Beats, Rhymes, and Unrealistic Reality

As my daily research and reading occurred, I ran into a lovely article entitled, Why Do Black Men Glamorize Rap Music? I remember having plenty of conversations with my beau on his choice of being a rapper and the choice that many make on becoming a rapper. I remembered he stated that being from an impoverished area that your only choice of careers are being a rapper, ball player, drug dealer and that’s it. Now I can see his point of view on the limited of role models and career choices that are available....more

David Bowie Is....inspirational cool

When I was 16 I was friends with a nerd. He still carried the scars of being bullied when he was a kid and although those days were behind him, the result was, he was overly quiet but a hella smart and sensitive in a way some bullied kids grow to be....more

Want Ta Hear Da Hottest New Rap Album Dis Year? Check Hip Hop Star Terrance Hunt!

Want ta hear da hottest new album dis year? Ya gotta check Hip Hop star Terrance Hunt! His current single, “Mary J” (feat. RakanNn) has babes and high end slow motion and reverse effects. Check Terrance Hunt’s single, “Mary J,” and hit dat “like”. Show ‘em some love on Youtube....more

The 7 Most Badass Atheist Songs

Here are the 7 most badass atheist and/or humanist and/or gleefully irreverent songs.  The best is at the end, but first:...more

An evening with Hariharan - Then & Now

Blog Roundup for August

Here's what happened at The Cocoknot Theori this August.

Blog Roundup for August

Here's what happened at Sou's Voice this August. Check it out:

August Rush

We witnessed the sad news of Robin Williams' demise this August. As the month of August comes to an end, it reminds us about his movie, August Rush and how special the movie is to us. ...more

5 reasons to rearrange existing songs