Why Glee Matters To Me

The television series Glee is quietly exiting, its series finale shoved away on a Friday night, seemingly just moments after its last season began in January. I can't say I know many people who will publicly admit to watching the show anymore, especially a 37-year-old mother of two with an MBA, but I am a loyalist: once hooked, I tend to stay with things to the bitter end. I don't feel that way about Glee though; I am truly, truly sad to see it ending, though I know it's definitely time to move on. ...more

Gale Anne Hurd Invites Community Support to Create New Documentary Celebrating Wilma Mankiller

Gale Anne Hurd is making a movie about Wilma Mankiller, and she's inviting contributors to join the supportive community required to launch it. The Hollywood industry leader and executive producer of The Walking Dead, who spoke at BlogHer '13, is working with director and producer Valerie Red-Horse to produce MANKILLER. This important documentary will celebrate an important figure who, despite earning the Presidential Medal of Freedom, is relatively unknown. ...more
GunnerGale your so talented to be the executive producer of the walking dead! Well done :)more

Have Courage & Be Kind: What Cinderella Teaches Girls About Abuse

"Have courage and be kind." Those are the words that Cinderella's mother tells her right before she dies. When I was growing up, my father used to tell me to be careful of others because often people will take an act of kindness as a sign of weakness. In other words, in my effort to be nice, some may attempt to take advantage of me. ...more
Sorry, that should be @Brianne.more


It’s the next installment fans have been waiting for and are already lined up to see, from director Robert Schwentke and Summit Entertainment is here – INSURGENT. Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) have made it away from the clutches of Jeanine (Kate Winslet). Along with brother Caleb (Ansel Elgort) and Peter (Miles Teller) the group life among faction Amity led by Johanna (Octavia Spencer). This group believes in peace and tranquility which isn’t exactly what Tris has on her mind. ...more

Holding for the Flush, the Open Mike and 'The Jinx' Finale

[Editor's Note: See this author's previous posts about The Jinx Will HBO's 'The Jinx' Seek Justice for the Murder of My Friend Susan Berman? and Durst Verdict: Results Not Typical] ...more

THE BREAKFAST CLUB: 30th Anniversary Edition Arrives on Bluray

All one has to do is hear this one word four times over in the beginning of the song – “hey, hey, hey, hey!!!...” to recognize what iconic film it is attached to. From the band Simple Minds comes Don’t You (Forget About Me) and the film is THE BREAKFAST CLUB. From writer/director John Hughes is the Bluray THE BREAKFAST CLUB in a 30th Anniversary Edition that has been newly restored and an additional all-new trivia track from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment! ...more

HEY DUDE: The Complete Series Ropes in on DVD!

Are you ready for a round-up? On DVD from SHOUT! Factory comes a little yippee-kai-aie-ay! with HEY DUDE: The Complete Series. Ben Ernest (David Brisbin) decides to change his life and with one stroke of a pen he buys the Bar None Dude Ranch in the desert. Once an accountant, he takes his son Buddy (Josh Tygiel), who isn’t thrilled in the slightest about the move, and family dog Cassie to begin anew. He meets the staff of the ranch – troublemaking Ted (David Lascher), the easy-going Danny (Joe Torres), the beautiful Melody (Christine Taylor) and horse trainer Brad (Kelly Brown). ...more

See the Trailer for 'Iris'--Albert Maysles' Doc on Iris Apfel

All eyes are on Iris Apfel, trendsetter and designer. -PJ Gach...more

Is Television Trying to Tell Us Marriage Sucks?

Marriage is terrible. As a restrictive, patriarchal construct, and as enacted in today's western cultures, marriage is the worst thing you can do to your own agency, to your children and to the person you love. Absolutely soul killing and damaging for all involved. At least that is the message about marriage many of this year's best television shows have been toying with, to great effect.  ...more
Great list! Any idea why marriage looks so awful on American TV these days? I have so many ...more

EXODUS Gods and Kings Is Epic on Bluray!

Coming to Bluray this week from director Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox comes the fight for freedom with EXODUS: Gods and Kings. It is the time of King Seti in Egypt as slaves build cities to glorify the royals. Ramses (Joel Edgerton) and Cousin Moses (Christian Bale) ride together to keep enemies at bay and protect the city. ...more