miss Universe competitions? Apparently, we are. Thank God there aren't any demeaning costumes. I mean, well, wait. Oops. Just look....more
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Review of the Podcast "Serial"

i’ve heard rumblings of this thing called “serial” that has pretty much gone viral. i brushed it aside, not really sure what it was until it was so much in my face that i looked it up. narrated by reporter sarah koenig, “serial” is a podcast (available on your podcast app on your iphone or via the website for free) that takes a deep dive into a closed homicide case from january 1999....more

Another Dead Lesbian TV Character and the Question of Representation

Warning: Last Tango in Halifax spoilers. I write about pop culture on my blog at Old Aint Dead. One of the TV shows I love and spend time recapping is Last Tango in Halifax. I normally love everything about this BBC series. I love the old people having a romance, I love the lesbian couple having a romance, I love the mixed-up straight woman trying to figure out how to have a suitable romance. ...more
keep kate on the show; she can't die if bobby from dallas can return from the dead, then... kate ...more

Flashy New Hip Hop Drama 'Empire' Started as a Hot Mess, But It's Getting Better Already

I was excited just like anyone else when FOX decided to launch a new show with a diverse cast. Set in the worlds of hip hop, drugs, and centered on the African American community, Empire premiered with amazing ratings.   But after viewing the first episode I was for, lack of a better word, a bit underwhelmed.  With a cast like Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard, and Gabourey Sidibe I was expecting…well I don’t know what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn’t the stereotypical hot mess I came across. ...more
I've been watching and enjoying Empire. My only complaint was this week when Gladys Knight was ...more

Does Clint Eastwood and War automatically earn an Oscar Nom?

A Revlock Review by Tinsel & Tine Blog Contributor Mikhail Revlock:...more

War as Entertainment: Ethics of “American Sniper”

"Most of America is tired of hearing about Iraq. But now, they're at least open to being entertained by it."—Paul Rieckhoff, Iraq War veteran and activist, in a Variety guest column...more

Why Your Children Need to See Selma

Acting on the tremendous article written by Deb Rox of BlogHer citing reasons America needs to see Selma this weekend, I headed to the theatre 30 minutes away, my teen children with me....more