Soul Searching Is A Smooth Jazz Fusion Album From Mitchell Coleman Jr. That Will Funk You Up

“Soul Searching” is a smooth jazz fusion album from Mitchell Coleman Jr. that will funk you up. It’s a perfect mix of Funk and Jazz, that’ll get Funk on your Jazz and Jazz on your Funk … Mmmm sounds good!! This album has it all: heart, soul, and collaborations with Motown legends that bring his lifelong dream of sharing music with the world to life. Co-writing all but one of the songs on his album, Mitchell Coleman Jr. is a true smooth jazz musician....more

Jimmy Dale Has Just Released An Original Jazz Single Honoring His Idol George Benson

Jazz musician and established composer Jimmy Dale and just released an original single honoring his idol and famed guitarist George Benson. Dale is no new kid on the block, he has played with and been taught by world renowned musicians over the course of his continuing career. Dale has backed for notable bands such as The Drifters, The Coasters, The Chiffons, and Tommy Roe. But, he attributes Don Schamber from MontereyPeninsulaCollege, as the one who had the biggest influence on him. “He taught me the love of jazz and how to compose.” Experience the heartwarming “Dear Mr....more

The 5 Best Places to See Live Music in Miami

Miami is increasingly becoming a sonic melting pot, showcasing almost every music genre from Latin to indie rock. Such musical diversity is only fitting for the city that produced artists like Gloria Estefan, Flo Rida, Enrique Iglesias, Iron & Wine, and Pitbull. Not surprisingly, the city's live music scene is a vibrant, must-have experience for any visitor. Whether you want to lock eyes with a brooding folk singer or dance the night away, these five places are sure to slake your musical thirst....more

Tension & release technique for story-telling through music

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Wicked Game by Chris Isaak

Dedicated to my beloved, to our first year together, 1993, this song brings back the first moments of our finding love.Many people never find that one person who makes their love ageless, a soul mate. To all the people who have, this is a great video. the uncensored :Wicked Game by Chris Isaak.Click on link in title, since it wouldn't load here....more

Casting a wide 'net' for artists

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Blog Roundup - Jan 2015

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5 differences between compositions for background scores & songs

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14 Years of 'American Idol' and Me

I remember where I was when I saw my first episode of American Idol, and when. It was the Season One finale in 2002.I was in a hotel room in Seattle. My significant other and I were taking a rare break during one of those vacations that seems to be more about getting from one place to another than relaxing. Watching Kelly Clarkson, and knowing a star was being born?...more

On Ledisi and the Grammy Awards: Why Was Beyoncé Not Her Sister's Keeper?

In case you missed the controversy concerning Beyoncé and Ledisi at the Grammy Awards, here is my take on it, along with some thoughts about women, support and competition. ...more
RunningMama I agree - that same drive that gets you to the top sometimes makes you blind to ...more