Discover the Seductive Charm of 60s Pop Icon Françoise Hardy

I discovered Françoise Hardy through the world of Scopitones. Back in the day, I was given a private screening of a Scopitone program a local theater owner was putting on, in the hopes I’d write something about the event. Scopitone films were forerunners of music videos, short films featuring a musical performance that you viewed on a jukebox-type machine called a Scoptione. They were most popular during the 1960s, and the films veered toward kitsch, with their bright primary colors and the camera’s tendency to position itself to better highlight the female dancers’ bustlines. ...more
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I Lived Lady Gaga's 'Til It Happens to You' Video 

He was one year older than I was and headed to medical school. Somehow that gave him a veneer of respectability. He also seemed reserved and didn't drink much. When he asked me out after English class, I floated all the way back to my dorm so I could tell my roommate. We may or may not have jumped on the bed and squealed with excitement. By all measures, he was a catch....more
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What Taylor Swift Teaches Us About How to Best Use Social Media

With a 12-year-old in the house, I want to be aware of how people are portraying themselves online. Soon, my daughter may want her own Instagram account. She hasn't requested it yet, but given many of her classmates are heading in that direction, no doubt we'll be facing her own account creation sometime during middle school. Who will she follow? What will she post? What examples are appropriate for her newsfeed? Following Taylor has helped me identify five characteristics about social media etiquette that I can reference for my tweens when the time is right. ...more
BUSYMOM4 Totally agree with you about not rushing into personal devices and prolonging the ...more


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What happens when we cross-pollinate literature & music?

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Music Monday: Alanis Morissette's New "Ironic"

I had something planned for today's NaBloPoMo, but because of NaBloPoMo, I've been losing time on another project I'm working on. That deadline is very quickly approaching (not to mention my impending trip), so I've had to really focus on that. As a result, I'm now completely brain dead and don't really have the energy to do what I had planned for NaBloPoMo today. Excuses, excuses. But as rewarding as NaBloPoMo is, it's very challenging, and I also need a little break. ...more

Brahmatvam - Lyrics

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Artist Recommendation - Sakthi Ravitharan

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Female Music Artists Still Seek a Little Respect

Underrepresentation of women extends to the music industry proving women are still looking for a little respect....more


As a lover of all things Prince since 1982 when I first heard “Little Red Corvette,” it pains me to announce the following: today I’m boycotting his music.Understand that I listen to something of his every day. One of my drum warmups is even the bottom of a song he wrote called “Stare.” Had to commit it to memory from the one time I heard it as I can’t buy it anywhere. That’s part of the problem....more

Four Books to Read if You Can't Get Enough Hamilton

Like I mentioned in my last two monthly wrap-up posts, I've been listening to the Hamilton cast recording pretty much non-stop (*zing!*) since it was released...more


dang y'all.i mean DANGGGGGGGGGGGG. who watched last night's CMA's? and who else is STILL speechless over chris stapleton & justin timberlake's performance. all i got is... was glorious. and epic. and beautiful. and spiritual. it was GRITTY. it was THE BLUES. and COUNTRY. and oh my gosh, praise the SOUTHERN STARS, was AMAZING....more
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How can artists recognize good feedback?

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